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  1. im lazy like that, its easier to start the topic again.. im surprised people havnt pushed harder for it to be looked at, since so many where complaining about car damage, and auto-aim, with mouse you have a ridculous advantage with one on one situations, i know it doent make them terminater death machines, but it give an andvantage to people using what i consider an insult to console gaming. being 30+ using a mouse and keyboard is unthinkable. if thats what you want to use then play p.c. otherwise use the same as everyone else.
  2. i've seen these posts on battlegrounds facebook page. people saying they are using mouse and keyboard. Which if true surely shoulnt be allowed as it gives a huge advantage. this needs putting a stop too. i dont understand why you would use mouse on an xbox , go play p.c if thats what u want!
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