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  1. JayQue

    Marking while scoped

    But they could put it on d pad down. Just make the function different if you are scoped. So it doesnt go through your meds.
  2. JayQue

    Dance emotes

    I see on the site they have changed it now too. So does this mean the dance emotes was only for PC? https://pass.pubg.com/xbox
  3. JayQue

    Dance emotes

    I was checking the game pass rewards before i bought it. And i saw a dance emote on the site at level 27. Now when scrolled through the pass on xbox there is no dance to unlock🤔. Have they taken it out for xbox?
  4. JayQue

    Headset question

    Friend of mine has the pro. Sent it back for a second time. I happy with mine. Everybody has there own taste dont need to be negative.
  5. I would want it. Been looking for it. Wat do u want for it?
  6. JayQue

    Controller dlc

    Thanks for the info.
  7. Hey i was wondering if there is anybody out there selling the dlc included with the pubg controller. I know some dont use it. Allot of course will. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. JayQue

    Looking For New Teamates

    Im always down for some squads too. Play duos mostly. But always willing to play with people that dont constantly complain and just play the game. I play EU servers but now and then NA. Forum name is same as xbox gamertag.
  9. JayQue

    Headset question

    Turtlebeach stealth 700 i have. 7.1 surround sound. Its wireless and long game session is not a problem.
  10. Is it possible to mark on the radar while scoped? Now i can only mark while im in third person looking over my shoulder. Would be so much easier marking while scoped.
  11. JayQue


    I like the map. But just the playdoh when u land is terrible. U just stand there and cant do nothing but bounce around. Im glad its on pts so im hoping this will be sorted when it comes out in januari.