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  1. Love everything about this other than taller grass, grass is one of the hardest things on performance, I've watch shroud and other people on pc with beast pc's saying that their frames were taking a hit in certain areas where it didn't happen before so just imagine how that's gonna perform on console!?
  2. Just figured this out right after I posted this, but thank you! So dumb that you have to "Use it after you purchase it.
  3. I still had 2100 G-coin left over from a previous purchase so I spent 1000 G-coin to buy the pass and when I go to the pass it says "Upgrade to premium" and when I click that it takes me to the store where it says " Purchased " I already completed level 1 but didn't unlock the level 1 coat, it shows as locked! I restarted my game and that didn't fix it, anyone else having this issue(anyone who purchased it with G-coin)
  4. It's a new season so I'd imagine that it will be reset
  5. DaZooKidd


    Let's just hope that it doesn't take 4 months to add the current loot rebalancing on console that the pc version currently has
  6. I think this happens to us all, I've went through a few of these slumps. One week I feel like a good and the next I struggle to hit water when falling out of a boat
  7. Maybe that's why I've got shot thru 2sets of smokes twice in 2 different occasions, I was in the middle of the smoke getting shot from 50meters away, it wasn't spray fire either, it was single fire tap shooting that was pretty accurate, it's weird because when people are in smoke I don't see shit, I'm just spraying in hopes of hitting someone
  8. 250up! Holy shit bro, what you pay for that a month, 10k?
  9. It's a exaggeration but the frames 100% drop very low, considering that the game only runs at 30 fps max and when in the smoke it's a very noticeable difference. Back when digital foundry did their fps test on pubg when they went into the smoke or care package smoke the frames would drop to 15-18fps
  10. It's really the only time I have frame drops but it happens every time, throw a smoke and go inside it and automatically 10fps, This needs to be addressed hopefully soon. I don't like comparing games but when I played firestorm the smokes never dropped my frames. Maybe they need to remake them for console or just spend more time optimizing them. Does this happen for everyone else? Especially end game when people are throwing a lot of smokes to move into zone, it makes the game REALLY choppy!
  11. I believe it is to close out the new season or maybe like how they do on pc just a routine(Not so routine on console) server maintenance
  12. It'll probably be 6 months before we see this change but your thoughts?
  13. We should all be used to this by now! How many times had things been delayed on console and it still came out broken asf?
  14. Hi, On Tuesday, May 7th, the end of the season will be treated to an update including Erangel's new pass and new loot. ? Translation folks! But I wouldn't hold my breath tbh
  15. PlayStation doesn't have a "Report button" ? That's news to me lol
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