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  1. DaZooKidd

    Can an average player get an k/d higher than 100

    Pubg mobile is literally the easiest game I've played
  2. DaZooKidd

    Can an average player get an k/d higher than 100

    This guy talking about killing bots lol explains a lot lul
  3. DaZooKidd

    Can an average player get an k/d higher than 100

    I don't think you understand what you're saying rn lol.
  4. DaZooKidd

    Can an average player get an k/d higher than 100

    It's possible but not likely, a "45kd" would be if you played one game and got 45kills. I think that you mean a 4.5 kd which means you'd average 4and half kills per game
  5. DaZooKidd

    Can an average player get an k/d higher than 100

    No one has a "100 kd" you mean 1.0kd unless you're a idiot and think it's possible
  6. It's been like this since the last big update, it's a known issue that they are supposedly "looking into" and "Working hard to fix" so it should be fixed within the next six months
  7. DaZooKidd

    Map Select Option Please!

    My personal favorite maps list right now. 1.)Sanhok -love it because you don't have to spend 5minutes looking for a gun, quick games that are action packed 2.)Miramar -love this map ever since it came out, most people hate it but if I'm in the mood to play a big map this is the one for me. No snakes in the grass is probably my favorite thing about this map! 3-4)Erangel/Vikendi - Erangel has almost no loot any more, love the map but can't deal with having a pistol after looting 5 houses! Vikendi, wind is too loud and that map is broken right now. If vikendi didn't have the issues it does then I'd probably play that map exclusively.
  8. DaZooKidd

    Map Select Option Please!

    As long as Vikendi is a map selection on it's own I say take it out of the quick join playlist, every time I play quick join I get Vikendi 99% of the time. I love that map but with the wind being way to loud and annoying asf and the multiple problems on that map like people getting inside of rocks and walking thru buildings because they aren't rendered for them, has made this map the least enjoyable for me. According to lumos on Reddit some type of map selection is coming soon. Hopefully mini royal and battle royal playlist with Vikendi by itself and sanhok by itself with erangel and Miramar paired together. Probably won't happen but that's how I'd like it to be personally
  9. DaZooKidd

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    No you can not help if you get stuck in a rock or a wall but you can help killing people while inside of those rocks/walls. You don't think teaming is cheating? You've obviously never been killed by two or more people in solos which recently has been really bad in solos, I went over a year and half without running into anyone teaming up in solos and in the past 3 months it's happened to me 6 times. I don't think it should be a banable offense if someone is a stream sniper and comes up to you with no guns and just let's you kill them, then that's fine but if people are getting into the same game to try and win it together(because they suck and can't win by themselves) then hell yeah they should be banned and long enough so they know that they aren't messing around. With the amount that I've seen it happen to other people and to myself it makes me wonder if they are actually going to enforce these rules and actually ban people who deserve it. Hopefully
  10. DaZooKidd

    Ended early again! lol

    I hit level 100 25m before it ended, but shout out to my squad who dealt with me doing challenges the last few days to finish this up! Didn't think I'd get to finish this pass because I stopped playing for like 3 weeks, from 89 to 100 in 4 days. Finished all but 19 of the challenges(the stupid ones, well the really stupid ones). To op, are you really surprised? It's bluehole! It's what they do! Honestly surprised that they even extended it at all tbh
  11. The games been running like shit after update #6, but for anyone who said that they don't need a ssd for any other games, I'd say don't knock it until you try it for yourself. Yes it makes pubg loading times a night and day difference but it also helps for any other game that you use it for esp. Games that have long loading times. Definitely worth the $80 imo I don't regret it one bit
  12. Worst update yet imo, wonder how long we'll have to wait for a fix? A month or two
  13. I also like this idea but I don't think it'll happen. It could work if they gave a option in the settings so if you didn't want to be killed you could turn it off. with that said much bigger issue's that need to be addressed especially after this most recent update, but I don't expect anything from this game anymore, it's always been a let down
  14. DaZooKidd

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Also another bug that my squad heard(I wasn't in their game when it happened) but 3 of my squad mates heard "10 grenades all going off at once" they said that there was no way it was someone actually throwing nades. All at once they all went off and they all 3said the same thing. No one was around when it happened
  15. DaZooKidd

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    I'm glad it's smooth for some people but honestly it's not running well right now for my squad and I. I think patch #5 was one of the best updates they've done in a long time!