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  1. TheOtherPanda9

    erengal (does it exsist?)

    yeah thats true but they shouldn't have it as a coin flip system
  2. TheOtherPanda9

    erengal (does it exsist?)

  3. TheOtherPanda9

    erengal (does it exsist?)

    played 10 games only got miramar, wanted to see the changes to erengal, why is this map chosen so much more over the original one?
  4. TheOtherPanda9

    Game crash: Megathread

    not anymore lol the footsteps are so much louder now
  5. TheOtherPanda9

    Game crash: Megathread

    EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ONE BY ONE IN 10 SECONDS CRASHED, loading back in nearly loaded in ear raping crash, loaded in for the second time see myself die to the zone, coulda easily survived without it fucking crashing the second time also fix the goddamn sound all gunshots and nade become faint everytime and sounds like its miles away not 5 meters. seems like a server issue not client side when 3 people crash within 10 seconds
  6. TheOtherPanda9

    Game crash: Megathread

    xbox one og its random, going up staircases, before the plane,in the plane, in cars, running in open fields and once in a firefight wish i could have an internal ssd just for this game