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  1. B0B0Cop

    even worse now

    @PUBG_Andymh5 videos? I stream the game, i have high passion for this game, always have an always will but it does my nut in when this happens.. an everyone that comes into my chat say they have the same problem, you drill someone with 5.56, full stacked M416, not really missing a bullet, see all that blood, bearing in mind you have started the CQC first, you have shot first, already got off 3-5 rounds before they fire back.. they then go Bang, Bang.. 2 shot to a fresh level 2 dome, quickly go to spectate, they barely got any health missing.. happened to me loads last night, everything went down hill when this hotfix happened.. like i'm going up against 2 tapping god's
  2. B0B0Cop

    even worse now

    still happening, its a joke.. 6 solo's done up to now an all 6 i have been 2 tapped an instantly spectate they are at half health! becoming a joke this
  3. B0B0Cop

    even worse now

    this desync patch hasn't fixed anything in my eyes, if anything made things worse.. i am tired of drilling people close range with 7.62 ammo, then GIVING THEM ZERO CHANCE TO GET A HEAL OFF, push using the ump, shooting first, seeing the bullets hit.. they 2 tap me i got to spectate them INSTANTLY, they have lost barely any health with there level 1 gear! people in my chat when i stream say they experience the same thing a lot.. I've done a fresh install of the game, i run the tritanopia colour blind mode so i can see the blood easier so i know i hit them. XBOX ONE X, 4K 1MS GAMING MONITOR do you have this problem?
  4. found some bugs on the home page with the languages!! #bugbounty
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