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  1. XxGutierrezAxX

    Cheating Bans

    Thanks for reply
  2. XxGutierrezAxX

    Cheating Bans

  3. XxGutierrezAxX

    Cheating Bans

    we don't have battleye. I just want a sec confirmation
  4. XxGutierrezAxX

    Cheating Bans

    So you guys did a ban wave for people using radar. Is this gonna be implemented to console as well?
  5. XxGutierrezAxX

    PTS Rare Cosmetics

    Probably did but why does it even matter its a pts lmao
  6. XxGutierrezAxX

    PTS Rare Cosmetics

    Custom controller comes with controller. green balaclava was a preorder bonus
  7. XxGutierrezAxX

    Christmas Noobs

    lol im seeing them in q for fpp.
  8. XxGutierrezAxX

    Christmas Noobs

    Lol just so yall know fpp are dead. fpp peak times are around 2 pm ct - 12 am ct plz change it i miss 100 fpp lobbies
  9. XxGutierrezAxX

    My first vikendi win cx

    idk i forget about throwables sometime haha .-.
  10. XxGutierrezAxX

    My first vikendi win cx

    lol i suck but hey its gameplay cx
  11. XxGutierrezAxX

    Something to change

    Plz no lvl 3 helmets on ground, add a black circle ring its hard to see in white, more armor and helmets lvl 2
  12. XxGutierrezAxX

    FPP Squads

    Whenever you guys can, can you guys add fpp please. not really a fan of tpp at all as i try to enjoy it in fpp
  13. XxGutierrezAxX

    Castle Console Glitch

    The castle glitch that was on pc is on console as well sure yall are aware just letting yall know tho.
  14. XxGutierrezAxX

    Auto Reload

    This isnt cod plz pubg remove it. it takes away in the realism.