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  1. I am constantly getting this now. After every match I have to restart the game to get it to work.
  2. I've discovered the same thing. I have my ADS set to HOLD and if I ADS when I let go the sensitivity doesn't go back to General sensitivity, but remains ADS sensitivity. In order to get it to pop back I need to tap my LB for the focused hip fire then it will reset. That was kind of a surprise in the first gunfight...lol I guess I'll have to stick to M & K for now.... Just import all aiming controls in from the Xbox build. IMO aiming has never been better on it.
  3. On Xbox with a controller you press Left on the D-pad to change your fire rate. I've recently tried to play this game on my PC with an Xbox controller and the default setting is to press UP on the D-pad to change fire rate....which is also mapped to switch to your melee. So every time you want to change the fire rate on your weapon you switch to melee.
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