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  1. I tried it. I even tried it at 30 or 40. It still creeps forward. Controller is just broken.
  2. Yeah it’s sad, most expensive controller should be the most durable. But everything seems to have planned obsolescence. Hopefully the new elite controller coming out in the fall will last longer....
  3. I went into the device and accessories settings of my elite controller and looked at the left stick circular graph where you can make adjustments and preview the amount of movement that will happen when pushing the stick in any direction. It shows me exactly what’s happening. The left stick when stationary will occasionally begin to push forward on screen from zero to nearly 25% without any input from me. So it must be wearing out from constantly holding forward when running in game over the years. Sorry for the confusion, no bug it’s just my controller wearing out. I’ll have to wait for the new elite controller in October to replace it. Thanks all.
  4. Since the last couple patches I’ve had a strange bug that my character slowly creeps forward when I’m stationary. I could be prone or using the inventory screen and without touching the left stick it begins creeping forward. Hard to scope in while prone because of it that’s probably the most annoying part. I thought it was a deadzone issue so I raised the deadzone on left stick to no avail. Very strange issue does anyone else have this? If no one else experiences this maybe my elite controller is going bad. Might have to connect a different controller to test next. Xbox one x, elite controller, wired connection.
  5. Mine happens when I have the map up. The cursor drifts. In game though it doesn’t seem to for me unless I lower the deadzone any further.
  6. I think if there was some sort of competition for console pubg, like those big pc team events always in fpp, you’d see a rise in play in our game mode. Otherwise I have lost all hope. In an evening I consider myself very lucky to get one or two 50 player games in a couple minutes queue. Then there’s nothing unless I switch to tpp. Its very sad for fpp but people just like what they like. I tell myself something is better than nothing though, and collect every grenade I find because I’m gonna need it to coax people out of their camera peeking cover.
  7. Masta Cruz

    Add this

    They had added outlines on items on a previous update. Then people complained about it and it seems it went away. Personally I didn’t mind it I thought it was kinda helpful especially in dark rooms. But I can appreciate the reasons people wanted it taken off as well. I tend to try and open my inventory anytime there is any potential items to pick up. So that I don’t miss anything.
  8. Yeah I’m betting they rushed the test server out to us before Christmas vacation. Now they’re barely beginning to get back to work on it after two week vacation. Otherwise I think it would’ve been updated to live server by now. Hopefully we’ll get an update by the end of the week.
  9. Same here. Maybe test server is down?
  10. I haven’t either. I don’t think it exists in the snow...
  11. Masta Cruz

    Levitating UAZ

    I just saw one as well! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/masta-cruz/video/66432618
  12. I think all the pro league stuff on pc is mostly fpp, so people who enjoy watching it tend to play the game in fpp to aspire to get to that level. When I’m forced out of fpp from lack of player population, I wish I could figure out how to play tpp better. Fpp tactics don’t really work to a certain extent. It seems to me it becomes more of hiding and chucking grenades to coax people out of their rock. No use changing position because they watch you do it from behind said rock. Tpp is really a more difficult game in my opinion.
  13. I tried it tonight sure enough worked perfect just like you said. That’s very funny I’d swore I found a new bug lol thanks for clarifying. It does seem pretty useful too whenever I need a little more information on my current position without having to open up the main map. Cool stuff!
  14. Yes it’s been horrific having no choice but to play tpp. I just keep telling myself something is better than nothing. Hope when this update goes to live servers we’ll get some fpp games back in reasonable amounts of time. It must be like 90% of the player population plays tpp. Maybe 95%.
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