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  1. Masta Cruz

    Lightening has struck!

    That’s what I’m saying! Sure the game isn’t perfect but I’m not even good enough to care. I’m simply loving this game for what it is every time I get to play it. When i get a win 1 out of every 200 games or so it makes my entire week! Every update gets better and better for me personally. Glad I’m nowhere near a pro level where every little issue kills my playing experience.
  2. Masta Cruz

    Kill 10 players with a crossbow

    Crossbow is amazing I tried it one day just for fun got two kills I was ecstatic. Try it strictly with a 3x scope. Thank me later...
  3. Masta Cruz

    Vikendi promotes camping

    Yeah I’d be happy if half the compounds were removed. But i think this is just what they wanted for this map. Its halfway tolerable in fpp at least. In tpp it’s a nightmare. Sometimes when I play Vikendi too much and get a little bored I begin to simply take a smg and shotgun and just become a building clearer and it passes the time pretty well until I get any different map.
  4. Masta Cruz

    Mini map auto zoom

    Xbox one x fpp solo during parachuting I’ve found that the mini map doesn’t scale with a wider view as it used to. Normally it zooms itself in once you slow down but at faster speeds it had been zooming out slightly. Now it seems to just stay at one zoom level regardless of freefall speed. Maybe that’s the trade off since we can now hold the map button to enlarge it anyway?
  5. I don’t think it’s feasable to get to select the map we want I think it should be completely random so that queue times are low and no map dies. Mainly in regards to fpp. The tpp people seem to have it all anytime day or night. That being said, selecting 1 out of 4 maps to be excluded from your personal queue seems reasonable to me. Kinda like a best case scenario I think. Dont get me wrong, in a perfect world I’d love to have the option to choose which map we want to play any given time we feel like it. But i don’t see that being possible with the player base on Xbox. Especially on fpp. Tpp playerbase can probably handle it though. Maybe give true map selection when the servers are fairly full during peak hours. And during non peak hours revert back to random. I dont know... but I understand the struggle wanting to play the map you love while not killing the other map that others might love. Tough call...
  6. I use a lot more map waypoint markers to mark my path. Then just use compass follow my mark. It’s not ideal but it gets me by good enough I think.
  7. Masta Cruz

    Day 1 Results

    I’m playing horrific! Don’t even think I’ve seen a top ten. But love the update! So smooth I haven’t experienced any issues here in NA. Quick join is beautiful gets me a solo fpp game in a random map nearly instantaneous. New parachuting is very cool. Love the calming woosh of air when you leave the plane really relaxing way to start the game. Hopefully I’ll get used to the smoothness soon and begin performing better. Feels like a brand new game I’m very happy with the update.
  8. Masta Cruz

    Wow the competition is rough

    Yes framerate is up gameplay is smoother everyone’s aiming and ability to acquire their targets is much better.
  9. Masta Cruz

    Am I playing in NA?

    I think it tries to get you the fastest game possible. It searches your own region first and if it doesn’t find anything it starts branching out to other regions. Personally im ecstatic to get into fpp games immediately. Regardless of whether I want to play the map it gave me or the region it put me in.
  10. Found it in store right now just as others stated
  11. Oh excellent I’ll take the 10$ then if they have it. I’ve got no use for the uniform or g coins. I love my camo padded jacket. However even though I’m happy to add it into my map rotation, I don’t feel like I’ll be playing Vikendi as much as I did sanhok when it came out. So I’ll have to soul search a bit before I hit the purchase button on the 10$ pass.
  12. I disagree with the tracer rounds. But the weapon wheel sounds harmless enough I could get behind that idea to replace the useless emote wheel which only seems to glitch and pop up unintentionally during high pressure situations of fast button pressing for me.
  13. I would pay 10$ like the sanhok pass because I feel that’s somewhat reasonable and I’ll enjoy leveling up and collecting the little stuff to see how far I can go. I was fortunate enough to receive a camo padded jacket six months ago and that’s all I really ever wanted cosmetically. But 25$ for the pass is a bit out of my price range. I’d have to skip this one if that’s the lowest price pass.
  14. Masta Cruz

    Turtle Beach Elite Pro TAC

    Also I use a 24 inch monitor and sit close to it so having the headset and controller connected wired works easily. If I was on a tv it might be an issue using all wired connections
  15. Masta Cruz

    Turtle Beach Elite Pro TAC

    Interesting. Well I don’t necessarily regret getting the whole elite pro 1 package. But I guess i wish I could’ve tried the Astro package and their tac and stuff. But I had to make a choice at the time and I chose the turtle beach mainly for the superhuman hearing and footstep focus strictly for pubg. Anything else I use the main sound setting and am satisfied with it except for a little lack of bass. Anyway if there’s anything I can help you with pictures of the setup or other questions I’ll be happy to help just let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you make your decision.