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  1. Pretty sure I, and many others, have been having the opposite problem -- footstep sounds ridiculously low or inaudible at times.
  2. When you put Effects on Very Low, the effects seem to be different from a few patches ago. The particles, blood, even some of the lighting look a bit different. If it's changed, could that be why many are having performance problems?
  3. Yes, I've also been getting the microstutters and overall rough performance in PUBG as of late, as well as all my squad mates. We have a range of systems, even super high-end ones. I don't really care for any feedback from this post. I just want to have the devs have a look at Test Patch #2 prior to 1.0 Release. I'm now on a decent system (i7-6950x OC'd, 1060 6GB OC'd, Watercooling, 16GB DDR4, etc etc). However, during 1.0 release and prior, I was on an AMD-8350, DDR3, GTX 950, and was not able to run the game that well. When you guys dropped the Test Server Patch #2, my frames went through the roof, all over Erangel (even Yas, Georg, Mylta Power, etc), at native 1920-1080 and 100 Screen Scale. That short-lived patch was sooooooooooo mint that I and all my squad mates were just absolutely floored. It was pure witchcraft! You guys should revisit whatever you did in Test Patch #2 and bring some of that voodoo to the current iteration of PUBG. It was absolutely bonkers and would be worth it to at least look at how you guys have the Texture Streaming, Garbage Collection, LOD, shadows, Particles, and Lighting settings configured.
  4. PUBG needs to focus on optimization because unplayability is gonna really hurt the game even more than it already has.
  5. Yo, are you doing any type of overclocking inside the operating system? If so, try doing the OC in the bios instead. In fact, have you tried disabling all overclocks as a troubleshooting measure, even ram overclocking?
  6. I'm on Windows 7 x64, so it's definitely not a Windows 10 thing. I don't run updates anyway, lol. This sudden weird stuttering is definitely something they did with the LOD and texture streaming settings. You can tell just by looking at how active the scenes are now -- stuff popping in and out all over the place, even more textures and foliage changing right before your very eyes much more often. They messed with the streaming and LOD, and I said this the moment they started with it. In fact, these changes were being made before this infamous patch everyone's attributing to the stutter. It simply got way worse when they released the patch, so much so that people who maybe wouldn't have noticed it before certainly notice it now. And it's likely the reason they emphasized the streaming and LOD "optimizations" in the upcoming patch.
  7. i7-6950x (Overclocked to 4.8ghz), 16gb DDR4, Watercooling, GTX 1060-6GB Yeah, it's weird. Thing is, prior to these weirdo patches, game was running at constant 200-300fps without any stuttering, warping, or strange texture glitches happening sooooooo frequently (bad forced lod and texture-streaming tweaking from PUBG Corp). But now game is just bizarro land, oftentimes feeling just as bad as, or even worse than, the worst patches of Early Access.
  8. I haven't even played because it's so bad. I don't know why they won't just issue a hotfix.
  9. They are right, OP. The reason you died is because the bullet that would've been a HS didn't register because you were already dead. You're basically angry at peeker's advantage. There's nothing to really be mad at though because, if there was no server-client disparity at all, you simply would've died before shooting the one that went through his head. Because you're in PUBG with its lag compensation, you got the chance to ostensibly stay alive longer than you actually did. You were already dead. The first bullets missed, went to the top right of his helmet, although I think you're mad about the one that went "through his head." Yeah, you were already dead when you shot that. Edit: I will add that PUBG does need a lot of work still though. I'm crossing my fingers for these upcoming patches. The game's been unplayable for me and my squad lately.
  10. Game has been grossly unplayable. So much stuttering and FPS drops on i7 extreme system.
  11. Stuttering is bad lately with my entire squad, we have Ryzens, i7s (6950x OC'd), and even i9-9900k processors -- all decent rigs. We've been getting it.
  12. Yeah, my whole squad had this issue. Was very strange. *cues X-Files theme*
  13. Yeah I get the occasional Superman hacker too, flying around the training map.
  14. Performance is not so great, and that's not good....
  15. Footstep rolloff filter has been off for a while now. They need to revert back to that footsteps update they did. They quietly got rid of the changes they made.....
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