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  1. Aren't people somewhat misinterpreting desync? Isn't it mostly a visual sync anomaly related to delays between the actions of interacting players and what they see from their respective clients? From my understanding, in these desync situations, desync'd players were exposed when the desyncing player killed them or hit them. Otherwise, they wouldn't have died or been hit "behind cover." I'm not saying fixing desync shouldn't be a priority, but it seems the only thing fixing desync would do is allow your client to show you your death before you went behind cover. In any of those situations, you were still going to be hit or die, right? Desync just allowed you to be alive (or unscathed) for a tiny bit longer, no?? Seems that when players die behind cover, they think they were screwed over or could've done something differently if only desync didn't exist, but how true is this, for the most part? This happens a lot when someone is running out in the open and someone is firing at them. They're dodging bullets, and then, right when they think they've escaped the barrage of bullets and reached cover, they suddenly die and scream something like, "DESYNC! I WAS BEHIND COVER, WTF GAME?!!!" But if desync didn't exist and everything unfolded in the exact same fashion, would they survive?? It seems nothing would've changed. In another common situation -- holding peeks -- an enemy player peeks and sees the player holding the peek and shoots them before they can truly react (if the quick-peeking player hit all their shots). The peek-holding player, who's now getting shot, will see the quick-peeking player after they're already being shot, or after they're already pretty much dead, but they can still perform actions like shooting, even though it's not true to reality. There are issues that arise from the significant delays between interacting clients, but even in the biggest competitive FPS game (CSGO), this is a thing with online play. This isn't a PUBG thing. And if you reference another game that you feel doesn't have it, remember that and when they fix this, I think the main thing it'll be doing is allowing you to die sooner, before you can move behind cover when you're already dead. Many players take this anomaly into significant consideration when taking battles, and when they do, they will probably succeed much more than people who don't understand how it works. Personally, I only hold peeks/angles when I feel I'm certain they don't know where I am (and I know where they are). Otherwise, it's risky business to be holding peeks too long. Peeking and unpeeking quite often and changing your position frequently will significantly reduce how often you encounter "desync." And in my other example (desync while running in the open), try thinking ahead about your rotations; try minimizing how often you'll have to run considerable stretches in the open, so that you don't miraculously escape and die right after you reach cover. Remember that when players are running in the open, it's always easy to see the objects at which they're trying to reach cover, so if you're in a squad, remember how intuitive it is for everyone to spam right before the object that the unlucky players are running towards. So if a squad is missing tons of shots at the moving targets, having 2-4 players shooting the area right before the gap, right before the players reach that spot, is probably going to net some hits, even knocks, or an insta-kill. Even if I'm somehow wrong on desync in this post, I surely know that my reaction to my understanding of it has ensured that I rarely ever encounter desync, even when I play in custom matches on euro servers and even Chinese servers.
  2. Hot dropping is definitely not something I prefer or do often at all. I wasn't complaining that I had to fight with shotguns and pistols; it's that the loot is not as buffed to obliterate the PUBG-BR meta. And considering that we don't typically hotdrop, consider this then: we still loot in the blue, as we don't have "everything we need" after that first circle, especially after having to stretch, grab vehicles, etc. Essentially, nothing has really changed all that much, in terms of gameplay, lol. So why, after this patch, do people even have the propensity to say, "oh it's too much loot!" lolol, it's hilarious, particularly when the buff has revived the interest in Erangel, our favorite map. In fact, for my guys, the only time we really even got to play Erangel was in NA Pro Scrims. We play competitively, and we could barely even do practice runs -- auditioning new loot paths, rotation and looting timings, quickly improving on little important things, etc -- because of the queue times. And in these scrims, it's not just about practice; you have to do well to progress and even stay in the scrims at all. And it's not just about playing competitively. We are just overwhelmed to see that PUBG doesn't = Sanhok again. After 3500 hours in this game, I can assure you that this type of change will not change the RNG nature of this game, as I've said plenty of time before. Players will still drop into areas depending on the random plane path, deal with random circles and circle shrinks, have people who stretch away to loot, have people who drop hot, have people who prefer to be on foot, have people who prefer to be in vehicles, have players who go for drops, have people who camp in houses and bushes, have people who boldly hunt players/teams, have people who prefer different types of weapons over others (ARs vs Snipers, etc), have to fight people at the end with good gear, and I can go on and on and on. This buff hasn't changed, won't change, and cannot change the fundamental nature of PUBG BR. We're still gonna stretch, loot until we're satisfied, and will probably be in the blue half the time.
  3. ............. I really wish I could understand the folks who have this sentiment. It's just nonsensical to me. What game are they playing? Show me your hours. Show me how many games of PUBG you have actually played. I don't care about wins or stats; just show me you've played! I STILL have to fight with shotguns and pistols on Erangel sometimes, on Pochinki drops. Even with this change, we don't get "everything you want," like many of you are depicting. You take screenshots of your gear, but you don't know what everyone else is even getting. What are you folks on??? And regardless, if you wanna nerf the loot again and kill the queues on Erangel again, go ahead. Just keep killing the game with your brilliant fucking ideas.
  4. Scary thing about this topic is, people don't realize this has allowed many players to actually GET GAMES ON ERANGEL again! Yesterday morning -- MORNINGGGG -- My first five games were all Erangel on Quick Join. I literally had to take it off Quick Join to get any other map. Prior to this loot change, it was not like this. Sanhok was the ruler of PUBG. With this change, this is no longer the case. The loot is perfectly fine and not always as great as many in this thread are making it out to be. If PUBG Corp listens to you folks and the Erangel queue times become nonexistent again in NA, this will be a complete and total RIP. Come on, folks.
  5. Yeah, I ended up having to take it OFF of Quick Join. It was nonstop Erangel........... wow. I mean, I and others always knew buffing the loot would bring people back to Erangel, but I honestly didn't think it'd be like this. Whoa! I mean, we started early in the AM on a weekday, and it was just so much Erangel. It was bonkers!
  6. 5 Games in a row on Quick Join, all Erangel! Loot Buff is working. Finally, good job, PUBG Corp. A good decision.
  7. Wow, ok look. Since this change, I am seeing NA streamers on Erangel again, finally. When I'm queuing for games, I am now seeing fucking Erangel with almost equal times as Sanhok, FINALLY.
  8. Yeah, game is running horribly now. i7-6950x (OC), GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB DDR4
  9. No hard earned victories, eh? I'm guessing you get tons of victories easily now then.
  10. Yo, is this you? https://pubg.op.gg/user/Rev0verDrive
  11. This isn't even true for me and my squad, because we stretched away and looted till we were fully kitted anyway, so that we didn't have to loot any dead people's bodies. You people are tripping about the Erangel loot. There's a reason they felt a need to do this. They want people playing more Erangel. Sanhok is not an objectively better map than Erangel! It's about the loot. If you really would like to keep Erangel empty and have it getting emptier by the day, let them listen to you guys and keep folks off the map and on Sanhok.
  12. Loot's amazing, by the way. Now I can get my old squad back on Erangel without them falling asleep.
  13. LOL, there is no surviving anymore????? What does that mean? Are you saying that more loot means you die? If that's the case, it means you never survived in the first place. Think about it.
  14. Update: This is suddenly fixed in Training Mode. I didn't notice in patch notes that this was fixed. I'm going to hop into a live game and try it.
  15. When these are bound to the mouse thumb buttons, they do not work. The only other things bound to those buttons are Lean left and Lean Right, which is also why I made them the same for the Bike. They just don't work, never have.
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