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  1. NecrolydeTV

    Main Menu wont load

    Anyone got a fix yet?
  2. NecrolydeTV

    Main Menu wont load

    This is where i always get stuck at. It can take from 5min to 10min to load to main menu. Less then 1min if all my friends leaves the team.
  3. NecrolydeTV

    Main Menu wont load

    Good thing that its not only happening to me. Only i have it in my clan. All my 10+ friends doesnt have that issue. Their all americans, im the only european.
  4. NecrolydeTV

    Main Menu wont load

    Hello, I've have about 800h on official server and 150h test server gameplay hours with no issue, But for past 2 days (yesterday and today) suddenly i cant load the main menu screen, it just stays playing that background video no UI nothing. Ive tried DNS flush, reset etc, Router reset, restarted pc, reinstalled the game everything. I cant seem to fix it. Anyone could help me out?