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  1. If only AFK's had a chance to fight back. Let alone "be there" to clip it. You're the best HB.
  2. Exactly. Most are forgetting the game is running off pretty old hardware.
  3. Possibility of out of region players who killed/got killed by you. See if the problem persists after the hotfix today.
  4. That's right. Or play on PS4, as they have AS servers.
  5. Varies heavily from person to person. I rarely get Vikendi tbh. (when it's on standard)
  6. *Insert joke over the head gif* here
  7. Fun times to see what happens to fps lol 🤣
  8. Probably just the MS server closest to you man.
  9. @Black Dahlia NZ Already posted it a while ago.
  10. Yeah just the one kind. I'm referring to the official one from Microsoft. No idea where the best place to get one, it would be dependant on your country. True, but he would still have to double click the L thumbstick. Which is what is causing his thumb pain.
  11. The MP5K is similar to the Vector. Just like how the Scar isn't on Sanhok because it's similar to the QBZ. This is why they aren't both in the same map(s).
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