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  1. parla inglese o almeno usa un traduttore
  2. Microsoft has been saying that for ages. Also on games before PUBG but nothing was ever done about it. Standard PR response, better then admitting they don't know for sure, considering it's their own console. Basically the same as a DEA agent saying "I know you have a stash of coke at home, but meh, not gonna do anything though".
  3. Nah, PUBG Co said quite a few times that they will not offer native support. So doesn't really matter if MS/Xbox start allowing KBM. It's ultimately up to the game devs whether or not they allow it. Personally I feel it should be allowed in all PvE/Co-op games, as it really doesn't matter much. If it's competitive, hard to say. People are either going to be for or against it. "Even playing field" is a bit grey as well, since there's SO many things people can do (legally) to gain an advantage. It's just like real life, not everyone is locked to the same things in life. What I'll do is just focus on improving my game, worrying about what others are doing that I have zero control over is just going to wasted time.
  4. Unfortunately doesn't look like that's related to anything an emulator does.
  5. HybridGT

    Need to find UAZ on Sanhok....

    Keep searching. It's a very rare spawn. Seen it in multiple areas. Nowhere specific. My squad and I used one as bait last night to attract challenge hunters lol
  6. HybridGT

    Duo & Squad Enabled During 1.0 Maintenance?

    I'm not one to cheat. Never teamed before and I think it's a shitty thing to do. But... they better fix it. Because if not, I'll be one of those scrubs that teams tonight out of having no other option ?
  7. HybridGT

    Duo & Squad Enabled During 1.0 Maintenance?

    They didn't have to reupdate the last time. I had the same PTS as before, just with no team options and added cosmetic options.
  8. Did you not just write this or was it someone else on another account? 50 minutes ago you say it's not turn rate. Then now suddenly it is? www.What.org???
  9. True that. I don't stick around to spectate people, sometimes I just check to see where they were and that's about it. I re-queue for another round because I'm honestly not bothered if I get killed. Paranoia is a big deep hole.
  10. I've yet to see consistent head shots at range more than a ridiculously small % whilst moving. If you're referring to getting double tapped whilst standing still, this is easy as hell to do. My squad mates and I do it on the daily. It doesn't need to be 2 to the head. Understand damage charts and numbers. You can easily double tap someone with an SKS/SLR, one to the head with a follow up body almost instantly. The follow up body shot (2nd shot) doesn't need to be on the head to knock/kill.
  11. I'm referring to what you are suggesting. Not a literal frying pan silly Nathan... Didn't you just agree that speed has no relevance? An emulator doesn't grant you excess speed over a controller. Yes, speculation is all it is. With the given state of the game on Xbox right now, hitting someone consistently in the head from range is few and far between.
  12. Re: Your last point as well. "Ultra fast pan". I thought we have come to an understanding that using an emulator has zero effect on your maximum turn speed. Or have you changed your mind on that? There are a shit ton of people playing on 10 general sensitivity.
  13. Stuff like this is hard enough to do by a professional competitive player on PC, I find it hard to believe this is happening on Xbox One. And to the jumping headshots off a building, this is probably just a fluke one off. The second you jump, say goodbye to your crosshair accuracy. Doesn't matter if we're using a controller, MnK or Guitar Hero controller. Are we playing the same game here? ? To the last point, I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but not everyone runs in a straight line. People do use RB and check surroundings whilst running.
  14. Oh right, my apologies. You're a different person with a completely different newly registered account. Got it. And yes, the game is better without it. Because it's nowhere near 1:1 with an emulator. Jump shots? Really? They are total luck based shots because bullet spread ratios already go to insane levels when you're jumping. Anyway, carry on. I don't have much else to say on this topic. I think the 30 odd pages have done enough.
  15. @McNathanson If you genuinely believe it's such a huge obvious advantage, go out and purchase one yourself. Seems easy enough. Others have done it and even posted their findings (@MrSheiff). It's not hard to get better at aiming. Just because one person panic fires and doesn't know how to make controlled shots, it doesn't automatically mean others are cheating. Here's the shocking truth, if you take the time to practice, you'll eventually improve. Ludicrous. I know.