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  1. HybridGT

    Event pass

    It's roughly 6 to 7 weeks behind PC.
  2. HybridGT

    Flare Gun Rant

    Pretty sure my flare gun bugged out last night. 1st circle closed. I was the first to fire (inside the 2nd circle). Straight up into the air. Saw the green blinking indicator as per usual. Waited a couple minutes, no drop. Weird.
  3. HybridGT

    OG or X?

    Was a limited release OG that came with a 1TB SSHD and Elite controller. https://www.theverge.com/2015/11/23/9781922/microsoft-xbox-one-elite-console-review-price
  4. HybridGT

    A concern over the flare gun

    Even if there was someone who fired 9, if it's before the first circle has shut then there would only be 2 armored UAZ's and 7 wasted flares lol
  5. HybridGT

    OG or X?

  6. HybridGT

    OG or X?

    I've got both. Wife has the Xbox One Elite, I've got an X. Definitely smoother on the X at the moment.
  7. HybridGT

    Update #6 Question

    04:00 is universally known as AM. If it's 4PM it would be 16:00...
  8. HybridGT

    Update #6 Question

    Really not hard to look minor stuff like this up. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/pdt-to-mst-converter
  9. HybridGT

    Update #6 Question

    Maintenance SchedulePDT: April 9 00:00 - April 9 04:00CEST: April 9 09:00 - April 9 13:00
  10. HybridGT

    Oceania on PS4

    Probably when it's too late to do so.
  11. HybridGT

    Oceania on PS4

    They should just work towards getting cross play enabled and pool both Xbox and PS4 users together.
  12. HybridGT

    Do you still play PUBG?

    Yes, because I started playing again after 3+ months. EDIT: 5 months to be exact. (eg. no posts for 5 months)
  13. HybridGT

    Do you still play PUBG?

    Poll isn't really indicative of anything. As most people who have left are probably not even looking at PUBG forums anymore. I left when RDR2 came out for a good 3+ months, didn't look at forums anymore.
  14. HybridGT

    Do we have an update on this?

  15. HybridGT

    Oceania on PS4

    That's unfortunate. Maybe I'll just stick to xbox in that case. So on the very bottom (under your health bar), the last 2 characters on that code says "as" I'm assuming? On Xbox it's mostly "oc" up until 11pm or so AEST, then it's usually "na".