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  1. AV8er

    Looking for Budget PC for PUBG

    The issue with that is it still leaves a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and headset still left to buy. You'd want to go cheaper than that, as used I can easily see those being difficult to find under 700. Finding a COMPLETE setup for a PC to run pubg will be very difficult. You'll be running very basic settings. Unless you are a complete deal shopper and can find amazing deals, finding everything you'll probably be spending 1,000 on a PC that is 700. (Including extra parts for the PC itself)
  2. AV8er

    PUBG Lobby Music Option

    Yeah rip music, first thing to go for pubg for me 😂
  3. AV8er

    Suggestion: Pistols when knocked

    I've seen this suggestion before many times and equally met with ambiguity from the general populus. In my opinion it would never have it's place. Essentially you are dead when knocked. No reason for you to carry a pistol. Your team mate(s) have the opportunity to revive/heal you. This game is "realistic" in no sense except for guns/aesthetics. No group of 100 people fly in a plane and jump out and then run around killing each other until one person is left alive. A game is a game. Bluehole has put being downed as a mechanic where you are useless for a reason. You are not meant to be useful after you are downed.
  4. I stream on mixer and twitch. I'd rather use mixer until I get a PC and El gato device so I don't need to see the nuisance bar hovering over pertinent information
  5. It’s been a huge complaint for a lot of people, you haven’t read a lot obviously since you haven’t used the search bar to see just how many posts there truly are about this topic so you can’t say there hasn’t been a huge push.
  6. AV8er

    Game crash: Megathread

    I crash most in squad mode. I use an original xbox. When i crash my game either freezes and i have to quit to homescreen or i just auto black screen and then my home dashboard is opened up. Sometimes i cannot start the game after several attempts after a crash. Also i have noticed it takes an extreme amount of extra time to load in when you havent died compared to if you crash and load in to spectate team mates. The amount of time it takes me to load in while i am still alive is upwards of a minute, while if i am spectating it takes only about 10-15 seconds.