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  1. Iv still yet to see.any gameplay that proves that the emulator for the m+k is as bad as its claimed to be.
  2. Still love to see any proof from a video that someone is using a k+m
  3. In that clip i can't tell at all to be honest.
  4. I dont think its that out of control as people clam. Yes some deaths sure have us going ummmmm what but iv played 700 plus matches and i still cant even think of a death where i went thats a k+m user. Im sure people are using them and its on Xbox not Bluehole to sort out that issue. But i look at it as if someone needs to spend that extra little bit of money just to use a keyboard on an Xbox for winning in Pubg thats a bit much.
  5. Can you provide any soild proof you went up against someone with a mnk. I coundnt even think of any of my deaths where i went thats a mnk
  6. Yeah iv found that as well. More often i find shotguns doubled up in spots but on occasion i find AR's doubled up. But i have never had a suppressor for both ar's thats quite the find
  7. I hate that thing. Its the ultimate teaching gun in the game for not missing shots when you dont have the extended clip
  8. Yeah its not the greatest but its sometimes the only option. But if i find a smg suppressor ill drop the akm for an ump right away
  9. Yup. I do with the Scar and M416 as well. In buildings i have the red dot out in auto fire. In the open i change to the 4x with single. If i could go threw my inventory faster then id just change on the fly but iv run that set up so many times its second nature to me. I dont always pick up a Kar98 since they tend to get you a ton of attention when you fire it off
  10. It is one way to go but i like to run with the Akm with the 4x on it. I find the Akm gets a bit to much hate. Its not the best and the recoil cam make cqc fights tough but i like it on single shot with a 4x. That way i dont divide ammo between two guns
  11. Hey iv run that set up. Toss a 4x on one leave it on single fire and a red dot on the other with it on auto fire. I do the same with the M416 and Scar
  12. I ment is first shots when he was way out there. Im guessing that player only had a holo or red dot and closed in to help himself. Iv been jumped and managed to take out the other player. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/snowy-ghost13/video/54375959
  13. Iv pulled kills off like that so again its hard to say for me. But ill point out when you first shot at him being on auto fire was your first mistake. Switching to single would have been better. Also next time move around a bit more instead of peaking the same spot. Ic had shifted over to the right he would have had to find you again while you would have full advantage. But again at that range single shot way better
  14. I didnt mean to sound like it doesn't happen. Iv seen thisr adapters first hand. Its in the game i ment more than anything. Iv had some questionable deaths but iv also pulled off some shots that im sure would look suspicious. For me i just wouldn't beae to really tell due to the game having so many issues
  15. Oh ok i just could not even tell when i play if they use them or not. I dont think as many players use them as others claim but im sure there are some that do.
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