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  1. fUll951

    My favorite complaints on this board

    I have a favorite complaint post too.
  2. the devs see it as legitimate as any controller as long as the console manufacturers allow them. they won't say that, no reason to upset you with even more than you already are
  3. it's me I'm back! what's the salty conversation about today?
  4. first of all, PC players are not coming from their platform to yours. that's ridiculous. it's by and large all console gamers who like MnK. there probably are some pc players coming over and it's to play with their friends who don't have a gaming pc. its connecting gamers. that's a good thing. secondly, the idea that this is all recent is ridiculous. the adaptors have existed and have been in wide use for over 10 years now. the reality is, you've gotten better and the pubg algorithm is now pairing you with better players. congrats.... or like the other guy said. leader boards got reset and now your playing with high tier players it normally would not have put you with. in that's case, keep losing, it will match you up with the scrubs soon enough.
  5. y'all starting to sound like ninja accusing every death on stream sniping
  6. no option for "my phone". just think of how ridiculous that would of sounded in 2001
  7. people aren't coming from pc to play on console for an advantage. it's all console players who like MnK. if anyone is coming from pc it's to pay with their friends on console who don't have pc to game on. that's a good thing.
  8. fUll951

    Xbox capping upload speed?

    that's awesome op. I think my upload caps around 10
  9. and radar? yeah, those scripts too huh?
  10. fUll951

    Most people have 1080P displays...

    the Xbox is a gimped pc at this point. I know it sounds counter intuitive but what he said is how the box operates
  11. If the answer is "no" we would have a clear statement by the devs. for over a year this question has been asked repeatedly and never once has any dev or any console manufacturer said so. as posted just above by lone wolf they claim to have a clear handle on the situation. even have said the same things I tell the people in this thread like: there's just no way MnK users are ruining yours or anyones experience. the use of MnK is so low the fact you or anyone would complain about it goes to show you're looking for something to blame your loss on. when they say it's cheating, it will be cheating. until then they are gonna beat around the bush and develop their own way to make money off if it too the same as Microsoft plans too
  12. when you're right, your right bad co
  13. not talking about the old model of profit by game sales alone. this is the new gaming economy. games as a service. the latter model is in full effect and they would like to take a larger bite by including pc with console. Sony does too. Microsoft is making Xbox more pc and I do agree seeing steam on the Xbox would be a great thing for gamers.
  14. I need you to elaborate on how a different input method that follows the same rules as any controller is cheating
  15. controller upgrades are a good thing. you can't stop crossplay with pc. it's gonna bore its way thru every barrier attempting to stop it. too much money on the line to stop it for one. MnK support is gonna roll out for non shooters first and once that happens good luck keeping them away from shooters.