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  1. Hello Players! Several weeks ago, the world got its first glimpses at the work-in-progress Erangel Visual Update on the test server. Thanks for dropping in and providing incredible insight into what you loved about the map changes. We're looking forward to bringing the new changes on Erangel to live servers very soon, but in the mean time, we've jumped off the Aquarail and are doing a deep dive into some of the interesting facts and trends we saw during the testing period. We've correlated your actions on the Battlegrounds to some fun data creating the infographic below to showcase what players experienced and the milestones they reached. We'll be back soon with more information, including the schedule of when the Erangel Visual Update hits live servers. Thank you, The PUBG Team
  2. Hi all, Last week the Survival Supply System (Survival Objectives) weekly missions were reset earlier than intended, which reset in-progress missions for some players. While many players had already completed their missions, some players unfortunately had their mission progress reset mid-way through completion. To rectify this and hopefully make up for any frustration caused, we'll be granting BP to all players who had their in-progress missions reset early. Players who had in-progress weekly missions reset between 2am ~ 11:30am UTC on July 1st will have BP granted to their account based on the number of in-progress missions that were reset. - One incomplete mission : 1,500 BP - Two incomplete missions : 3,000 BP - Three incomplete missions : 4,500 BP After weekly maintenance on Wednesday 10th July, BP will be automatically granted to affected players. It may take up to 24 hours for BP to be distributed in full. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team. Thank you.
  3. Update #30 is now available on live servers. Now on live servers, Update #30 is dropping a lot of new content and updates onto the Battlegrounds. From a new weapon to an ambitiously amphibious way to traverse the map, this update most certainly has something explosive enough to blow everyone’s minds. To get a visual rundown of everything important coming in the patch, check out our patch report here: Be sure to watch out for the new .45 calibre Deagle when you come upon it, as the high damage cannon handgun can crack a level 3 helmet in two headshots. That is, if you’re able to control the recoil enough to land your shots. We’re also dropping a new, heavily armored assault vehicle in the BRDM-2 to win chicken dinners on land and sea. But what about the air? The new ledge grab feature will help you there, as you can now jump, climb and vertically navigate the Battlegrounds in ways you couldn’t before. Communications between squad mates just got way easier with the introduction of Radio Messages, short burst on-screen text that allows players to call out items and audibles throughout the match. You can learn more about Radio Messages, our latest weapon and vehicle, bug fixes and much more in the complete patch notes here. Our next Survivor Pass is right around the corner, but until it kicks off, be sure to earn BP through the Survival Rewards System to get cool loot. So drop in, loot yourself a Deagle and blast your way to a chicken dinner.
  4. Welcome back survivors, Survival Title Season 3, the Title Season that began in March, will end soon! Read on for more information on the Season 3 end date, Title System, rewards and distribution schedule. Survival Title Season 3 ends on June 18, 2019 PDT in accordance with the start of live server maintenance. Earn rewards before the Season 3 ends! Survival Title Season 3 Rewards Distribution Criteria and Schedule You will receive rewards based on the highest Title achieved during the season regardless of Mode or Perspective (FPP/TPP). Season 3 rewards will be distributed to players who have achieved higher than a Novice Title and will be distributed after live server maintenance on June 25 ends (PDT). You can check out acquired reward items in your in-game inventory or in the pop-up window when logging in. Reward Distribution Schedule per Survival Title Rank You will earn coupons and rewards based on the highest Title and Rank you achieved during the season. You can claim the rewards by clicking Title Rewards in the left bottom from Season - Overview tab in the game, then clicking Claim All by June 25, 2019 before the live server maintenance. You won't be able to receive them after the end of the claim period, so be sure to obtain all the coupons you've acquired within the season period! Rewards per Survival Title The Survival Title Season is an opportunity for players to earn cool rewards for their hard fought battles over time. By climbing through the ranks and upgrading your Title, you can earn a themed item set as you progress through the Title tiers. The items you will have earned throughout the season will be distributed at the close of Survival Title Season's end. The rewards are issued based on your last achieved Title - regardless of your end rank. Policies regarding Survival Title Season 3 Reward Distribution Season 3 rewards will be distributed to those who have achieved higher than a Novice title according to the achieved survival titles. Rewards will be distributed sequentially and should all be distributed within one day. If you haven't received the reward after the announced date, please contact Customer Service. Any players who are found to have obtained a Survival Title by violating operational policies may be subject to account restriction and/or removal of seasonal rewards. FAQ Q. When will the Season 3 end? A. Survival Title Season 3 ends on June 18, 2019 PDT in accordance with the start of live server maintenance. Q. When can I receive rewards? A. The rewards for Survival Title Season 3 will appear in your inventory sequentially after the live server maintenance completes on June 25, 2019 PDT. Q. What should I do if I don't receive rewards a day after distribution completes? A. If you haven't received rewards one day after distribution, please contact customer service. Q. Is there any reason players wouldn't receive rewards they expected? A. Any players who are found to have obtained a Survival Title by violating operation policies may be subject to account restriction and/or removal of seasonal rewards. Q. When does the next season begin? A. The Dev Team is working hard to introduce a robust Survival Title Season 4, with the new season planned for the end of July. We will have more detailed information closer to release. Q. Can I still gain SP once the season ends? A. Once Survival Title Season 3 comes to an end, playing matches won't grant SP until the next season begins. Q. What will my Title be at the start of the next season? A. Titles will go through soft reset, taking the players' past season Title into account. Thanks, The PUBG Team
  5. Hello Players! First off, we want to thank you for such an amazing year so far. The first half of 2019 has flown by quickly, but certainly has not seen the last of the exciting updates we have planned for PUBG. We’ve been hard at work on some of the great new updates we talked about earlier in the year, and wanted to take a moment to go over the development direction for all of our platforms in the coming months. Below, you’ll find an important message from TS Jang, Executive Producer and Head of Development at PUBG. He will guide you through our vision for the game and some of the exciting things we’re working on, including information on how you can help test the update to our beloved Erangel map. Development Update - June 2019 Erangel Visual Update For the past few months, we’ve been sharing our plans to bring our very first map, Erangel, up to the same level of polish as our more recent maps. We started way back in March with an initial balance of loot and followed it up more recently with a full loot pass. We’re excited to finally give you a sneak peek at some of the other improvements we’ve had in the works. With this test, you’ll see new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain, some new and changed areas within the map, and test settings for an updated Blue Zone. As with previous stages of the Erangel update, these changes will be rolled out on the Test Server first, allowing players to get in, test map stability, check out all the updates, and provide their feedback before this hits live servers later this summer. Detailed plans for the Test Server operation are as follows. Test Information PC Test Server Availability: 6/6 8:00 p.m. – 6/11 8:00 p.m. (PDT) Operation plans by phase Phase 1: 6/6 8:00 p.m. PDT ~ 6/8 8:00 p.m. PDT (48 hours) Partner Custom Matches only Only the updated Erangel and normal Custom Match mode are available Only official PUBG Partners from each region can create Custom Match sessions, but all players can join the lobby to play Phase 2: 6/8 8:00 p.m PDT ~ 6/11 8:00 p.m PDT (72 hours) Public matchmaking and Partner Custom Matches available Only the updated Erangel map is available. Quick Join is also available. Squad mode only. FPP only in North America and TPP only on Asia servers. All players can participate When Phase 1 begins, the partners listed below can make the session and you can join the custom match rooms. Look out for your favorite streamers below and jump in for a game! Phase 1 PUBG Partners for NA/EMEA/LATAM As mentioned above, this test will feature some new Blue Zone settings we’ve been working on to help Erangel feel more up-to-date based on emerging playstyles and tactics. These settings are experimental and subject to change based on your feedback. Test details for the Blue Zone balance are as follows: Changes to Erangel’s Blue Zone for Testing (applied on the test server during the test period only) Blue Zone timings are faster throughout the match. Blue Zone delay is reduced in the earlier phase. Size of the safe zone is reduced in the earlier phase. Blue Zone speed is reduced in the early & middle phases. Blue Zone damage is slightly increased in the later phase. Blue Zone delay is reduced in the last phase. We are excited to finally be able to share our work with you and look forward to your feedback on this new take on our classic map. This update will be available on PC and consoles by late summer this year. More information and specific plans will be announced at a later date. We know Erangel is a beloved part of PUBG that stirs up passion among our players. Rest assured, we’ll make every effort to keep Erangel feeling like the map you fell in love with while bringing it in line with how players enjoy PUBG today. As always, we look forward to your invaluable feedback and we hope you enjoy the Erangel Visual Update and Blue Zone changes. Thank you. –The PUBG Team
  6. Hey Wookie! I'm sorry, we had an issue with the survey and had to remove it temporarily. It has been added to the in-game menu again, with a new URL. Thanks for taking the time to fill this out!!
  7. Group 6 of the Twitch streamer skins are here, featuring two of the most demanded personalities to ever join the Battle Royale, chocoTaco and WackyJacky101! Because you demanded it, this group of items includes the first ever Broadcaster Royale Parachute skin for chocoTaco! Skins are available for between $2.99-$9.99 each and can be purchased until May 14th, 2019 PST before the server maintenance starts. through the game client. Each sale directly benefits the Twitch streamer, so pick up your favorite skins and support them in-game and out! This group’s streamers: chocoTaco • Just9n • SHROUD • WackyJacky101 Viewers looking to support their favorite streamers can click the #BroadcasterRoyale menu in the in-game store to purchase and see all streamer items available.
  8. Update #28 is now available on live servers. Update #28 brings weapon progression to PUBG in the form of Weapon Mastery, a new batch of Broadcaster Royale skins and the awaited loot increase we promised on Erangel. You can get all of the details on Weapon Mastery in our recent Dev Letter, Introducing: Weapon Mastery. Watch the Patch Report to see an overview of the changes that came in this update: For more information on what was fixed, tweaked and added, read our detailed Patch Update #28 Notes. Patch #28 debuts Weapon Mastery to the world. Get complete stats and cool charms for your entire arsenal as you build up your skill level on each of PUBG’s signature guns. You’ll want to dive into Weapon Mastery here to discover all of the ways you can earn medals, charms and, of course, bragging rights. The much demanded chocoTaco skins are now available as part of Broadcaster Royale Group 6. SHROUD, WackJacky and more also debut new items and cosmetics so you can drop onto the Battlegrounds in style. Read about all of the new Broadcast Royale looks here. As promised as part of the rebalance of Erangel, there is now a lot more to be looted on the original Battlegrounds map. Jump into the game now to find your gun, gear and your next target. We can’t wait to hear your feedback! Enjoy the update. – The PUBG Team
  9. Hey everyone, Continuing on the coattails of our recent balance patch, we’re excited to announce even more big changes coming to PUBG in today’s update. We’ve always tried to push the envelope here at PUBG, creating the most realistic Battle Royale experience possible, but today we’re taking that commitment and shooting for the moon! New Map: The Moon With the popularity of the Moonlight weather setting on Vikendi, we worked hard to determine what it was about that mode that engaged fans so much. After countless hours, we were able to determine that it was the full moon itself that fascinated players. Our next course of action became clear; have the next great PUBG map be on the surface of the moon! New Map: The Moon PUBG’s biggest map to date at over 3,476 square kilometers! New Feature: “Zero G” Players will not receive fall damage on the Moon. Jump height and duration are increased by 10x on the Moon. Players struck with heavy-hitting weapons (melee, shotguns) will be flung for several meters slowly over time. Players on the Moon will leave footprints. The Moon will have no weather cycles, but will either be lit or in complete darkness depending on which side you spawn on. Boost gauge and boost items will be replaced with oxygen tanks on the moon. Players will need to keep oxygen tanks on hand in order to not suffocate. New Moon Exclusive Vehicle: Moon Rover Rovers will be key to survival on the moon, as players have thousands of meters to cover to get to the safe zone. We’re incredibly excited to push the boundaries of realistic Battle Royale with our new map. For players who truly want to immerse themselves in this new frontier, keep an eye out for Survivor Pass: Cosmonaut, coming soon! New Content Added a revenge bomb as loot to all maps. The bomb is held in your inventory and explodes once an enemy opens your deathbox. Players can set a pre-recorded message to play after the bomb goes off. Added new Vikendi-exclusive weapon, the Squirt Gun. Enemies hit by the squirt gun will take damage over time as they gain stacks of frostbite. Increased squad sizes to a maximum of 20. Added the Stretch Limousine and Party Bus as new squad transport vehicles. Added Level 4 helmets to the game. Completely resistant to bullets. Reduces screen visibility considerably. UI/UX Added an option for “Winner Winner Tofu Dinner” for our vegetarian and vegan fans. Thanks to the dedicated work of several fans, “Wadu Hek” is now a selectable language option. Teamed up with WackyJacky101 to add a welcome message to the in-game lobby. Sound will play globally each time a new player loads in. We hope being welcomed to the game each time improves your play experience. Skins and Cosmetics Added a smart algorithm to social channels that delays chocoTaco items by one week each time we’re asked about them. Gameplay Changes To better emphasize survival in PUBG, frying pans can now be used to cook food. Added a new win condition using the pan Players able to collect components and cook their own Chicken Dinner will instantly win the match without having to be the lone survivor. Boosts now inflict a stacking % chance to cause your character to suffer a heart attack. Energy Drink: 2% Painkillers: 10% Adrenaline: 25% Players now have a chance to injure their arm when involved in scooter accidents. (Get well soon!) New Gameplay Features Because life always finds a way, we’ve added animations and AI to the dinosaurs in Dino Park on Vikendi. All players now start each game with a cell phone in their inventory. Players can use the phone to play PUBG Mobile while camping in houses or waiting for the zone. Phone may also be used to take in-game selfies and will post automatically to linked social media accounts. Added region-appropriate, dangerous wildlife to each map Erangel – Grizzly Bears Miramar – Jaguars Sanhok – Giant Pythons Vikendi – Yeti The Moon – Wizards Training Camp – WackyJacky101 Players who don’t like the idea of killing can now opt to stay in the plane and fly back to civilization. Pistols can now accept up to a 15x scope. Added Step Counter integration to the game. In-game steps will now count towards your daily total. Added full auto mode to SR weapons. The following weapons are affected: Kar98k M24 AWM This update represents just a small taste of PUBG’s infinite potential. We hope you enjoy these changes and as always look forward to your feedback! See you on The Moon!
  10. Hello everyone, PUBG has been generating various codes for cosmetics items since March of 2017 and over 5 million item codes have been distributed globally through events and promotions. Distributed codes have historically had no expiration date, which has lead to cases of codes not being used for their intended purpose, or otherwise being exploited/abused. Therefore, in the coming weeks, we will be deactivating certain existing item codes to prevent further abuse and facilitate a healthy item economy. These changes will also allow us to continue offering players opportunities to obtain item codes through events and promotions well into the future. Code deactivation is conducted in accordance with the "Bonus / Gift Code Policy" specified in [Operational Policy]. Please check the details below for code deactivation schedule and to review applicable codes. ※ Codes will no longer be redeemable after deactivation. ※ For those who possess item codes obtained for free, please make sure to read this announcement in detail. [Deactivation Schedule and Codes subject to Deactivation] - Code redeemable until: 23:59, Sunday, April 25 (Tentative) (KST) - Code deactivation as of : After Monday, April 26 (KST) - Codes subject to deactivation Codes subject to deactivation can be identified by the first 4 characters of the serial number. For example, all codes that start with P153 as the prefix are subject to deactivation, which means P153-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is subject to deactivation. (Example image) All codes with the following prefixes are subject to deactivation (you can quickly search the prefix using Ctrl+F): P040, P042, P043, P044, P045 P049, P050, P051, P052, P053, P054 P080, P081, P083, P084 P087, P089, P090, P091, P092 P112, P113, P114, P115, P116, P117, P118, P119 P122, P124, P126, P135, P138, P139, P140 P144, P145, P146, P147, P148 P150, P151, P152, P153, P154, P155, P156, P158 P160, P161, P162, P163, P164, P165, P166, P167, P168 P173, P174, P175, P176, P177, P178 P182, P183, P184, P185, P186, P187 P190, P191, P197, P198, P199 P201, P202, P203, P204, P205, P206, P207, P208, P209 P210, P211, P212, P213, P214, P215, P216, P217, P218, P219 P220, P221, P222, P223, P224, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229 Please review the instructions below if you have an existing code you wish to redeem before the deactivation date. [How to Redeem Codes] Open PUBG > Store > Items > Add Bonus/Gift code Thank you for your understanding. - PUBG Corp.
  11. Awesome! Thank you for the feedback mate
  12. Hey all, Flare Guns were added to public matches a few weeks ago and since then we've received lots.. and lots of feedback. In general, players for the most part enjoy the concept and action they can add to the mid-game, but many players are unhappy with the initial implementation. We've heard your feedback and will be making changes to the implementation of Flare Guns in an upcoming update scheduled for live servers March 27th. We'll be first putting the changes on the Test Server March 20th. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Flare Gun feedback thread here on the forums, or shared feedback with us across any of our channels. So, what changes are we making? The volume of incoming air planes delivering special care packages is being reduced. Total number of Flare Guns spawns across all maps is being reduced. For Squad matches, the amount of loot inside special care packages is being reduced. Map icons and on-screen text alerting players to incoming special care packages is being removed. You'll of course still hear and see the flares being shot from far across the map, no changes there. This is our first pass on Flare Gun changes since their implementation on live servers and the changes set out to directly address the main points of concern players in the community have had. Please let us know what you think down below in the comments. We'll of course continue to further iterate, listening carefully to player feedback and make changes that best suit our players and the unique BR experience PUBG provides. Thanks for all of your feedback so far! We look forward to sharing more specific information about these changes in the patch notes, once the update arrives on the Test Server, March 20th.
  13. Hi all, Understandably, this is an extremely frustrating issue. We are very well aware that players from some regions are experiencing problems with matchmaking and map selection in particular, to varying degrees. We are discussing ways to resolve these problems, although there is no perfect solution. Ideally, we want to offer players as much choice as possible, to play the game how they want to play it - although, this can present problems like you're seeing at the moment and can present itself different based on regional preferences and most importantly, the number of concurrent players in the region. This is being treated as a very serious issue, as it can impact the player experience significantly. Please understand we are working hard to resolve this, but don't have any specific information to provide right now. Thank you!
  14. Hey Everyone, We’re already a month into the launch of Vikendi and we’ve been poring over the data and community feedback about our latest map. On top of loot balance changes, we’re introducing some great new content to Vikendi as well including a new weapon, vehicle, attachment, and the long-awaited Moonlight weather setting for Vikendi. There are also some great quality of life updates and bug fixes, so dig in below to check out all the changes! Thank you for all of your bug reports and feedback while this update was on the test server. With your help, we identified and resolved many bugs to improve the rollout and overall experience of Update #25. * Due to critical issues negatively impacting gameplay, we've made the difficult decision of removing the Snowbike from Update #25. The Snowbike won't be added to live servers until these issues are resolved. New Weapon: Bizon Added new SMG weapon- the Bizon Bizon is an SMG exclusive to Vikendi and Erangel Uses 9mm ammunition and holds 53 rounds by default Can only take muzzle and sight attachments Does not take grips or magazines New Attachment: Canted Sight Added Canted Sight as a new attachment Canted sight is a new scope for weapons with a secondary scope slot ALT + Right click toggles between equipped sights Canted sight can be used with: AR - Beryl M762, AKM, AUG, M416, Mutant, QBZ, SCAR-L, G36C DMR - SLR, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, SKS SR - AWM, M24, Kar98k SMG - UMP, Vector, Bizon Shotgun - S12K LMG - M249 The main scope you see when you aim will be different depending on which slot you attach the canted sight and scope If you equip Canted Sight only, your primary sight will be the Canted Sight. If you equip Canted Sight after scope, your primary sight will be your scope. If you equip scope after canted sight, your primary sight will be the Canted Sight. With the Canted Sight update, the weapon's position and view of angle might feel slightly different than before while in ADS. However, any features which might affect gunplay, such as scope's position in ADS, FOV, and recoil, were not changed. New Vehicle: Snowbike Due to critical issues negatively impacting gameplay, we've made the difficult decision of removing the Snowbike from Update #25. The Snowbike won't be added to live servers until these issues are resolved. We apologize for any disappointment caused. World Added new weather setting on Vikendi Moonlight: Although the setting is at night, the big glowing super moon and bright aurora borealis will help you to detect enemies Added "hidden location" to Vikendi Gameplay We have decreased the damage transferred to helmets and vests This means your armor can sustain more damage before being destroyed. Damage given to the player will remain the same The previous damage calculation used to transfer 100% of damage to the armor durability. Modified the damage system of throwable weapons Damage and effects are now applied correctly to players hiding behind very small obstacles such as a thin poles Trajectory guideline is now shown properly until the throwable weapon leaves a player’s hand Reduced the delay when opening a parachute This will make players able to change directions much earlier Vikendi - Bluezone Modifications Bluezone will be generated further away from the center Damage of the last zone has been increased Vikendi - Item spawns have been modified Decreased the number of SMGs and increased the number of ARs Decreased the number of DMRs SR rate remains the same Reduced the number of LV3 helmets and vests Balanced the spawn ratio of attachments For full details, please refer to 'Dev Letter: Vikendi Item Spawn Rebalance' Improved the colorblind implementation for blood, reticles and care package smoke The colors have been changed to better suit players with color blindness Custom Match Added Vikendi to the custom match options Vikendi is available on Normal mode, Zombie mode, War mode, and War mode: Conquest Esports mode for Vikendi won’t be available on release and will be implemented at a later date Known issue: Motorbikes are not spawning on Vikendi in custom matches Improved and added new observer features Improved damage indicator UI This feature is ON by default and can be toggled with ALT + D The enemy's nickname, team logo, damage amount and direction will be displayed once the player receives enemy damage If there is no team logo, the team color and number will be displayed instead When taking damage from multiple players, the UI will display a maximum of 3 player names which will disappear gradually The direction of the damage source will be displayed in the center of the screen Hit detection is displayed with a direction red radial hitmarker pointing to the North, East, South, or West. A unique icon will appear when players are headshot The damage indicator UI will display if damaged by the following: Gun/Melee/Punch/Zombie Punch/Frag Grenade/Molotov Improved multiple kill message UI Added a new animation and visuals Player name and kill count will be displayed When a player gets a certain number of kills When a team gets a certain number of kills Improved care package item list visibility Added a background to the inventory list of care packages to increase the visibility of the item list Replay The replay version has been updated and replays recorded prior to Update #25 will no longer be playable Performance Vikendi - Optimized performance by modifying the number of footprints shown around the player Improved frame drops in the lobby and inventory Survivor Pass: Vikendi You can now redeem all “drop in supply” rewards at once You can now redeem all claimable rewards from the pass reward screen at once Click "Claim All" on the lower left to receive all claimable rewards Changed the number of times you can swap daily missions from 1 to 3 missions per day High difficulty mission balance Adjusted several highly difficult missions from daily and weekly mission lists Missions that had previously been announced are excluded from the balancing UI/UX Improved team invite settings and status system You can now control where you receive invites from by using the team invite settings Receive All: Accept team invites from all players Friends Only: Accept invites only from players added to your friends list Block All: Block all team invites You can also set your status to online or offline from the friend system menu If you are set to offline, your status will be shown as offline to all other players, and you will not receive team invites Deleted the new item notice marker from the left menu of the items page on the store menu When selecting 'new' in the sorting tab on the items page, crates will have priority over individual items if they share the same release date Improved UI widget visibility, which is located on the bottom center of the game screen Added additional game options Added an option to set default firing mode for weapons Added a keybind option for (Alt + Right Click by default) Canted Sight, a new attachment Added a keybind option (J by default) to inspect your weapon Purchase failure message will pop up when a purchase fails due to a Steam issue Skins & Items Added BattleStat weapon skin With a BattleStat weapon skin applied, the number of players killed with that weapon is recorded/displayed on the skin Press J in-game to instantly view the number of kills made with that weapon The tag [BATTLESTAT] appears in front of the item's name, and the number of kills made with that skin can be seen in the weapon skin page's preview screen as well Kills are recorded only when the original owner of the skin is using the skin If a player other than the skin's owner picks up a weapon with the BattleStat weapon skin applied to it, the panel that shows the number of kills will be locked and new kills will not be recorded The panel is also locked where the owner of the BattleStat item is unclear, such as in the marketplace or store The item can be traded in the marketplace, and once ownership goes to a different player, the number of kills recorded on the skin will be reset The count will be reset if you return weapon skins as BP Added 'EAST ERANGEL POLICE CRATE' as a new crate This crate can be unlocked using the East Erangel Police Key The '[BATTLESTAT] Industrial Security - AKM' item can be gained from the 'EAST ERANGEL POLICE CRATE' at a very low chance Drop rates of each item for the 'EAST ERANGEL POLICE CRATE' are as follows: The composition of random crates and their drop rates have been adjusted with the addition of the EAST ERANGEL POLICE CRATE Added 2018 Fall crate as a random crate Random crate drop rate: Item grades for event items have been adjusted so they have a more appropriate value Item settings have been changed so they can be exchanged for the appropriate amount of BP according to their grade Bug Fixes General Fixed the issue with explosion sounds of throwables not being played at a certain distance Fixed an issue where the character model did not rotate while using Hold to ADS in TTP mode. Fixed an issue where the character model did not rotate while using healing items. Fixed an issue which caused the firing mode to automatically switch to single after being set to full-auto. Fixed an issue where players could exceed their maximum inventory capacity by rapidly picking up items. Fixed an issue preventing a message from being displayed when adjusting an item quantity to pick up as another player takes the item stack Fixed an issue where a full ammo stack would be picked up even if the quantity was adjusted Fixed an issue with fully-loaded guns which caused them to unload all bullets after firing 1 round Fixed an issue which caused the displayed ammo count to change to an incorrect amount Fixed an issue which prevented the head from leaning left with the body when using the Canted Sight Fixed suppressed Bizon sounding identical to the suppressed Vector Fixed an issue where the Bizon firing and reload sounds could be heard from further distances than intended Fixed an issue which prevented players from receiving grenade damage or effects behind small objects Fixed an issue where throwables were not dealing damage to certain vehicles Fixed an issue where players could bandage while on a motorbike submerged in water Fixed the issue of only changing the POV of third person when pressing ALT key while moving the screen Modified blood effects not working properly in certain service modes. Fixed an issue where emote wheels were sometimes shown differently in in-game and out-game Fixed an issue where you could occasionally hear a footstep when the UZI was empty Fixed an issue where care packages would sometimes dig into the ground and before coming back up when landing Fixed an issue with vehicle locations sometimes being shown differently Fixed an issue where a teammate’s UI was still being shown even if they left the game before the match started Fixed an issue where the kill feed would sometimes not show properly when a player was downed/killed by fists Fixed an issue where a character would sometimes not use health items if the key is pressed during melee attacks Fixed an issue where the nickname and report message was sometimes not showing when spectating a player driving a vehicle. Fixed an issue where the camera sometimes showed the opposite direction when in death cam/replay Fixed an issue where the 'No throwables' UI message was sometimes being shown when the unequipped throwable weapon was selected [using smart key/use designated weapon key] Fixed an issue where the motorbike engine would sometimes not turn off after the player has left the vehicle Fixed an issue where a character was sometimes not able to loot even though they had the space to Fixed an issue where the scooter would sometimes shake severely when in spectator/deathcam/replay Fixed an issue where item use was sometimes interrupted when the crouch/lean key was pressed when crouch/lean and change seats are set to the same key Fixed an issue where a player’s character would sometimes not receive damage when the character left a vehicle at the right moment while crashing onto an object Fixed an issue where you’d sometimes see a flickering afterimage when coming out of ADS mode with a scope attached in FPP Fixed an issue where a vehicle would sometimes disappear when a player exits the client and re-enters the game while in the vehicle Fixed an issue where the lobby screen was not always shown properly in 32:9 resolution Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes have an excessive amount of instantaneous velocity when a character and vehicle collide with each other Fixed an issue where the lobby screen would sometimes overlap each other when in low FPS Fixed an issue where the weapons UI would sometimes overlap if you promptly change weapons twice Fixed an issue where the marker would sometimes not be removed using 'Delete' key in Spectate mode Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the rear wheel of the motorbike to lift up easily and flip over when lowering speed and changing direction Fixed an issue where doors could sometimes be opened from an unreachable distance in TPP mode Doors will now only be opened when in reachable distance World Fixed an issue with certain stairs in Cosmodrome which players were able to see through Fixed an issue which could cause grenades to deal damage through floors in certain buildings on Vikendi Fixed an issue where vehicles could get stuck on a certain structure in Erangel Fixed an issue where boulders in a specific area could not be seen from far distances on Erangel Fixed an issue where bullets only went through one side of the fence on a certain bridge in Sanhok Fixed an issue where objects in a certain location on Sanhok were missing Fixed an issue where characters could pass through or get stuck in a certain structure in Sanhok Fixed an issue where characters could pass through the ground in a certain location in Sanhok Fixed an issue where characters could not get up when close to a specific boulder in Sanhok Fixed an issue where characters could go through or get stuck in a certain location in Vikendi Fixed an issue where bullets would not go through a certain fence in Vikendi Fixed an issue where items could not be picked up from a specific location in Vikendi Fixed an issue where characters could open doors from behind the wall of a certain structure in Vikendi Fixed an issue where foliage in certain areas would look like they are floating in Vikendi Fixed an issue that footprints would not be displayed when you jump and move on the snowfield in Vikendi
  15. Hello everyone, We’re back with another installment of Console Dev Report! This week, we’ll be diving into an explanation of multiple LOD types, what LOD means and why it’s important for performance. LOD stands for Level of Detail and there are different LODs for many objects in PUBG. Depending on the circumstance, a more or less detailed LOD is used to strike the optimal balance between performance and quality visuals for the best gameplay experience possible. PUBG generally uses 3 different LOD levels depending on the situation - LOD 2, LOD 1, or LOD 0 which is the most detailed of the 3. The higher detailed LOD used, the higher the performance cost. While performance is important, it’s also very important we work hard to not negatively impact gameplay wherever possible by using a less detailed LOD. One instance you’ve likely seen LODs in action is the “playdough” look of some buildings when viewing them in the distance while parachuting. This is the first and least detailed LOD displayed. At the beginning of a match, buildings closeby can look like this too, as there are so many different objects to process all at once. These will increase to LOD 0 (highest detail) as soon as possible, but the speed of this process is heavily dependant on the hardware you’re using. Three different LOD types are also applied to characters: Mesh LOD, Bone LOD and AnimNode LOD. First, we’ll explain some details about both Mesh LOD and Bone LOD briefly, before diving into the focus of this Console Dev Report, AnimNode LOD. Mesh LOD and Bone LOD Mesh LOD determines the character model LOD. When a character is close to you, it is rendered as LOD 0 (highest detail) and the further you move away from a character, the lower detail LOD that character model will rendered as. This happens in stages, with LOD 2, LOD 1 and LOD 0. You generally won’t notice the transitions that occur, because they happen at a distance where the characters are very small on screen. Bone LOD works in the same way, but determine the number of bones activated during character animations. This means that at great distances, your game doesn’t need to process detailed animations which would decrease performance. A lesser LOD means there are fewer vertex and less bone data to be processed. This leads to big performance improvements compared to not having optimized LODs. Having additional LOD levels (3, 4 etc.) would definitely increase performance, by reducing the performance cost on the CPU, but unfortunately the extra strain caused to memory, IO, etc. is very high for console hardware and not something that can be implemented effectively at this stage. AnimNode LOD Animations also have LODs called AnimNode LODs, but we can't apply them to such a wide degree as we can for Mesh LOD or Bone LOD, as the visual changes are very noticeable. Animations such as running, looking to the side, or the animation of aiming down your weapon sights are all skeletal control of your character. The animations related to the character skeleton are all calculated on a per limb basis, requiring independent calculations and animations to be performed for the arms, legs, neck, etc. We developed an additional LOD method based on the character model size proportionate to the whole screen. Then, we set parameters to automatically and dynamically select a less detailed AnimNode LOD for character models only when they’re at a distance where you wouldn’t notice the visual change. This means increased performance without negatively impacting gameplay or visual experience to any noticeable degree. Please bear in mind that for the visual examples shown further down in this Dev Report, AnimNode LOD changes take effect at very close distances to give you a better understanding of how it works. When playing PUBG, AnimNode LOD only takes effect at great distances. Here is the first example of how AnimNode LOD works in-game: (The image used above is from a development environment and for illustrative purposes, AnimNode LOD is only disabled at great distances while playing PUBG) In the image above, you can see the differences between having AnimNode LOD enabled and disabled. When AnimNode LOD is completely disabled, animations performed by the character are disabled and not reflected by the model, which results in better performance. However, when a player is crouched, the lower body must have AnimNode LOD enabled, otherwise the player would appear to be standing. For the next example, in our development environment we've set AnimNode LOD to be disabled when the character model fills 10% of the whole screen to further help you understand what's happening when AnimNode LOD is disabled. When in-game, AnimNode LOD would only be disabled when the character model would look too small for you to see these changes. (Image used above is from a development environment and for illustrative purposes, AnimNode LOD is only disabled at great distances while playing PUBG) You may also be wondering "What happens when I scope in on an enemy far away?" When you scope in on a player far away, the character model you’re looking at will fill more of the screen and AnimNode LOD will be turned on dynamically based on the character model size proportionate to your whole screen, ensuring there is no negative impact to gameplay. Below is a visual example of AnimNode LOD being used in our development environment coded to disable when the character model takes up 10% of the whole screen, to give you a clearer example of what’s happening. (Image used above are from a development environment and for illustrative purposes, AnimNode LOD is only disabled at great distances while playing PUBG) Again, while actually playing PUBG, these changes only take effect when the character model is very far away and taking up a small portion of the whole screen, where you won’t be able to notice the changes. AnimNode LOD Performance The graph below measures AnimNode LOD enabled (blue) vs. AnimNode LOD disabled (red) when there are 10 characters around. Around a 10% performance improvement is achieved with AnimNode LOD disabled. * Graph results measured using an Xbox One X. The more character models in the area which can have AnimNode LOD disabled, the higher performance gain compared to having AnimNode LOD enabled. To summarize this section, some animation effects of character models are disabled or dialed back when they’re at such a distance that you wouldn’t notice the change take effect. This results in less resources being used and an increase in performance. Thanks for reading! See you all in the next addition of the Console Dev Report. The PUBG Console Team
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