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  1. Can you look into keeping matchmaking settings, tired of leaving a group only for the quick join to default back to solo. Unless anyone knows a setting I’ve missed
  2. I thought that too and then remembered I’m shit, however I did go marching in with a M249 and took 3 out whilst team mates hid in a house earliar
  3. Started playing again recently following all the apex hype. Still love pubg but why 2 years down the road are there still as many issues as there is it’s sad to see. Had the joy of finding a flare gun for the first time, had the dismay of nothing happening when I used it lol. Thought I’m supposed to get a drop, stood in the same place for 10 minutes in case the pilot got lost. cmon guys - great game but disappointing dev team.
  4. Flexeh

    Oh come on....

    How do you know he’s got the og or s? Your assuming. There’s a lot of uncertainty in your post. So ... Maybe we will get this game fixed, maybe the rendering issue will be resolved. Maybe this is a test bed for a pubg2 maybe this maybe that. Maybe there wasnt substance to your post. As it’s a bug post and rendering issues are bugs... maybe I’ll just go away and play now. See you layer... maybe
  5. Flexeh

    Oh come on....

    It’s the glitching through the buildings that’s the issue!
  6. I asked for a report option to be available all the time in game, mainly because of the team killers who down you and then pick you up! No way to report. If the guy won the game you still cannot report him!
  7. Flexeh

    Oh come on....

  8. Same - would be nice if they could at least tweak this now for us to conintue testing. Maybe make it the blue of the blue zone. @PUBG_Andymh5 any chance of a mini hotfix to sort this out whilst we still test!!
  9. Down the gun not the sight.. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/flexehuk/video/66016348
  10. Flexeh


    I remember a “We are proud of our vehicle mechanics” post by PU himself
  11. Andy in regards to the frame rate and smoke. I understand variables make a different but the common cause within every video we see of frame rate drop is smoke! More than 1 in close proximity kills your Xbox. its worse trying to loot a box in the middle of a double smoke cloud!!
  12. there’s a lot of items floating in the air on the maps Such as trees, rocks bushes etc. as there’s so much to post individual threads, I thought it may be worth posting everything here for @PUBG_Andymh5 to review and forward on. post images of the floating item and a brief description. If it’s not apparent in the map where the location is, a screenshot of the map would be beneficial. pic below - bushes on hill over looking crater fields - corner map provides adequate location.
  13. cant be the X guys - Remember the Sales tactics from Microsoft and Bluehole - Plays better on the xbox one X!
  14. Careful they have buggered the Xbox one x up by throttling it to help the older consoles, making it a disadvantage. They may do the same between the PS4 pro and standard PS4
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