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  1. Theisman

    Anyone else do this?

    Nope, prefer the one that kills me to go onto win, that way it makes me feel better that I died to the winner instead of some runner up
  2. As with most words it all depends on context and usage. Having read numerous fiction and non fictional books of a military nature it is very common to see the word ping used without any distant involved and for people to "ping a building with gunfire " etc I grant you that mark would be a better word to use in this context , however ping is still a viable option and one still used by the military today, the same way PUBG Corp have used it. Also lets not forget that PUBG Corp also used the word streaming in their predictive based rendeting system, despite the word almost always only being used now for data transferred over the internet, they used it for the transfer of data on the internal HDD.
  3. Not really, localizing someone's location and having them show on radar / sonar is commonly called pinging
  4. Theisman

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    You keep saying open source, yet everyone has to pay royalties to Epic to use it, and game distribution is governed by epics EULA, so no it's an available source code but it's not open source. For someone who works on open source projects you should know this distinction already. Many dev teams have stated that unreal is a pain in the arse to use and seek help from epic, and are you seriously trying to say that epic do not have access to more tools or knowledge about the UE4 than is supplied to everyone who gets a licensed copy?
  5. Theisman

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    Look at the bit right at the bottom of the picture, and there is your answer Epic created the unreal engine, why do they do so well with it, because it's theirs and they know exactly how it works
  6. Because it hasn't been implemented yet, it's due for the November patch and will be removed just like the PC version
  7. Out of all the games I've played I've only felt that I may have met 1 M&K player that's beaten me, and even then I'm not sure. That's solely going on spectating them and watching the screen rotate like it's swiped with a mouse movement instead of smoother like a controller. We all know how spectating isn't brilliant so I can't event say I'm certain that one time is accurate. PUBGcorp say it's a low number of players that use M&K and based solely on my own experiences I can't say I disagree. To want to make an issue over separate M&K lobbies, etc seems like overkill to me
  8. Theisman

    Poor replay value

    The M24 and the AK47 both use 7.62 in real life if slightly different dimensions, are you saying you want the subdivisions of individual ammo types ? There's a point where games balance realword accuracy with actual fun and playability, the fuel canisters in this game and using energy drinks to recover from bullet wounds is an example.
  9. Theisman

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    You do realise that this forum has rules, freedom of speech does not apply in this case because you agree to abide by whatever rules they set in place
  10. No, if it had been solely about K&M then yes but it isn't. The article mentions cross play using touchscreen (phones /tablets ) / PC (K&M) / PS4 (K&M + Controller)/ Xbox (Controller) The idea seems to be that they want to keep a levelish playing field wih crossplay to reduce the amount of crying of "they had (insert controller of complaint here) that's why I died " It's basically just about a way of implementing a full cross play with as little crying from the entier community that someone else solely won by using their peripheral, or finger
  11. Just because you don't think it's possible and are not skilled enough to pull it off doesn't mean that it is automatically a M&K player. I have a friend that uses an Elite controller customised to suit his play style, couple that with his annoyingly fast reaction times and skill and the annoying git has no problems pulling off snapshot head shots I could only ever dream about doing.
  12. Theisman

    Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox one, European Servers Driving a buggy top speed into the third circle, froze and kicked back to desktop just as I was driving into the circle
  13. Theisman

    Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox One Inside a building near the school, looking out the window, thought I'd try to vault out the window, game froze for about 5 seconds then kicked me back to the desktop, no error messages . There was no resume option from the desktop as if you'd pressed the home button, just the option to Launch PUBG Upon loading up got the standard start screen but with a dialog box over the top saying, you have died press X to accept, B to cancel.