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  1. Nice bro, and on the two bigger maps nonetheless. I'm lucky to see 12 people at all on Miramar, much less kill them.
  2. People were spending $100 for an SSD? I assumed buying an Internal SSD and slapping it into an enclosure was common knowledge at this point.
  3. One of my personal favorites I've heard: If I walk into a pizza shop and place an order for delivery do I get a free ride home?
  4. I used my OG yesterday then my One X, definitely smoother on the X right now. I am personally using the frame rate priority. I'll have to switch it and see how much negative impact it has.
  5. I have 75 mbps internet and downloaded it in less than 40 minutes. I believe each update you're downloading the entire game with the new changes.
  6. Haven't gone prone much, but haven't experienced this issue yet when I did.
  7. I may take your advice. I'll split whatever I get with you 50/50.
  8. I've a solid 4.5 hours left of work, then a blazing 5 minute commute home. Wife won't be off until 10PM...it's all setting up nicely.
  9. Good one? Lol. Sorry I made you question whether your little thread went straight to the top of Bluehole or not.
  10. You're honestly foolish if you think a simple thread made them push the release of an update, but I'll let y'all feel good about it.
  11. Welcome to the ranks of the Reasonable, good sir. We should have a forum group...
  12. Inb4 someone accuses you of using MnK. 🙃
  13. I disagree with most of the stuff I see on here because it's largely childish complaints. This, however, I agree with entirely.
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