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  1. zDerezzed

    Next release update please

    It'll be released soon.
  2. zDerezzed

    Dolby Atmos 7.1 Headset Question

    I'm using A40's and never turned surround off on mine as I've never had an issue with determining the direction of sound or any other such issues.
  3. zDerezzed

    not my proudest win...

    Merry Christmas old fart. At least that wasn't your first kill of the match.
  4. zDerezzed

    A 7200RPM HDD?

    +1 We have a guy in our crew that runs on his internal hard disk and he often never loads in before the countdown is over.
  5. zDerezzed

    Will this work? (SSD)

    That'll work, but it's a hard drive not an SSD.
  6. zDerezzed

    Sluggish movement?

    You'd be amazed what doing this will fix.
  7. zDerezzed

    This game is DEAD!

    Your definition of dead is very inaccurate.
  8. zDerezzed

    Halloween skins.

    To my knowledge there are none on Xbox.
  9. Adding attachments to the equation doesn't help your case. Of course adding two attachments designed to control recoil will make the recoil less of an issue. Moot point.
  10. zDerezzed

    Loving test server!!

    Seasoned posted vs noobster, I'm going with the seasoned poster.