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  1. Xbox one x Crashed 3 times in quick succession after dropping at shooting range. Was playing duos and my buddy crashed once at the same time, in the same place. Straight to dashboard, no error message. If it helps, I crashed everytime I went near the building at the north end of the range. I avoided it after the 3rd crash!
  2. Crashing on xb1x, much more frequently since latest patch. Happens mid to late game usually, no other pattern I can see. I get kicked straight to dashboard with no error code.
  3. I've had multiple crashes on XB1X, both before and after patch. No common pattern that I can see, although it happened in vehicles as passenger 3 times. Other crashes happened as I was looting compounds in squads. I get kicked to dashboard, but I'm able to rejoin game (sometimes I'm still alive). I can usually predict it happening, the input lag goes crazy and fps gets really choppy.
  4. Same issue here, on xbox one x. Also happens when I'm driving.
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