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  1. I am going to try to explain everything as cleanly as possible. There are a lot of parts to my problems. Basically, upon game start, the major bulk of text before coming into the lobby shows up, and usually all of the logos load in below it, but they do not in mine. Then, it switches to screen "connecting" and never connects. Then it says "Connection failed" and "reconnect" but that never works either. THE ONLY WAY I CAN EVER CONNECT IN IS BY ALT TAB-ING OUT, WAITING A COUPLE SECONDS, AND COMING BACK IN. That is the only way I can get in to PUBG, load into games, and load the lobby out of games. It will not load normally anymore. Also, when I do connect in and I hit refresh for the UI, I get a message that says "Your client is . Please exit the game and update to 2.6.48 to join game". There are no updates popping up, and I have already verified my files and nothing is coming up to update. When attempting to load into the game, it also times me out of things like Teamspeak. This game does not want to load at all for me unless I tab out. I do not have network problems on any other game or internet service. So, here are my 2 problems in short. 1. Nothing will load unless I tab out, and I keep getting "reconnect'. 2. My client needs an update I can't find lmao. Can someone help me at all? Thanks
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