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  1. Tactical Gaming is currently recruiting mature team-players for our PUBG division on XBOX, PC, and our newly founded Mobile division. TG was created in 2004 as a gaming community for like-minded gamers. We stress teamwork and communication over individual skill in a structured, professional environment. TG has approximately 1900 active members across all platforms hosting multiple games (located in our forums section), with players from numerous regions across the world. TG prides itself in a non-toxic, fun environment. North American official practice times: Sunday / Wednesday : 2000-2200 hours Eastern Standard Time (8pm - 10pm) EU official practice times: Sunday / Wednesday : 1900-2100 hours Greenwich Mean Time (7pm - 9pm) While the mandatory practice times are set in stone, we understand that real-life comes first. We have a very active community that plays all throughout the week between official practices. Tired of playing with random strangers or struggling to find teamwork-oriented players over looking for group channels? Come join our tight-knit community at Tactical Gaming. Click the link to "Join TG" to begin the short application process. Any questions can be directed to myself through personal message on this website or on XBL. Gamertag: I TG MAVERICK I (capital i's). Note: An actual message on XBL is better than a random party invite. Thanks!
  2. The game is designed around survival! Play for the challenge not for the arbitrary currency.
  3. It's a colossal waste of time to play a game that's fun?
  4. Console: XB1X Crash Occurence: 4-man squad all crashed upon landing in Severny. All 4 loaded back in, 3 out of 4 crashed again within a couple seconds (all other squads using XB1 original) Crash Details: All 4 in squad frozen game, kicked to dashboard Game version: Server: D6E821
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