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  1. Morphling27

    Gun skins

    Wil we be getting the golden gun skins and shark bite kar98k skin like on ps4!! I think its bs that ps4 has it and not xbox
  2. Morphling27

    Gun skins

    I see ps4 has the shark bite kar98k skin aswell!!!
  3. Morphling27

    Gun skins

    Why do ps4 have golden akm and gorza skins and xbox not!!!
  4. Morphling27

    Is there a way to change gun skins?

    Is there a way to change gun skins in game!! If you loot someone and their gun has a skin on is there a way to apply your gun skin on it in game i saw you can do it om pc!!!
  5. Morphling27

    Gun skins

    I got this kar98k skin just what to find out is there a why to change gun skins in game like on pc! if i loot someone who has n kar98k and already skin on it is there a way to apply my skin on it in game!!
  6. Morphling27


    Yeah i know it just really sucks i am just throwing it out there to see the response are lol!!! Really hope thay can do something so that we can get more fpp game
  7. Morphling27


    Make pubg a fpp only game.. i want to play fpp so bad dut its dead cant get a game on any server!!! Tpp sucks
  8. Morphling27


    What did you fix i did not have the sensitivity problem and now its unplayable when i ads and go back my sensitivity is slow the bigger the scope i use the slower it gets!!! Wtf
  9. Morphling27

    Game crash: Megathread

    Hi, playing this game for a couple of hours now and loving it. But getting more and more crashes in mid game in squad while i am driving. The game freezes and makes a EERRRR sound and then just bomb out, back to my xbox home screen. I played 2 games tonight and both crashed while driving. I am playing on a xbox OG