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  1. Just watched your latest saved stream on mixer, you lay low and don't fire at anyone unless you have to. Maybe go watch Team Thumbless play a few rounds, then reassess your claim to greatness. It also helps your duo partner has a K/D almost 3 times higher than you...... I believe the term is "riding his coat tails'.
  2. Agree that doesn't seem to alter the game play much at all.
  3. Ah, I see why you can't think clearly on this one, you just said it yourself "it was the first and best" so this is solely an emotional argument for you. Maybe take a step back and look at the facts. Did you know that Fortnite did not take a hit at all when Apex was released, PUBG was crushed. They actually had a player base peak twice right after the release of Apex and it was a non event peak meaning they didn't have a new season released...etc to hit that number. You act like no other video game players are being born and once all the current fortnite players reach age 20 there will be no more. Epic Games hasn’t seen “any visible cut into Fortnite” with the release of Apex Legends, CEO Tim Sweeney said in an interview to VentureBeat. “We hit a Fortnite non-event peak twice after Apex was out.”
  4. Totally agree, I think you should apply the first aid and then it quickly starts to heal up like the pain killers and energy drink. I would even be ok with applying it only takes like a second but to get to 75% health from a first aid slowly goes up over the next 30 seconds. It would encourage people to push fights. Nothing worse then crushing a guy from 100 yards off but knowing he is in cover so by the time you push him he will be at least at 75% health.
  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. I guess when I say it is dying I am not saying people don't like it, but you can't ignore the massive drop in players, continuing issues, lack of communication....etc. You can still like something that is dying, but it is still dying. Side note apparently if you make a comment about the games creator, that will get your post deleted and the topic as well, lol.
  6. Respectfully I absolutely disagree with you. Vikendi has the most number of houses per area than any of the maps for people to hide in as well as tree'd areas. Miramar (if you actually are decent) has so much difference in terrain you don't need hard cover most of the time as you can dip behind a hill and out of sight. Sanhok = instant ghillie suit. People can lay in a bush with the long grass and you never ever see them plus the tall trees block most of the hill side so again obstructing view. I cannot stand Sanhok (personal preference). Erangel has the least amount of cover then any of the maps in my opinion. Also since it has been around for so long most people know it like the back of their hand so people know where to go and what not to do, I think it is the hardest map to get a chicken on now. My two cents.
  7. Help us all understand, you are saying to force people to play the map they have played the least? Which is most likely the map they dislike and have backed out of the most. Do me a favor, open up a business in my industry so I can take all of your customers from you as I sit back and watch you force your customers to buy things they don't want.
  8. Only terrible and selfish human beings slam entire generations on social media and try to force people to do things they don't want to do. By the way, I assume you are talking about the teenagers and early 20 year old generation? I am way older then that and also don't want to play a map that I dislike. So feel free to come at me too bro. Go back to sniffing paint.
  9. It was approx 300 meters, but I see at the end you had even pulled out your 8x scope. But the devs are working really hard on it............................
  10. I just spit my pop out at my screen. Fortnite is so far ahead of them with the player base and popularity amongst streamers it isn't even close. I hate Fortnite, but that game will out live PUBG by years upon years. I hope you are just trying to stir the pot because if you truly think this I feel bad for you.
  11. This was my exact post....... and guess what, I even posted it in the bugs section and not a single reply from a dev or forum person. Crickets. Last night I was standing on the hill just East of Pecado. As I looked down the main road, see below, the buildings on the end of the road were not rendered in and looked playdoh like. If there was a guy in one of the windows I could not have shot him. I have an SSD, xbox 1x, hard wired to the internet, and the fastest internet you can get for a household. Anyone else having that issue? I could see maybe if I was looking through a 4x at a building 900 yards off but this wasn't the case. Is it just the VSS scope?
  12. How do you define "on top of the BR world". There are 4 other Battle Royale games right now on xbox being played more than PUBG. Fortnite, Apex, COD Black Ops, and Anthem. And that's a fact, not an opinion. Check out the microsoft store and sort it by most played. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/most-played/games/xbox
  13. Yeah that was my post. I have an SSD, xbox one x, and hard wired fast internet as well. I feel bad for you having it happen but I am glad someone else was able to clip it. I had a lot of guys say "That's the way the scope is intended to work...." B.S. Thanks for posting this!!!!!
  14. A. This post wasn't about what games you like, I could care less. B. If people don't keep playing at a high level thus buying skins and passes, the devs run out of money to make the changes and hire the help they need to get the game to an acceptable level. C. That's why that "most played" stat matters. Go check out Call of Duty 3, let me know how much they have updated in the past year. That's what happens when you drop that far down the list.
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