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  1. That wall behind your monitor looks like its straight out of Pochinki.
  2. After about 40 rounds played I agree, UZI's everywhere and Tommy Guns. Maybe seen 3 Beryl's and a handful of AKM's. I have yet to see a Kar98 and have yet to see an SKS on the ground naturally and not on a body. Have not seen a 6X scope and maybe 2 or 3 4X scopes. Keep in mind I tend to loot a lot of buildings early on and even mid game until I get a set up I like. So yeah, I have to agree the loot is a bit scarce especially for a map that is pretty wide open. Tough to snipe with an iron sighted Tommy Gun.
  3. Are they butterflies flying around in the field in front of you???
  4. Well Me and my team might have found a new way to get chicken dinners. Last night on Miramar all 3 of us crashed within about 8 minutes or so of each other. So we spent the frst half hour of the game avoiding people and hiding, just waiting to see if the person that crashed was going to get killed so we could possibly revive them. We got to the end of the game with 6 players left in total, each of us got one kill and got the win. I have never had a more unsatisfying victory in my life. We kind of feel like we stole it from the other team who probably fought like heck for half an hour. LOL
  5. Hopefully the devs read this note, and if you, do pay close attention to the end of my post. Xbox One S (purchased 3 months ago and the only game on it was PUBG) with an external SSD. I have a business internet account so about as much downloading power as anyone could have, I also have a direct line into the modem to avoid wifi issues. I know everyone on here tends to over exaggerate their issues so I thought I would give you a real 100% play back of what I encountered since the last patch. Keep in mind I took yesterday afternoon off to play PUBG, a long needed afternoon off of work. I played 8 games. Game 1 DUO's on Erangel Got to the final 11 players, my partner had died and I grabbed a jeep to beat the blue into the final circle after wiping a duo out. The game crashed and my partner spectated me driving right through the center of the circle as players unloaded on me and blew up the vehicle. Game 2-5 all on Miramar. In each game either myself or my partner crashed, with 3 of the 4 crashes causing us to run out into the blue and die or we ran far enough away that we died to the blue trying to get back in. Game 6 on Erangel in a 3 man squad. Got stuck in the roof of the factory as it had not rendered in and at the same time one of the teammates crashed and ran directly through Mylta looking like Forrest Gump. Needless to say he died. I also died to the blue since I could not get out of the roof of the factory. Game 7 and 8 both on Miramar. In both games all 3 of us crashed at some point, either in a vehcile that then went over a cliff and killed all 3 of us or crashed while running. So 8 games and all 8 had one of us crash. After the 8th game I downloaded fortnite for free. Played it for 2 hours. Although it is cartoon like and not what I enjoy, I never crashed or had any programming issues what so ever. The past 2 nights I have played online with my son in fortnite and have't opened up PUBG. How you can charge people for a game that crashes and has this many issues is beyond me. I am super impressed by fortnite, again don't like the game play, but for me to download it for free and have no issues to then remind myself that I actually payed $30 for PUBG, ticks me off. I will wait for a competitor to come out with a game that mirrors PUBG and pay for that. Since my dad always told me: if it looks like crap, smells like crap, feels like crap...... it's crap. See ya PUBG.
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