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  1. Have come past a website recently where they specialise within thumb grips for your controller to help with your aim and manoeuvring. Does anyone use this and do you recommend this to maximise your gaming experience?
  2. x Dan Davies

    Have you ever been HypeZoned?

    You have to broadcast your game on Mixer In order to be featured on a HypeZone channel, you'll need to be one of the closest to that victory on Mixer. If lucky enough, HypeZone will pick you and you'll get a surprise boost of audience to cheer you on.
  3. For the first time ever when streaming last night i was Hypezoned and could not of felt more pressure!# i managed to win the game by throwing a molly at the tree on the hills by the ruins (where the temples are) and killing the guy Have you ever been Hypezoned and do you handle the pressure well?
  4. x Dan Davies

    How be effective with molotovs?

    Nothing more satisfying than laying in a bush as a solo and a team turning up out of the blue, all hiding behind the same rock from taking fire elsewhere and boom! out comes the molly to burn them all. I got 4 messages from all of them saying how much they loved it *cough cough*
  5. x Dan Davies

    Can someone explain what Desync means?

    Just looking for some further clarification on this but thanks for taking your time to point that out
  6. Reading the patch notes it seems that the Desync has near enough been resolved however i do not understand what this means and how this affects someone playing? Appreciate anyone who takes time to explain many thanks
  7. x Dan Davies

    They nailed it! Desync is gone!

    Can someone explain what Desync means ? how it effects someone playing a game?
  8. x Dan Davies

    FPP R.I.P

    Edit : i have read patch notes !
  9. x Dan Davies

    FPP R.I.P

    I think PUBG has made a fatal mistake in removing FPP from their game. I would go as far as saying that the game should be in FPP permanently as all games like COD, Battlefield are in FPP anyway and that they should have released TPP later into the game as a second option. i hope that this comes back soon as i can see a lot of people not playing this game because of this.
  10. x Dan Davies

    What is the best gun all round?

    Can i ask what's so good with a vert grip? I dont think i have bothered to use it ever?
  11. Can anyone recommend the best gun to use and with what grip?