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  1. Cliq

    Am I playing in NA?

    When you're in a game, below your health is your gamer tag followed by a number followed by eu or NA or whatever server you are on.
  2. What you say might be true. You can que for any map on the PC, though. Some maps, like miramar, have a several minute wait time, which I would be fine with if I could play the map I want. I'm sure the PC version of pubg has more players than xbox, so their que times are shorter. How much shorter I don't know.
  3. Cliq

    Career stats and leaderboard

    Sometimes you have to back out to the title screen to get the tabs to work. I know career stats works. I haven't seen any names under the leader boards yet, but the tab does open. It might be too soon for the leaderboards. I don't know if you need to be expert/lone wolf to get ranked on the leader board.
  4. Cliq

    Wow the competition is rough

    I just got killed again. This round I had 2 level 3 helms and they were both destroyed before I died. I don't stand still very often. This is bizzare.
  5. Cliq

    Wow the competition is rough

    They claimed there was a hidden MMR at one point. At any rate, I was in the top 100 before the reset, and this is way harder than it's ever been. No one seems to miss and I was back to back sniped with a m24 while running, which never happens. And it seems like everyone I fight has the old weapon skins, which I've never really seen before until today.
  6. Cliq


    Yea, sanhok as its own que, please. It's really the only map I want to play.
  7. Cliq


    You can get over 100 FPS with a $1000 PC, which is enough frames to play competitively.
  8. Cliq


    I have a ssd, but, with that said, people shouldn't have to buy a ssd for this game to run properly.
  9. Cliq


    I live in NA and I see a red NA globe occasionally. Wonder if I'm getting placed on NA servers or not.
  10. Cliq


    It doesn't make sense to buy a one X and a SSD for this game. You'd be better off investing in a gaming PC.
  11. Cliq


    I'm not a fan of the new map. I'd like to be able to play sanhok. The graphic update doesn't seem to help. I'm skipping around on FPP servers (intermittent lag). Negative impression thus far.
  12. Cliq

    Building Rendering on Vikendi

    Yea, I'm surprised they released it in such a poorly optimized state. Additionally, I kind of forgot how much I disliked playing on the new map (tons of camping), which, if I remeber correctly, you were not a fan of either. Also, the icing on the cake is that they lumped the 3 original maps together in one query. All I want to play is sanhok, and I haven't been able to get a sanhok game yet.
  13. Cliq

    Building Rendering on Vikendi

    I have a one X with a SSD and all my buildings load before I land. However, I just landed at castle and got shot through the wall by someone like the OP. The new map is so awful.
  14. One of the moderators said they are working on a skill based leveling system, so it sounds like there will be multiple progression systems. It was a recent post in a thread about the upcoming progression system.