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  1. I'd come back to pubg if there was a sanhok only option. I'm excited for the division 2 on Friday, weeeee!
  2. Cliq

    Should the game length be shortened?

    A round of sanhok is around 22 mins and vikendi is around 28 mins, I think. If we had the option to select mini-royale (basically sanhok, atm) it would address the issue you mentioned. I personally don't have the patience to play the original maps anymore. Ive always thought a dynamic circle that closes quicker or slower based on the number of people alive would be better than the current system. It is pretty boring to wait for the final few circles to close when there are only a handful of players left.
  3. I play the edge of the blue circle when there are like 10-15 players left. I always try to move with cover. And after I kill someone, I commonly change directions. If I'm rotating right, for instance, and I kill someone I will then rotate left. 6.something k/d and 30% win rate...when I use to play pubg.
  4. Cliq

    final word on 1X

    I don't know how much a one X is today, but for about $1000 you could get a PC and play pubg at 100 FPS. Just saying.
  5. Cliq

    So a new pubg 2.0

    EA's stock was trading at $80 a share last week. Now it's $100, mostly because of the hype behind apex. Will be interesting to see EAs second quarter earnings. I think anthem, another EA game, is going to fail, unfortunately.
  6. Cliq

    So a new pubg 2.0

    Massive, the Ubisoft development team behind the division, is supposedly working on a stand alone BR.
  7. Cliq

    What would bring people back?

    Sanhok only map selection or a huge bump in performance would draw me back. I was relatively happy with the game prior to the patch. Now I can't even stomach to play a single round anymore.
  8. Cliq

    An Update: 7 days no play

    I haven't played pubg in about 2 weeks. I haven't seen anyone in my friends list play pubg recently. I'll come back if they either improve the performance of the game dramatically or have a sanhok only query. I'm playing apex legends now and will switch over to the division 2 in March.
  9. Cliq

    Update already

    A SSD may fix rendering on your end but you still have to deal with people without SSDs who can still shoot you through walls, glitch under the map, have flying cars, etc.
  10. Cliq

    Feb 8th dev update

    I, among many others, complained of rendering issues the day the pts went live. None of the buildings loaded for me prior landing on the pts. I frequently got stuck in walls and floors. That experience inspired me to buy a SSD, which resolved my rendering issues.
  11. Cliq

    Feb 8th dev update

    Was the rendering ever fine on the PTS? I only played the pts the first week it was released, and I had rendering issues the entire time with my xbox one X.
  12. I think it's too early to judge Apex's impact. Most recent BRs have failed, for the most part. I think pubg is safe until a triple A modern military tactical BR is released. However, if Apex somehow becomes a cultural phenomenon, like fortnite, then pubg will probably die. I'm personally frustrated with pubg's performance and lack of map selection, so it's Apex for me for the time being. I did the same thing with COD, and I was back to pubg within 3 weeks, hah. Nevertheless, my gaming plan for now is apex until the division 2 in March. Additionally, I don't know how much pubg Corp can "adapt." I think, and I could be wrong, but I think most people's frustration with pubg is poor performance (matchmaking, rendering, frames per second, etc), and I do not think pubg Corp will ever be able to deliver a smooth enjoyable experience to the Xbox. Hopefully they are working on pubg 2.0 with a new engine.
  13. What region do you live in, out of curiosity? I noticed you were playing on a NA server.
  14. Cliq

    New map is killing the game

    I have barely touched the game since the new map. I went from several hours of pubg each day to 0. The bugs, odd loot distribution, slow circles, and camp friendly design of the map all ruin vikendi for me. And, the lack of map selection, ruins pubg for me. I guess I'll play apex legends until division 2.
  15. Cliq

    Custom red dot

    I cannot see the red dot, 2x or 3x scope very well on vikendi. I use the holo scope over a red dot on vikendi. It would be nice if we could customize our scope reticle color. I also cannot see the circle outline on the mini map very well. I know another poster recently said the same thing and got flamed for it. But, nevertheless, I have trouble seeing it.