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  1. It’s still different than console. On console, you can only toggle lean while adsing and soft aiming, and once you stop aiming you stop leaning automatically. On the PC you’d still be stuck in the lean position until you press the lean button again. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I switched from Xbox to pc a few weeks ago, and leaning was surprising one of the biggest adjustments I had to make. I switched to hold lean.
  2. I cannot seem to find a duo game either in fpp or tpp. Are duos down or is the population so low there are no games? I'm new to pubg on the pc.
  3. I recently purchased a gaming PC. The wait times, at least for TPP, are actually lower on Xbox than PC. I was a bit surprised by this. I live in NA, however. I suppose other regions on Xbox could have long wait times. FPP, on the other hand, is thriving on PC and pretty much dead on Xbox.
  4. I just wanted to provide some insight for those who are considering buying a monitor. I have two monitors. One is a benq el2870u (4K, 60hz) and the other is an Asus XG258qm(1080, 240 hz). Both have FreeSync. The high hz monitor is definitely smoother when playing PUBG and over watch. It’s not slightly noticeable. It’s pretty obvious, in my opinion. Additionally, my controls feel more responsive (less input lag) when using the Asus monitor. This second point may be related to the Asus monitor and not hertz, per say. I don’t know. Since Xbox games cap out at 60 frames per second, everything I read about monitors for Xbox made it seem like a 60hz monitor was sufficient. But, for whatever reason, there still seems to be a benefit when using a >60 hz monitor. I’m not advocating anyone buy a 240hz monitor. I’m just stating that, in my experience with these two specific monitors, the low resolution high hertz monitor out performs the 4K low hertz monitor, at least in terms of smoothness. This is just something to keep in mind when purchasing a monitor. I bought the Asus monitor because I bought a gaming PC, and I just wanted to try it on Xbox.
  5. I constantly spin my camera around, like a lot. Additionally, I always try to be in close proximity to cover. I have a 5+ k/d.
  6. I use them to smoke: 1) recent kills, so I can loot their box safer 2) downed teammates 3) for the final circle in case I have to move out of cover into the open (most important). You use the smoke like it’s a rock. You peek the left and right sides of the smoke. You don’t actually stand in it.
  7. I was thinking of getting a 240hz monitor
  8. Like any ball park numbers? 100? 150? 200+? I have no idea what’s realistic. Thanks.
  9. Can I expect to get playing at 1080p with low graphic settings with a 2080 Ti and an intel i9900?
  10. I have a benq 4K monitor with free sync. Although I don't regret my purchase, I don't really think Xbox games look all that impressive at 4k. If you're on a budget a nice 1080p or 1440 screen would be fine, imo. Additionally, the Xbox one X and, presumably, the new Xbox will have a 120 hz display option, which suggests some games will run at 100+ FPS, so a 1080/1440 144hz monitor might be the way to go for the future.
  11. I'd come back to pubg if there was a sanhok only option. I'm excited for the division 2 on Friday, weeeee!
  12. I play the edge of the blue circle when there are like 10-15 players left. I always try to move with cover. And after I kill someone, I commonly change directions. If I'm rotating right, for instance, and I kill someone I will then rotate left. 6.something k/d and 30% win rate...when I use to play pubg.
  13. The night the pts came out it ran pretty smooth for me, but now it feels terrible, like 20 FPS. So I know the game can run decently well, but something happens (to the Xbox or perhaps servers) that causes the game to run like doodoo overtime. I was hoping an SSD would help with this issue. The game, particularly on the pts and especially during squads, runs terribly on my Xbox one X. I wonder if we are truly having different gaming experiences on the same hardware or are our tolerances for frames per second simply different.
  14. Does the game run any smoother? Like more stable frames per second?
  15. There is an option to decrease the resolution of the game on the Xbox one X to have more stable frames, which are still capped at 30 FPS. I don't think the game looks any worse with the mode enabled, but I'm not sure if the frames are any better. The games does feel smooth(er?). However, the game always seems to run smooth when a new patch is released. I do get play-doh buildings everywhere now, though. I don't know if that's related to the graphics settings or not.
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