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  1. I have a benq 4K monitor with free sync. Although I don't regret my purchase, I don't really think Xbox games look all that impressive at 4k. If you're on a budget a nice 1080p or 1440 screen would be fine, imo. Additionally, the Xbox one X and, presumably, the new Xbox will have a 120 hz display option, which suggests some games will run at 100+ FPS, so a 1080/1440 144hz monitor might be the way to go for the future.
  2. I'd come back to pubg if there was a sanhok only option. I'm excited for the division 2 on Friday, weeeee!
  3. A round of sanhok is around 22 mins and vikendi is around 28 mins, I think. If we had the option to select mini-royale (basically sanhok, atm) it would address the issue you mentioned. I personally don't have the patience to play the original maps anymore. Ive always thought a dynamic circle that closes quicker or slower based on the number of people alive would be better than the current system. It is pretty boring to wait for the final few circles to close when there are only a handful of players left.
  4. I play the edge of the blue circle when there are like 10-15 players left. I always try to move with cover. And after I kill someone, I commonly change directions. If I'm rotating right, for instance, and I kill someone I will then rotate left. 6.something k/d and 30% win rate...when I use to play pubg.
  5. The night the pts came out it ran pretty smooth for me, but now it feels terrible, like 20 FPS. So I know the game can run decently well, but something happens (to the Xbox or perhaps servers) that causes the game to run like doodoo overtime. I was hoping an SSD would help with this issue. The game, particularly on the pts and especially during squads, runs terribly on my Xbox one X. I wonder if we are truly having different gaming experiences on the same hardware or are our tolerances for frames per second simply different.
  6. Does the game run any smoother? Like more stable frames per second?
  7. There is an option to decrease the resolution of the game on the Xbox one X to have more stable frames, which are still capped at 30 FPS. I don't think the game looks any worse with the mode enabled, but I'm not sure if the frames are any better. The games does feel smooth(er?). However, the game always seems to run smooth when a new patch is released. I do get play-doh buildings everywhere now, though. I don't know if that's related to the graphics settings or not.
  8. Cliq

    well crap...

    I think it happens almost everywhere. I got stuck in the floors at the villa and at the castle, however. Also, when I was at the villa, I got a bug where there were no footsteps when I was inside the building. My character nor other characters made any footsteps.
  9. Cliq

    well crap...

    Wherever I land the buildings look like play-doh. I've gotten stuck in the floor/wall a few times. I have a Xbox one X and I set the graphics mode to the lower resolution (better frames) option.
  10. It can be hard finding a FPP game on Xbox at times, so enjoy it while it lasts.
  11. I have a Benq monitor. I have in game brightness and monitor brightness set to 100, and it's still too dark in my opinion.
  12. What's wrong with it? I think the interior lighting is too dark, but other than that it seems the same to me. The sensitivity seem a little faster to me, but I don't know if that's because they messed with the dead zones again or if I've been playing too much over watch lately.
  13. I have my brightness in game as well as my montior's brightness set to 100 and it's still significantly darker than live servers.
  14. The pts is definitely darker than live servers. It's particularly troubling when inside buildings.
  15. The article you posted actually suggests that the difference isn't as great as some speculate, at least in regards to gears of war.
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