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  1. Which Xbox console are you using? Xbox one S 500GB When does the crash occur? (On launching the game, whilst matchmaking, whilst in the game, other (please specify)) Multiple different ways. Normally driving, however have had about 5-10 crashes parachuting. 10-20 crashes whilst running and 30+ times whilst loading back in after crashing. Crashing seems to occur more in squads that anything else, however it may be different for everyone else. What happens when you crash? Is there an error code, does it kick you to the dashboard, or do you go back to the main menu? Annoying ass nose like your tape is skipping from 1992! just kicks straight back xbox home!.
  2. i whole heartedly agree, i don't think it is that bad for what some people say. I just believe they are not communicating with the player base as a whole.
  3. conan exiles.. 150% Worse than this it was unplayable.
  4. Already told you once about this issue... Communication? 1 million people played battlegrounds in its first 2 days... how many of those have been kicked out the game constantly because of these bugs. How many of those has since left because of lack of comms. 1 million people do not read these forums. tweet out that you know these issues exist because some people are becoming irritated now.. The bug generally happens when driving, it doesn't matter if its you or your team mates. however seems to happen 80% more on original xbox.
  5. To whom it may concern, i have currently already spent about 15hours into this game... and you have not acknowledged us on some of the big issues which you should of. You address problems with some stupid cosmetic items but not actual game changing and infuriating issues. I have loved this game on PC and find the xbox version to be fun also because I feel more at home with the controller and my friends... However.. Having the game constantly crash mid game, resulting in leaving you running/driving to death whilst you scramble to load back in, is unacceptable. I and the more resonable players understand this is going to happen due to its preview state, but where is your communication.. a few lines such as “we know, there is a problem. We are working hard to fix it, would be sufficient enough”. Your lack of communication is what will kill this game before it’s of the ground. This is a game changing bug, happening often and in horrible place and needs to be acknowledged. Thankyou for making a game I enjoy to the max, but give me back the effort that I have put in with you by purchasing the game multiple times.
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