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    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    You can turn faster using controller just so you know
  2. PotatoBot

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Yes he was using it but also keep in mind that was the first day it launched on console. He has thousands of hours using m&k and also at the time 700+ hours of pubg just the 700 hours gives him an advantage over day one players who have no clue how the guns shoot or how much they need to lead shots
  3. The day before the patch I started getting a bug were after you lose a match you would go back to the menu and it would say match is still in progress and if you hit a too fast would take you back into the game and just sit there for a moment befor giving you the you died screen and sending you back to menu just for it to pop up again.
  4. PotatoBot

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    If you hop into a menu and back into the game it does this for whatever reason, but if that prompt won’t go away as you are controlling the screen behind it just turn of f your controller and turn it back on/ make sure your cable is plugged in right that usually fixes that problem
  5. PotatoBot

    Game crash: Megathread

    Turbotaco42 I would suggest you don’t bother playing ANY preview games as the will always have problems they are basically selling the game to you for half price and you get to help the game along its way to full release