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  1. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Survival Points/ Season Rewards

    You can’t hot drop lol bc ppl kill you through walls and it’s based on surviving not tryharding all the time lol 😂 not everyone plays the same I play for the drop on people personally and I love trolling groups solo squading
  2. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Xbox one x

    It was even better a few patches b4 they introduced this new loading system I play on 1080p no 4K or hdr setting on bc it makes the game worse and too dark for me with 4k and hdr on plus on the x version there is so much crap on it like little specs of environment moving in the wind etc and my only issue is the insides of the building taking sometimes two or three seconds to pop in but I absolutely hate enemy’s running through the buildings in the floor killing me it’s ruining the game forgot dropping
  3. XboxoneXPlayer09

    PUBG Roadmap for 2019-Beyond

    No just the game needs to perform better then it would be golden once they fix these few hitches if. That’s possiblethen they can keep it fresh with new items etc content if your tired of it don’t play it or post on it
  4. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Dev Report

    Oh let’s hope it improves 🤞🤞🤞🤞 Good luck 👍 I have a lot of negative views lately but I’m hopeful for sure bc I love this game just hitches and glitch’s happen so here’s hoping it gets better.. I want the xgreatly improved for sure
  5. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Wins to Games Played

    Wow your the second highest I’ve seen the other guy had like 26000 kills and 2k wins or so how much do you play? Also I’d like to add I blame the current season missions for my kd my squads is better like 2.80 but I’m getting the solos back up for sure since I used my coupon now I’m just enjoying while I try to get my solos to 6000 sp
  6. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Can we get first person sky diving? FPP

    I’ve talked to several friends and players that like the idea
  7. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Is rendering worse after #5?

    It’s been garbage I got shot amthr other day through a wall again I play on the x patch b4 it was more often though
  8. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    Main issues right now rendering the performance is garbage on the x and it’s absolutely the new system in place that for some reason you put on the x update idk why you changed the one x shit but the c used to loud all areas in b4 landing loot was loaded in etc now when you land buildings are there no insides but after 3 seconds they load in or less then the loot later loads in about 4 to 6 seconds later you literally need to separate your updates from the “ older Xbox” “older Xbox current issue” people have zero buildings loaded in once landed but their loot is loaded in ? How is this possible I’ve still been shot through walls in some cases and you can’t even land loot cave bc these players glitch in just parachuting in its a major issue. You need to visually lock Xbox old Xbox in 720p or something to help and PROBABLY rethink that static pop in loot you got going on or dumb down the original Xbox version so it looks like shit but plays better.👍 xbox one x players have a console who do not need hitches and Sloan down certain areas of this game yes some things in game can be taken out but right now if there is anyone who has old footage of the x actually performing very well before this new pop in loot etc post it please so many patches ago b4 1.0 the x had great performance the old gen never had it I could ride with a friend on his old gen and literally he would drive through objects if we were on a fast vehicle etc it just need better performance period it still happens if I let a original Xbox one player drive if we go fast he drives us through stuff it takes out the immersion and fun now sometimes it’s funny but this should not be happening period MAINLY THE walking into the loot cave and getting all the loot guns just to kill 20 ppl bc they glitched in bc the game doesn’t render for them
  9. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Wins to Games Played

    Can you go here. https://xboxpubg.com/ l Go to the link above and post this after you look up your gamer tag just select and copy the text and post it Stats Rank (Site) 17,396 Matches 3,054 Matches / Days 6.64 Wins 349 - (11.43%) Kills 5,007 Kill / Death 1.85 Kill / Hour 3.88 Kill / Match 1.64 Deaths 2,705 Headshots 838 - (16.74%) Solo Matches 504 Solo Wins 45 - (8.93%) Squad Wins 170 - (5.57%) Duo Wins 134 - (4.39%) Time Played 1291.2h - (53.8d) Time / Days 2.8h Saw somedude the other day had like 26000 kills just didn’t make since to me lol I don’t play that often but lately been playing more
  10. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Can we get first person sky diving? FPP

    What do you guys think about first person sky diving in instead of it forcing the buggy third person?
  11. So this bug happens when someone is using a First aid if you get killed or if the enemy gets killed the first aid sound stays playing while you spectate and when your still alive if you run up to the enemy he will be dead but you’ll hear him first aid at his death spot non stop no end to it I’ll try to record it next time idk if I did this time I’ll have to check later https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/killermaniac09/video/71309204
  12. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Can we get first person sky diving? FPP

    It has to do with the game still being broken bc if old gen Xbox originals are walking through the loot caves with their loot instantly Loading in b4 Xbox one x etc
  13. I feel like first person sky diving would add to the immersion of fpp.
  14. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/killermaniac09/video/71223168 so everyteamate of mine has the same thing happening in this game and I believe it happens bc of the desync from pairing us without of region players especially far ones and it this could be someone lag switching?
  15. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Desync issues

    Same thing here had a instance where I jumped out if my car next to a guy fully unloaded a m4 on him all bullets hit blood splatter then he kills me on the reload I check his health almost not even close to dead