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  1. I’m just saying I’m asking for it you should to lmao
  2. Yea that’s exactly what my friend described he said there’s no we he got hit bc he got knocked instantly behind a group of barrels from where the enemy was standing he should not have been killed
  3. It could be that I’m not leading like I should maybe
  4. This has been like this since forever red dot 🔴 as it sits and the other colored scopes are hard to see on the maps maybe the colorblind system needs to be improved? Secondly the 2x and maybe one or 2 other scopes looking at the quality of the scope in the sights can we get the jagged edges cleaned up on it? And the dot on several of the guns? And the clarity of it it’s almost impossible to see anyone far less see close with it unless you dim the light to nothing please clean the sights up
  5. still in some cases getting hit behind cover not all the time but my friends have reported it’s happened to them.. as far as I can tell desync is basically say there is a bit of cover to your left you move into that cover out of sight from the open via where the enemy can see you and you crouch now desync puts you out of cover crouched ? Am I correct or is it just like a delay?
  6. Your way more ignorant then me lol 😂 I couldn’t sit there that long just to screenshot that lol
  7. Still feel I do not like the loot on erangel it feels exactly the same I find nothing but gun attachments and only pistols and shotguns most of the time.. and the grenade spam is got to be addressed now I’m finding 8 grenades every stinking game this is stupid also what what happened to the change of the erangel buildings? Like there not being doors in certain buildings anymore.. every building has all doors still.. My friend who plays on original said that his buildings are all loaded in generally by landing now he has no ssd at all never has but still is having some problems on vikandy
  8. Can I please get it put on erangel or sanhok or Miramar too? Just one other map? I freaking love that gun !! It’s small perfect for short range battles fast and I just love it. 🥰
  9. Seems the gun can’t knock anybody idk what has happened to it but a full clip won’t knock a person 🤷‍♂️
  10. Even in na it’s been decent long times loading in
  11. Didn’t they have a redo of the erangel loot change on pc too? Can we get that pushed to the 28th too? Honestly I’ve only seen shotguns and pistols on erangel as heavy spawn.. also i don’t know if you can do this but I mentioned it before and no one seemed to care but it bugs the 😈ell out of me.. the sights... red dots and 2x and 3x collectively they all have a blurring effect especially on the 2x if your on the m16 m4 most weapons instead of it being a crisp sight it is a blurry fat mess and on pc it is not .. can you please have this looked into? im talking about the redots themselves the colored area that highlights its big And bulky on certain guns and pretty much makes it so you can’t see far away enemies period
  12. Just like it was suppose to change bi weekly to erangel 😂yea no
  13. Every erangel I’ve landed in has been pistol heavy and shotgun heavy literally no ars the map needs a full remodel honestly more loot areas better terrain smaller map 👍 this loot changes and damage changes the only thing I can say I like out of this patch is the ump 45 is pretty cool the m16a4 is a mid range god again but finding that kind of loot on erangel be prepared to look for a century in all the buildings..
  14. Same reason why on the pts on erangel the loot is still shit 🙄
  15. Have you not read the patch it’s exactly the same as pc it’s just copy and pasted
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