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  1. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Got cheated bad today

    Haha so yesterday I think I clipped it but I saw a dude run into a house and come out on the balcony so headshot instant him of coarse I’m playing solo go inside to loot him there’s a dude in his room he just came out of... he didn’t kill me and I didn’t catch his name but I can’t rightly say he was teaming bc I didn’t get shot by them at the same time but if I was to say that I could say that about end circle I get teamed by 4 different people then they kill each other it’s the game man .. let ppl play lol but I understand your frustration and I understand the rules but I think there should be a different mode made so ppl can free for all as they choose and have proximity chat
  2. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Xbox One x graphic options feedback

    There was no difference still performed like garbage
  3. The loading has only gotten worse each new addition to this first it was getting better then you introduced the pockadot load in feature. Now I get to walk into a building with loot 5 seconds behind me and I only load into the plane faster then my friends bc I use a ssd now I shouldn’t even have to use a ssd to load faster on this crap in plain vanilla I should load in faster reguardless on my x you should prioritize the differences in the consoles
  4. XboxoneXPlayer09

    XBOX One X playdough buildings.

    But you see before all these patches that go to the oh console and x the never had loading problems until they started changing things I think they should address the consoles differently if I have my x on 1080p and not 4K I should load in 10x faster but that’s the only way I get better FPS in this game still get lag still get delays hardwired I’m still things aren’t loading in now when I switch the ssd off it’s worse then when I put the ssd on my og console explain how it runs better? This is the most retarded mess not to mention since ps4 launched the servers have gotten worse went from fpp not working occasionally and the delay comes and goes
  5. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    It’s not the Xbox it’s the game they have it set to load crappy like that intentionally so ppl don’t crash on old gen Xbox one and Xbox s .. it won’t be fixed and will never run right mark my words 🧐
  6. XboxoneXPlayer09

    XBOX One X playdough buildings.

    Sad to say it’s the game not your console the ssd loads you in faster but you still have play doh and still have loading problems the game used to render in buildings miles away on my x and the game performed well at a epic setting style playing it but ever since the old gen and stuff games cried the x performance has dropped and dropped and dropped every patch it gets worse their supposively new loading system makes the items in the area load in speratically in lag it’s just the game bad in its state should have never been full released
  7. Can’t use the extended QuickDraw on it that is all 👌
  8. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Auto reload

    🙄 next you’ll want auto kill
  9. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Anyone else had this?

    I remember this glitch from like patch 2? That’s how long ago it was and it’s still in the game so.. “it’s ready for full release”
  10. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Auto reload

    Instead they should incorporate a quick hold lb or lt and tap x to reload you can add more quick features like that rather then holding to get in a vehicle aswell
  11. Had a bug where it would not allow me to equip the extended quick draw with the new g3 weapon had a beryl as secondary it kept putting it on the beryll so I tried quick targeting it but it literally wouldn’t equip it just stayed blank dropped my secondary and it equipped straight away
  12. Basically have to close game and reopen to play but that doesn’t always work either
  13. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Playdoh buildings are back! Woo!

    The delayed load in even on the x in performance mode is so stupid
  14. The snow mobile continues to run after leaving it with no one in it
  15. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Running stop bug

    Usually in the past may still happen but when you ran into someone’s path in spring mode it would stop them dead still on this map and regular map not just pts I have gotten constant invisible wall hitches just conpletely random times like someone is walking in my path etc stops you dead still happened on my first game in pts and 2nd so it’s consistent