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  1. Orange Beast

    Average K/D

    Because of the shame I have brung upon the victim who entered a lobby full of 100 people and was the first to get sent back to the menu 👺
  2. Orange Beast

    Average K/D

    I feel sorry for the guy who died and came 20th with zero kills. I've been that guy through no fault of my own. I've been the guy to get the first kill which is almost as satisfying as the chicken. I don't know if I've ever seen #100 on my screen. I probably have but I blanked it out.
  3. Orange Beast

    Average K/D

    The average kill to death ratio in pubg has to be below 1 for the reasons I've explained. We're talking basic maths.
  4. Orange Beast

    Average K/D

    Less than 1 isn't likely, it's a mathematical certainty. It might be lower than 30 non kill deaths but the point remains the same. If it's 20 deaths due to blue zone/suicides then that's 0.8 (or close to) I know you understand this, I just get weird when people claim 1 is average lol.
  5. Orange Beast

    Average K/D

    How would 1 be average? You say yourself a lot of deaths don't award a kill. So the average has to be lower than 1. I actually reckon it's a lot lower. Suicides + blue zone probably add up to 30 deaths. 1 guys wins so there's 99 deaths compared to 69 kills. Average would probably be around 0.7-0.8.
  6. Orange Beast

    Anyone else scared of playing Solo?

    You basically just described me. So il just quote you.
  7. Orange Beast

    SR suppressor

    You don't get dream load outs from simply looting buildings. You need to loot bodies, friend.
  8. Orange Beast

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    Pubg devs acting like pubg customers.. "I can't figure it out therefore it's broken"
  9. Orange Beast

    Surround sound settings

    Can't answer your turtle beach question but pubg is still stereo. Very good stereo at that.
  10. I think footsteps in buildings are fine as it is. It's Foot steps outside that need toning down imvho! It would mean when you loot you don't hear people coming which i think would add suspense. How many times have you been looting and you hear someone approaching? Then you just sit with your back to the wall and wait.
  11. Foot steps are comically loud in pubg. People saying it's "realistic" are off their head lol. I can be inside a room in the middle of school and hear someone barefoot running on the grass outside! However, it's clearly there as an anti camping mechanism. The only problem is, it often helps campers because they can hear you approaching like a hurricane.
  12. Orange Beast

    Blackout and PUBG

    It's not lag, It's server tick rate (which is probably worse) Even lobbies filled up with God internet experience what you said. The servers only update at 20hz. So if you're hit with multiple bullets before it updates it looks like an insta death. A lot of blackouts weapons fire fast so it's a big thing on the forums, especially since the beta had higher tick rate!! The good news for the Black ops community is it has been acknowledged (sort of)
  13. Orange Beast

    A few days of Blackout.. then PUBG!!

    I suppose you've hit the nail on the head for a certain type of gamer. If you enjoy the 'atmosphere' of pubg, the realistic military style survival game, where strategy beats gun skills 90% of the time (until you get into top 5-10 depending on last circle) then I will tell you all day Blackout is absolutely not for you. There is far less strategy involved. Head Phones are a must in pubg. Blackout? Not nearly as much. I've been playing Blackout and you just don't get the same feeling. However, if you like to jump in there like Shroud or Dr disrespect and go full "violence, speed, momentum" then Blackout is absolutely for you. The reason Doc loves it so much is because it's practically taylor made for action streamers to blaze through kills and win, whereas pubg him and shroud would often be killed by people employing good strategy. As for me, I'm like the OP. I want to come back to Pubg but there's too much wrong. The FPP crowd is done. Try living in Europe and getting into a game. No chance.
  14. Orange Beast

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I thought that too but was surprised to learn that the pc pubg community say the same thing where the fps is uncapped. Besides that, pubg is never going to get anywhere near 60fps on Xbox. I know you didn't say that but it's a sore point amongst a lot of gamers.
  15. Orange Beast

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I have no issues in close quarters either but there is a clear lag in the controls which are more clear as you're mashing buttons in a frantic close quarters fight. Everyone and anyone who has played blackout has said the controls are so much tighter. I agree blackout is no butter right now.