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  1. Update: I'm able to replicate the popup not just when inviting friends, but any time I open the Xbox dashboard/menus. Something about switching control to the Xbox dashboard makes it think the controller is disconnected. Also, while it was stuck after a recent game, going back to the title screen did not work to get rid of it; I had to close and reopen the game.
  2. Bug Description: At the main menu I often get a prompt that "Xbox game controller has been disconnected", even though the controller is constantly connected. When I go into the menu to invite friends, then get out of that menu I get the prompt mentioned (every time) and am able to simply press "A" to dismiss the menu. But, when I get back to the main menu after playing a game, the prompt is stuck on the screen; I am able to navigate the main menu when this happens and pressing "A" selects the menu options (now in the background). Screenshot attached. Date Seen: December 12th, 2017 Server: Xbox Live servers (no test) Troubleshooting Attempted: Pressing "A" works when creating the prompt via friend invites. When the prompt is stuck, I've been able to remove the prompt by exiting to the start screen and logging into my Live account again; also by closing the game (app) and restarting it. Other Information: The prompt goes away when entering into a match. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Xbox One (original; i.e. not "S" or "X")