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  1. Stewys92

    Prone blocked?

    Is this just a standard message to anywhere you decide to lie that isn't hard flooring? So sick of getting shot because this useless game won't let me lie down and take cover,there is no such place in that the human body cant lie down on or get as flat to as possible but for some reason anything over a 20 gradient renders the player utterly and completely useless. Come on how have you guys not noticed this for yourself do you not test at all?
  2. Stewys92

    Rendering is still a massive issue

    It's been 1 year and this is still happening...speachless how poorly made this game really is. Please fix something in this game! 17-11-2018_23-42-29-r3nd1ubm_1.mp4 17-11-2018_23-42-29-r3nd1ubm_1.mp4
  3. Stewys92

    Fix PS2 graphics

    It's not your Xbox bud the graphic are just generally tragic.
  4. Stewys92

    Your game

    Because BB are the have the worst devs known to man
  5. Stewys92


    Please for the love of God fix the vaulting system on this game! Its been a year and it's still garbage! Unless your static or running at a perfect 90 degree angle it's a slide down the wall to which if your getting chased a death warrent. Please just widen the vaulting angle so it adepts a wider angle of approach! How this hasn't been fixed by now is beyond me.
  6. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    How can I still be crashing in this game almost 8 months after its release!! I was literally just stood there peaking the corner and then crash, Xbox x. This only ever happens on the new map. Why don’t you fix what’s broke on the old stuff before releasing new content, people arnt going to start playing the game again because you are giving us some half finished crashing glitch galore map, they are going to come back when there’s no crashing or see improvements on the old stuff, which is the main reason why people aren’t bothering with this game anymore. like them I’m done with this trash game you can’t seem to fix something without breaking 5 other things bunch of absolute amateurs your game is dead.
  7. Stewys92


    Once again I find myself complaining about the crummy aiming system yous have gave us, you’ve gave us more options how to tweak them but no instruction on what each one does so I find myself flicking settings that mean nothing to me like how is someone supposed to know what a dead zone is straight away? I’m so sick of dying because the aiming is left to right. Please make a generic setting like battlefield or any other FPS where you don’t need to change a single thing about them how have yous not nailed this down by now.
  8. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    I have Xbox x mate never used to crash now I’m crashing all the time sick of this bullshit Korean crap
  9. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    My god man just crashed loading into the actual match! Didn’t even get to wait in the pre game lobby straight back to the dashboard, how have yous not fixed this by now!
  10. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    Literally just crashed in the pre game island...
  11. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    Since the 7 update crashing on the Xbox X has became more frequent. I used to crash once a week with daily play if that , now I seem to crash every other game. Nothing In particular seems to trigger the crash it seems to be a random event. I then get sent back to the dashboard.
  12. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    Game crash on Xbox one x, just running, game made a distinctive repetitive noise then closed down. No error code just kicked to the dashboard had to reload the game.
  13. A few times I’ve put on a Med kit outside the circle keeping perfectly still and it didn’t register resulting in death. This happened on Xbox one.
  14. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    Game crashes every other game highly annoying. Have the ability to re join once game has been relaunched.. if I haven’t been killed.
  15. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    I’ve played quite a few games where the game will completely crash and I will be thrown out of it. I can then load the game back up and continue the match from where I was ( providing I haven’t been killed in my absence). Quite annoying but at least the ability to join again is there.