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    Parachute Bug FPP

    Made a post about this on the test server and was told that you guys were gonna be informed of this, but 1.0 and it's still here. If I dive straight down the character flips out and starts going backwards.
  2. WindlePoons


    This have been a problem since 1.0 came out, some people had this problem back on the test server but no one gave a rats ass about it. It is strange that people experienced this back before 1.0 if they changed r.Streaming.PoolSize and r.Streaming.MipBias *Can be the wrong commands, but something that changed the quality to very low (bad memory)* to a low value. I don't experience this problem myself. My scopes "just" looks like crap tho, jagged edges, strange blur while moving the scope back and forth and that "mirror effect" that some people have posted about on the forum. But just to be sure that they get the message, you guys should "spam" https://pubgsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us with this bug, if they get a 100.000 post about it, then they might just move their ass.
  3. Read it, would have been interesting tho. Yeah are right, this is not an issue you should have to battle as a player. Have you made a post on https://pubgsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. Made a similar topic about this. And then you have this topic too.
  5. Yo man, I like the Swedish in the clip ^^ What happens if you bind a keyboard button instead of the mouse to fire? If it it's still the same then you can rule out the mouse at least.
  6. WindlePoons

    Not gaining BP after match

    Oh yeah, never thought about it that way, was just focused on the BP ^^ But then it will just be 5 free creates for everyone. Meh
  7. WindlePoons

    Not gaining BP after match

    Wow, I stand corrected.. Like how? Do they have the lost BP on record?
  8. Except when you run the bike into a fence and the fence stays in place but the bike gets stuck halfway through it... and then explodes. ^^
  9. WindlePoons

    Props not rendering very far

    Made a post about this a while back, with this video
  10. WindlePoons

    Anti Aliasing flicker, Map flicker

    It's thanks to the shitty AA.
  11. I've noticed this as well, happens on both maps. Never happened to me with bikes now when I think of it.
  12. WindlePoons

    Optical camouflage 2!!

    Yeah, desync have and will be an issue till they fix their servers or kick ppl with 1000+ ping. But this video seems to be something else. It was even a bug back in the days: " PSA The invisible player bug was not completely fixed. Occasionally you'll see the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 10:18 AM - 4 Dec 2016" - PUBG Twitter
  13. WindlePoons

    some modules disappear when sniping mode

    Made a post similar to this, but in that post the sniper can actually shoot thru the water tanks..
  14. WindlePoons

    Optical camouflage 2!!

    Never seen a desync so big that not just one, but two players goes invisible. And as you can see from the clip just one of them get visible when he is standing up.
  15. WindlePoons

    Weapon Attachment Issue

    Next time you should read the patch notes before posting, they nerfed the M16 by making it so you cant put a 8x and 15x on it.
  16. WindlePoons

    Optical camouflage 2!!

    Wow, that´s a new one! E-sport ready!
  17. WindlePoons

    Instant Death from AK (not Headshot)

    I feel ya, happens a lot in this game. One can hope, I would not count on it tho .. Posted a few bugs on the test server and nothing is happening with that. Like the problem with ppl not receiving any BP has been a problem since the test server came up. But hey, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year and mby I will see you in game someday.
  18. WindlePoons

    Instant Death from AK (not Headshot)

    That actually worked wow. It do look like he hits you once in the stomach and you go down, but It can also be server lag the replays dont really help with that at all, would be nice if we could see his replay. You got of some nice plays there! *I dont really trust this new damage system*
  19. WindlePoons

    Kar98 or 8x Broken?

    I've had invisible rocks blocking my shots, but if you look at the map you can see that he is actually shooting back, you can even see the muzzle flash and hear the shots landing next to me, so that tells me that there is nothing blocking his aim from me and vise versa.
  20. WindlePoons

    Kar98 or 8x Broken?

    The first shot disappears, the second shot is clearly a head shot but where did it go? I've seen a few topics about this now and something seems to be going on. I mean, the distance is less than 100m as you can see on the map and the scope is straight in the face.
  21. WindlePoons

    Kar98 or 8x Broken?

    If you actually took a look on the map you can see that the target is between 90-100m, it's hard to tell precisely with these circles, and if you look at my aim you can see that I´m holding the scope in the center of his face. With that the bullet should hit him in the forehead.
  22. Np can be a pain to be up to date with everything.
  23. WindlePoons

    The Pan is back!

    My god, the pan is back .. don't know how they do it, but they never stop surprising me.
  24. WindlePoons

    Instant Death from AK (not Headshot)

    Wanna share the replay? I believe they are located in AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Demos or you can just record a good video and post in on youtube.