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  1. after playing pubg for a few games..i noticed the fps counter goes away, and i cant shift tab into the overlay..same happened with the homegirl..also it seems like the framerate starts going a little bit more unstable..usually have 60-80..but when it happens it fluctuates, from 58-70..this just started happening this week for me
  2. nevermind..the timing was just real shitty...my mouse wiring got bad after i downloaded pubg test..just seemed like that was the problem but nope
  3. please fix the biggest issue ive ever seen in my gaming life...mouse and or keyboard turning off during gameplay not just once or twice but multiple times..its on your end not ours.....started happening even on regular pubg after i installed the test server to play the desert map
  4. ever since i installed the test servers to try out all the new goodies on the desert map, my mouse seems to shut off with the usb plug off sound i have a g203 logitech, and it seems like it has to do with the network lag and such...just recently before i came here to write about this, my keyboard and mouse went insane the lights flickered on and off and i couldnt do nothing stuck in the corner at mylta power big auto running into wall, even pluggin in and out didnt work so i had to alt f4 then rejoin..that was the first time it happened like that..it actually seems like its getting worse now it used to be just the mouse turning off and turning back on after like 10-20 seconds (ruining gameplay completely especially during fights)...now its like every time i feel a frame drop or lag in another game (which this issue never happens for anything else) i get all paranoid my gear is going to shut and break.....please fix this..ive been on this game and been waiting for the full optimizations 3 days since game came out..ive also checked the internet for solutions and im not the only person whose looking for one..its literally on the bluehole pubg end..not our mouse and keyboards..PLEASE FIX
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