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  1. -Original Launch Xbox One Console -Solo -Deep in round about 30 left. -Driving motorcycle. -Plane overhead, not sure if it was supply drop or air strike. -I believe forcefield had just started to converge or was about to converge when crashed. -Crash began with audio/video stutter for a second before kicking out to dashboard, no error code.
  2. Thanks for confirming that I’m not crazy!
  3. UPDATE: I had the reconnect controller dialogue appear during match and I was able to successfully dismiss it so it may be a bug localized to the main menu system.
  4. Half of the matches I have played end up in crashing before completion and sending me to Xbox home screen. Most of which I am in top 10 which means I don’t get credit for surviving that long nor am I getting my chance at the chicken dinner. Really frustrating. There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason, sometimes I’m in a vehicle, sometimes on foot not doing anything noteworthy to cause. Please fix!
  5. If Xbox controller disconnects for any reason the PUBG in-game dialogue pop-up appears asking you to reconnect and provides an “OK” button. After the controller reconnects and becomes usable again any controller input only affects the screen behind the pop-up dialogue box. You cannot dismiss that dialogue no matter which button you press. Only quoting the game from the dashboard and restarting removes it. I’ve only experienced on the main menu this far. Please confirm if you’ve experienced in game. Please fix!
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