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  1. I was literally coming to this section to report this issue. It's in every building just north of Villa with the wood floors. We literally had two squads sprinting around inside the same building, completely oblivious until we all ran directly into each other... then after the fight, like "how tf did nobody hear them?".
  2. headspawn

    Game Crash

    I just had a hard crash myself, it went straight to dashboard. I don't have a video of it but as soon as the match started and the plane got half-way across the map the game stopped made a really quick buzzy sound and then crashed to dashboard. Nothing out of the ordinary on my end, just playing a few rounds and starting it back up after each round. Xbox One XInternal DriveConnection: Broadband 400Mbps down 20Mbps Up, via Ethernet cableServer Location: NAMy Location: East Coast, USAErangel, Squads, TPP
  3. I'll take your word for it I guess since I'll never use touch an Apex in my life, but what person says it kicked him as soon as he attempted to use a weapon, not when he moved. Btw, Mike Ybarra of Xbox and I'm pretty sure a few PUBG devs have confirmed that they can indeed detect XIM users.
  4. Used market for XIM Apex is about to be flooded.
  5. Came to post this. Hopefully we get a decent kickback on these since they cost more... also, goddamn I have so many Beige M16's, it's absurd.
  6. Let us buy crates in quantities, as opposed to one at a time, then wait.... then one more, then wait.... etc etc If I have enough to buy 5 crates, I should be able to just press A, bump the quantity to x5, hit A again. BAAM. 5 crates and then I'm off to go open them.
  7. I'm a sucker for Logitech Mice. Currently using the Logitech G403: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Wireless-Gaming-Performance-Sensor/dp/B01KUAMCWI It's a wireless hybrid. It works flawlessly with super low latency as wireless and then it charges via a cable that can turn it into wired mouse.. also it has great battery life. As for a keyboard, I've had the Logitech K800 that I've been using for years up until a few days ago when I somehow managed to have drinks spilled onto it like three times from three different types, with three different people accidentally doing it... it was a cursed day. But outside of being doused with water it's an excellent keyboard. Now as far as using it on this game... that's a waste of time. If you aren't a seasoned kb/m player, it's not going to help you at all. You might as well just play on PC if that's what you want to use. You're likely just going to waste a shitload of cash and then not use it after you realize it's actually pretty shitty to use on console unless the game natively supports it, which PUBG doesn't.
  8. When you post in the Xbox section, people tend to think you're referring to the Xbox version. Steam offers refunds, you don't have to demand it.
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