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  1. headspawn

    Unreal Engine Version?

    Still 4.16. Which is hiliarious because they were complaining about Epic Games not offering any help, yet they are still using an old build that doesn't have a ton of what Epic has done. They have their own updates to their build of course, but we can see how well that's going considering the game is regressing everytime they update it.
  2. headspawn

    Did they add bots?

    I'm pretty sure those bots are only there in your early games while you're getting acclimated to the game.
  3. headspawn

    Did they add bots?

    Check his stats/gamertag profile. I do know a lot of people that ditch their bags near the final circle though to lose their hump and to also get rid of the urge to loot more. Armor being gone could be explained by it being shot off.
  4. headspawn

    I have become god

    Elon Musk has to be a little bit upset that PUBG made flying cars before he did. smh
  5. headspawn

    Rate of fire bug

    You sure that you don't have the buttons remapped at all? Check the settings in Xbox System settings to be sure, maybe it got messed up with an update.
  6. headspawn

    Menu/UI issue

    You guys have a bright opensky with light grey clouds in the background and your text for top menu stuff is light grey as well, really hard to read. Maybe add drop shadow or change the color. For an example, open up the Store. Right away, "Featured" is bright white and very visible, everything else isn't.
  7. Doesn't work. It just does it's fancy new animation and then does nothing; just died in a 12-kill game wasting my time derping around with this.
  8. I mean, I just booted up the game and two seconds into the settings I'm trying to do the tiniest of nudges with my left analog to switch to the Performance mode and if you adjust more than a tiny bit with the controller it just scrolls like crazy over the same two options. Not the end of the world or anything, but make it a toggle. Come on. This only happens on the analog stick, the Dpad works as you would expect and just switches to the next option; analog scrolls indefinitely.
  9. headspawn

    Did they fix the grenade bug?

    I saw that, lol that was weird, maybe a slight bit of lag in between where it blew up and where the actual frag was shown, but the explosion was definitely in front.
  10. headspawn

    Did they fix the grenade bug?

    It looked like it blew up in front of the tree ahead of you as that's where the actual explosion and smoke was.
  11. headspawn

    Did they fix the grenade bug?

    How is this a bug?
  12. headspawn

    Did they fix the grenade bug?

    What is the actual bug? I've never had any issues with grenades.
  13. headspawn

    Your better off without an SSD!

    For optimum effect you should throw the game on one of those slowest 320GB USB sticks you can find, lol. You could be walking through walls clapping people like a mad man.
  14. headspawn

    Fix UI in 2019?

    I don't even go into the customization screens anymore, this shit is so busted and slow and only serves to annoy. I really hope they next update delivers or else I probably won't be playing much of this game after Anthem drops.
  15. headspawn

    Feedback to LOD dev letter

    Do you have a 4k display or a 1440p/1080p display?