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  1. That's never going to happen, PC is always going to be lead platform. They would have to actively slow down (stop) the PC versions development for the console versions to catch up and that wouldn't make any sense.
  2. headspawn

    Possibility of new engine?

    The engine isn't the problem.
  3. headspawn

    Show me your desync clips

    This is next level desync. lol
  4. headspawn

    Map Select

    I'll just point out that having the map selection the way it is now is completely idiotic. It leads to lots of people leaving lobby after lobby to get the map they want or just switching to a different game altogether. There is no point in having a map selection, if I can only really select one map... or have whatever RNG map select between the other 75% of the maps.
  5. headspawn

    Unreal Engine Version?

    Still 4.16. Which is hiliarious because they were complaining about Epic Games not offering any help, yet they are still using an old build that doesn't have a ton of what Epic has done. They have their own updates to their build of course, but we can see how well that's going considering the game is regressing everytime they update it.
  6. headspawn

    Did they add bots?

    I'm pretty sure those bots are only there in your early games while you're getting acclimated to the game.
  7. headspawn

    Did they add bots?

    Check his stats/gamertag profile. I do know a lot of people that ditch their bags near the final circle though to lose their hump and to also get rid of the urge to loot more. Armor being gone could be explained by it being shot off.
  8. headspawn

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    How the hell is this thread almost 60 pages?
  9. headspawn

    No FOOTSTEP Sounds

    I was literally coming to this section to report this issue. It's in every building just north of Villa with the wood floors. We literally had two squads sprinting around inside the same building, completely oblivious until we all ran directly into each other... then after the fight, like "how tf did nobody hear them?".
  10. headspawn

    Game Crash

    I just had a hard crash myself, it went straight to dashboard. I don't have a video of it but as soon as the match started and the plane got half-way across the map the game stopped made a really quick buzzy sound and then crashed to dashboard. Nothing out of the ordinary on my end, just playing a few rounds and starting it back up after each round. Xbox One XInternal DriveConnection: Broadband 400Mbps down 20Mbps Up, via Ethernet cableServer Location: NAMy Location: East Coast, USAErangel, Squads, TPP
  11. headspawn

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I'll take your word for it I guess since I'll never use touch an Apex in my life, but what person says it kicked him as soon as he attempted to use a weapon, not when he moved. Btw, Mike Ybarra of Xbox and I'm pretty sure a few PUBG devs have confirmed that they can indeed detect XIM users.
  12. headspawn

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Used market for XIM Apex is about to be flooded.
  13. headspawn

    Unable to "Exchange" weapon skins

    Came to post this. Hopefully we get a decent kickback on these since they cost more... also, goddamn I have so many Beige M16's, it's absurd.
  14. headspawn

    Crate suggestion

    Let us buy crates in quantities, as opposed to one at a time, then wait.... then one more, then wait.... etc etc If I have enough to buy 5 crates, I should be able to just press A, bump the quantity to x5, hit A again. BAAM. 5 crates and then I'm off to go open them.