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    Healing not applied before knocking or dying

    Makes sense except this never happened before till this latest update. I have always seen that last second med apply. In this case the game actually shows you at 75% and then drop to zero a half a second later.
  2. There's a bug in the live server, which was also on the test server, when if a person heals and manages to complete the heal just before the last tick of the bluezone damage it still counts the last tick and drops or kills you even though the heal was at 75% before one drops. On top of that you lose the med kit, first aid or bandage used. I thought I had a video but it didn't record this one time. Another odd thing, a bug I guess, is that there is no parachute on the character when we jump out of the plane and the parachute comes out of our shoulders. Just thought I would mention that.