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  1. won slow truck

    PUBG IN GAME FPS - 1080 TI gpu - 8700 K CPU

    back to crashing every 5-10min. ffs. bringing it to a local computer repair dude asap.
  2. won slow truck

    PUBG IN GAME FPS - 1080 TI gpu - 8700 K CPU

    That link brings me to another persons post. Anyways, i appreciate you replying. I was able to solve all issues here. I very seldom get studdering. Zero crashes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUTX6jIeY-g
  3. won slow truck

    PUBG IN GAME FPS - 1080 TI gpu - 8700 K CPU

    I tried a few and they were not compatible. The one on the disk the video card came with should work. I will roll back and try that.
  4. won slow truck

    PUBG IN GAME FPS - 1080 TI gpu - 8700 K CPU

    I dont see anything helpful in your previous post unless i missed something. Perhaps my video card is getting hot. What is too hot? How to get roll back to a stable version of windows to see if that's possible? How did i install my 1080ti duke edition driver once i roll back? i rolled back using windows and i could not find a compatible driver for my video card?
  5. won slow truck

    Suggestion: New Throwable(Decoy Grenade)

    Just throw a smoke. Works for me sometimes.
  6. won slow truck

    Sound cue every death in the top 5

    The kill feed let's you know. The alive count let's you know.
  7. won slow truck

    No reward system.

    You get the satisfaction you won. If that isn't enough, this game isnt for you. I miss how the game used to freeze when you win.
  8. I'm glad most pay skins are bright colors. Camo/dark colors would be pay to win imo. I love seeing green jump suits lol
  9. won slow truck

    LVL 3 worthless

    That is correct. You should of died. You did. Learn the game before posting youtube stuff like that. I had a guy do that to me last month.
  10. won slow truck

    LVL 3 worthless

    A level 3 helmet helps you survive a k98 or m24 assuming you have enough health. A 1 durability level 3 will take one shot just as good as a full durability level 3 helmet. The m24's damage was reduced when they took them out of crates. It used to do 99 damage to a level three helmet. Now I think it's 87-90ish. Level three armor works. But some people think it should have more damage reduction than it does. That's not how it works. It's just a little more protection. Level three gear doesn't make you the terminator
  11. won slow truck

    PUBG IN GAME FPS - 1080 TI gpu - 8700 K CPU

    Has anyone found anything to solve this? I upgraded to a i7 8700k last week and the game studders a lot. It crashes A LOT. It's nuts. I'm about to go try a reinstall of windows and not let it update.
  12. delete thread, there's a big one already on this issue....
  13. won slow truck

    Voice chat seems to be disabled

    Our icons don't light up so it's not like we are talking and the other person had them muted. I have had all talk on to see if enemy's can talk. I appreciate your response.
  14. A couple buddies I play with and I all have issues getting in game vice chat to work. None of us changed any settings and our voice chat works with discord, but not in game. We made sure we are on team chat (or all) and not muted. I don't have them muted in game. I think this started Monday. Any ideas? I can see if it's just me, it's on my end but it's two others I know.
  15. won slow truck

    2 scope used in M416

    g3 is in the test server. I also seen flare guns. So maybe they will be added current private server stuff and new things. This is exciting.