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  1. This happens when other people are driving the bike instead of me. It isn't too clear in this video, but in the first few seconds you see that the camera randomly bobs from left and right, it gets worse as the speed of the bike increases. I can provide any additional info if necessary. Thanks!
  2. Whenever my display mode is on full screen, it loses its mind until I change it to full screen (windowed). Is this just due to the update? I can provide any additional information if necessary. Thanks!
  3. I didn't get that part on video, but I remember I was trying to flip it since it just rolled over. So, while doing this I was spamming the "F" key and I guess it let me on the bike before it was completely flipped over.
  4. I was trying to hop on a bike normally, and this happened. I can provide any additional information if needed.
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