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  1. Last night by friend and I were playing on Erangel with 2 other randoms in squads. We were driving through the hills west of lumber yard and suddenly all 4 of our tires on our UAZ blew out at the same time. Not sure what caused it but it REALLY sucked as we had a long way to go to circle. My friend also mentioned that he had a squad mate in another match ran into a wall and vehicle bugged causing the game to register it as ramming it into the wall multiple time in that same instant. As such, the vehicle instantly exploded. Last major patch the steering was very much negatively affected on Miramar for the trucks that it feels like you are on ice. Now vehicle tires are blowing out. What gives?
  2. Given that this is a video game, vehicle physics aren't going to be the only that isn't "physically possible". Merely the ability to jump out of a 3 or higher story building carry all the loot the that a level 3 backpack and vest allow you carry would cause any person in real life to likely break their knees or suffer other injuries. And you definitely wouldn't be able to swim. I'm not sure how long you've been playing but the physics were bad back in early access. One of my first games resulted in my buddy and I driving by school while getting shot at. We hit a small bump in the terrain, maybe a foot high, and our vehicle flew in the air doing barrel rolls like the warthog from the original Halo.
  3. The pickup trucks on Miramar in particular are worse now. They over steer when you turn them and they fish tail REALLY bad if you are turning on any surface that isn't a road. The van and buggy don't seem to be affected. I feel like the Mirado was negatively impacted as well, though it never handled well off road and I don't drive it much. I don't think feel like the other vehicles have been negatively affected on the other maps. They all seem to handle fine / not noticeably different for me.
  4. My friend and I have been having problems with the matchmaking system tonight. We are in the lobby readied up with yellow check marks next to our names, but no countdown timer comes up. When we try to unready or change the map from quick join we are unable to unready and the little gear icon to choose your map disappears. We've tried restarting lobbies, the game, and verifying the steam game cache. Nothing seems to be fixing it.
  5. My friend and I tried queuing for Erangel and Miramar tonight after several consecutive matches of Sanhok. We tried queuing in Duo's, Squad, and 2-man Squad. Unfortunately, we just continued to sit in the queue for a good 20-30 minutes. We tried quick join and quitting a few times after the game continued to only give us Sanhok. We verified integritey of our steam caches. I had to re download a 1.0 MB file that failed to validate. No change. Is anyone else having this issue tonight / this morning?
  6. Was nearly killed by this on a bike last night. Instead I got this. I wasn't able to get off the bike and my partner couldn't upright it.
  7. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but at the current rate players are posting on the forums, I'm going to consider it a bug. Especially since this change was not mentioned in the 1.0 patch notes. Bug Description: Zeroing no longer works on Holo, Red Dot, 2x, and 4x scopes. Date Seen: Since 1.0 launch patch. Server: North America Troubleshooting Attempted: Changing key bindings does not work. Other Information: Other players have reported zero works on 8x and 15x scopes. Launch Options: No changes. System Specifications: In screenshots below.
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