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  1. Steam ID:ardalerdal1
    Steam ID64:76561198332083718
    ingame Nickname:ALABANDA
    YOU banned me without any reason i never use cheat or something this is not fair look at my games look at my statics im a fucking noob my record kill fucking 5 how can i use fucking cheat ??? are u crazy  ?? this is insane i payed fucking money for this game what the fuck are you doing  ???? 
    1. MaximusAmat


      The brother at me too most, have banned

  2. Alabanda

    Friends always appears offline

    Bug Description: 1. None of my friends on Steam show as online in the in-game friends list even though they are online and currently playing. My friends have receive invite activated and the Steam status is not hidden. 2. I cannot invite any of my currently playing friends to a team. My friends can see me as online and invite me to a team. Date Seen: From beginning of december 21 Server: EU Server, changing servers doesn't seem to change the status though. Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting, resetting status on my own steam, checking/unchecking receive invites. Thought: Can it be a firewall problem? Are any special ports associated with the friends list update that I can port-forward?
  3. Oh Are u supporting cheating in pubg ?

    1. Zork


      I am supporting the forum rules.

    2. Alabanda


      thats explain why each game has a  cheater thank you <3