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  1. I also think it will draw in more new players due to the fact that they can fight back with AR's against us veterans that can use pretty much any weapon efficiently. New player versus skilled with same loot pre-patch..(ie.. pistol ,crossbow, shotty) .. not going to be much fun for new guy or gal. We all want guns.. whats the first thing you search for when you hit the ground?? I have had some great games with no loot.. it was all fun when we somehow pulled of a win.. but during the match it wasn't much fun.. Fun from he time you hit the ground until the chicken= more fun! 😃
  2. Then just pick up the bad loot... wtf.. quit worrying about what other people are picking up.. If you want bad loot then avoid the rifles and grab ur smg.. see ya on the battlefield..
  3. I'm sorry to hear your personal experience has been affected.. but you are only one person.. you and revoverdrive seem to be teammates.. you two are the only ones mainly crying about this.. Go play Rust for gods sake.. Ur scared to fight anyone with gear anyways... PUBG is not for you..
  4. Exactly... damn campers complaining about too much loot.. what a joke... I have been here since the beginning.. 4k plus hours.. Erangel was boring AF.. They killed the loot about a year and a half ago.. I remember.. i was there.. people started complaining back then.. There is a reason everyone plays sanhok and the other maps are empty usually.. Now its not so much luck as to what you find.. We shouldn't be forced to drop hot to find decent gear.. On another note.. I was in a duo game last night on the 5th circle with 24 left... The loot is just fine!
  5. Just go play Rust then if all you want to do is loot dude.. Not all of us are addicted to looting like you obviously are.. I want a gun and start surviving.. not looting with an smg half the game.. You had your 20 minutes of looting for a long time now.. let the rest of us gear up and fight. You don't have to pick up gear if you don't want too..
  6. Great loot change.. now I can play Erangal again.. got really boring for awhile there.... That is why Sanhook is the most played map.. GJ Bluehole...
  7. I reported a cheater yesterday in a duo game.. by the time I started my next game I had a report waiting that he was suspended.. few games later full ban.. Just wish this was more consistent.
  8. Used to be my favorite mode.. now its pretty much unplayable.. Damn Huya players and others tracking you through hills and just lay in wait.. This is just ruining this game.. This is in NA by the way..
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