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  1. Hah, my post got deleted. Let me repost then: Ping 260-320. Pre #22 patch: ping 50.
  2. IMHO: 1st zone: 90+300 is ok, it's only 30 secs shorter than it was originally. 2nd zone: 120 (new: 90, old: 200) 3rd zone: 100 (new: 60, old: 150) 4th zone: 90 (new: 60, old: 120) 5th zone: 80 (new: 60, old: 120) 6th zone: 70 (new: 60, old: 90) 7th zone: 60 (as is now) 8th zone: 60 (as is now) 9th zone: 80+10 (as is now) +/- several seconds on each example
  3. This has been already reported before with no reply. GG.
  4. It's because all other scopes are zeroed to 100 meters. Use the 2x and 4x for targets at around 100 meters away from you and aim lower if target is closer. Pro tip: For 2x, an enemy 100 meters away will fill the big circle perfectly. Aim for the head in that case.
  5. You don't need cheats to see through walls in squads. In this match one of my buddies got stuck under stairs, and the other one left him to go for the circle. They were pretty far away from each other (2-3 km), when I noticed that when you switch between them (I was dead and spectating), buildings on the map take a good few seconds to load and during that time you can see people through walls because characters apparently render instantly. Fix plz?
  6. I have as well, it's a 100% repro rate. My 2 other buddies got it as well. I believe it also happens while entering a vehicle while prone. I was once camping a buggy and a guy came so I entered the back seat from prone position and couldn't look around to shoot him, lol. The camera, while in the plane and buggy back seat, worked only in vertical axis but you can't look around in horizontal axis. Please fix.
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