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  1. I think this is so funny, There is no proof that hes legit either. Thousands of hours LOL pleeeeeaaassee. By all means im not calling him a cheater but I wouldn't count him out either. Just knowing the fact of how weak this game in regards to its netcode and such is pathetic at best .
  2. Neravine

    play against bots "only"

    Ring of elysium game like this but has bots and real players
  3. Neravine

    play against bots "only"

    go play ROE then.
  4. Neravine

    Had enough of this shit

    ya you tell them !, now show your stats lol
  5. Neravine

    What's the point to reporting??

    The site isn't perfect but it does or can give you a rough idea.
  6. Neravine

    What's the point to reporting??

    I have this site why not try to see if others are reporting. I don't need clarification to know if someone is cheating, and my confidence is fine thank you for asking.
  7. Neravine

    What's the point to reporting??

    You dont have to watch the whole video, I think its less then a minute of the gameplay where the streamer was killed. P.S unless you want to watch the whole video but lol
  8. Neravine

    What's the point to reporting??

    Obviously you have to be trolling cause nobody this blind.. You can clearly see the streamer report them, when they do. period
  9. Neravine

    What's the point to reporting??

    https://pubg.report/ If i put the suspected person's name in there I can see the people they killed, "streamer" so say if there are 7 videos showing of suspected cheater and 6 of the people report the same thing as me, Thats a clear indicator.
  10. Neravine

    What's the point to reporting??

    Are you for real? do you even know how the site works? If I'm killed by a suspected cheater I can check them on pubg report. IT doesnt just show me and the streamer. Next time make sure how things work before posting about it.
  11. Neravine

    What's the point to reporting??

    If people are wondering how I know if others are reporting the same person as me, comes from this site https://pubg.report/
  12. I'm really getting tired of reporting people and it taking way way way to long at times even when its obvious, even watching other people report that same person and they are still here. So what you ban them, but yet you allow them to buy it back and play again minutes later. SERIOUSLY !!!! WTF
  13. Neravine

    why no ping lock?

    I've kind of thought this too even more profound, I think there is no more programmers left and they allowing the art staff to do it now LMAO.
  14. Neravine

    Broken Game!! Help

    I agree, I notice now when I get to the ground after parachuting even stuff takes awhile to load like the weapons. Never EVER had this problem before update. P.S I even noticed Im in a building with nothing in it then all of sudden everything appears and im stuck in box.
  15. Neravine

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    Considering most play TPP, If that happened there would be no more pubg.