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  1. Ok here is something constructive, If x amount cheaters have been banned say form china and they buy the game back at 15 dollars U.S. You do the math.
  2. See you pick what you want to hear I didnt say that they dont fix anything... You forgot to highlight the rest of that sentence " thats a major concern" To me they have done minimal towards cheating, and i understand. Why totally eradicate it if its making pubg more money right? Sorry didnt realize you were part of the pubg corp...
  3. Btw this is offensive over someone else's opinion. Really describes your character. Have a nice day
  4. You're right the game is better in what you're describing, but with all the cheating going it kind of makes irrelevant and none existent. Trust me I think the game is working great too but cheating absolutely ruins it. Im not one only who saying that this is number 1 problem.
  5. Ok so how much more money do they need to make this game better ? It shouldn't take millions upon millions of dollars to fix this game. Also there is a serious cheating problem in this game. they dont do much in regards for this because it makes them revenue. VPN blocking is 1 little that could be done to minimize the cheating. There should be no reason why we playing with people half way across the planet when the game isnt desinged for this.
  6. I dont believe a word your saying. Just to be clear my ping is fine. Its the server with the issues. My average ping is 11ms.
  7. I play on NA and only get put in NA all the time. and I said desync not lag. Yes there is plenty of ways to correct this. Desync where I shoot buddy in the head but it registered I hit him in the shoulder, or being shot behind a wall. This is a major problem thats been going for awhile and hasn't even been acknowledged but rather ignored. Not sure what game your playing maybe FPP, because Im talking about TPP. and If you've only played for a couple hundred hours then of course you would feel this way.
  8. Would you care to elaborate on what major things have been fixed in the past 2 months? Maybe i missed something??? All good if you want to buy the skins that's cool your choice. For me though I see desync problems which make the game not even playable really, Its just a slot machine, if I get lucky or not. Cheating is still rampant and thats a whole other story in itself.
  9. Why should we buy skins in a game where they don't fix anything that's a major concern, let alone buy skins from people that don't even play anymore or hardly at all.
  10. Ok, thank you for the reply
  11. Every time I check the integrity of files it downloads a 1.2 mb file or files. Is something wrong here?
  12. Why add something that was never there to begin with. Trying to pamper more stuff in the game is bad.
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