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  1. Well, considering that the recent anti cheat update was only meant to block programs like Reshade......
  2. Just because it was an exaggerated post does not mean he didn’t die to a cheater. It could’ve just been an exaggeration to highlight just how ultra-precise the other person was. People coming here to complain about cheaters is a good thing, regardless of the “proper” place where it belongs. And really if you don’t like it, then why bother clicking on it? He’s not the first to complain about cheating and he’s definitely not going to be the last.
  3. You do know that cheaters DO exist, right? And they’re extremely rampant in this game. 6 months ago, I’d question more than half these claims about always encountering cheaters. Now they’re everywhere. Just in the month of January alone, BattlEye banned 1 million cheaters. Those are just the ones using free/cheap cheat programs and were dumb enough to get caught.
  4. Bluehole doesn't really care, as evidenced by their other games. And the problem isn't whether or not they're trying. It's that they're basically screwed. Instant heal, instant rez, shooting through buildings and mountains from 1km away.. no other modern game has those problems with cheats. Just about everything is handled client side.. that's why there are cheats like spawning loot and other crazy shit. Most other games only have to worry about aimbots and wallhacks. Plus in other games, they can keep the amount of cheating to a minimum. Cheating in PUBG is rampant, and has remained rampant since leaving early access, with no signs of slowing down. But I understand that you must love the taste of BH's cock. Keep apologizing for them.
  5. They get banned in 6 months, then back the next day with a new account. Lol. They ban infrequently enough that PUBG is the perfect game to hack.
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