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  1. "Slow tap" 5 bullets in 1s? isn't that closer to a full spray? 5 bullets/s? I have no idea but i would roughly appreciate it to that If you slowtap 5 in one seccond... what is a fast tap then x) Anyway, if it is 1.5 or 2 or even 3 secconds... If you have a bit of experience in gaming and this game in particular you quite fast get a feeling when you get killed faster than normal for the distance it happen at. I can't say exact numbers in secconds or distance but sometimes you just feel it, hardly any bullet miss And im not talking situations where a good player slowtap me and hit many bullets, you will feel the difference I was sprayed from 300m once and all bulletrs hit untill i was dead, it's even on my youtube channel somewhere. Ofcourse it is rare, and i don't think OP mean he get killed like this every round, unless he is jumping bootcamp 24/7 wich some do and don't understand why they always die I know and that is why i have a hard time trusting it when they do it 100m and above and still hit pretty good.. Even though i know some can do it very good at distance,
  2. Unfortunately it is a correct feeling... We've been loosing players soon 6 months in a row. Only 2 months of the last 17 has been a plus and that was when Vikendi came... https://steamcharts.com/app/578080 Absolutely agree... but when and if i ever say like that, i die within 1 or 0.5s i mean it in a way that i would never have had come close to kill a guy that fast. Also meaning maby it is not impossible but insane good... or lucky, or cheating. Something that strikes my mind is when i practice my spray control on the training map on a bit longer distances, i can get the vertical control decent, but the horizontal always jumps around a bit. That is what makes me so confused when i get killed by someone spraying from a far and their aim seem very stable in both directions, sometimes a whole mag.... even AKM... I'm not even gonna try control the AKM in any direction over 100m....
  3. I used to have 2-3 every day during the season, i played less lately and probably because of the non-season perriod i have had much less reports... Maby just 1 every 2-3 days... but yeah i don't play much now in the summer and vacation, and because there are no season... Im affraid it will get pretty bad as soon as the season starts
  4. Another thing that struck me yesterday when my son sat beside me playing Fortnite... Maby they have more players playing i dunno, but it was pretty insane how much faster he got into a game before i did... Sometimes we both play solo and compete who live longest... When he was in thet bus or whatever it is ("plane") i had not even reached the 1min countdown times.... I didn't check too close but it seem like they had a LOT shorter countdown before they left the lobby, we often hear we have to wait for everyone to connect into the game in PUBG but i mean they are 100 ppl too and probably also variating PC specs and connections... It's been some time since he played last so to me the whole gam,e looked even more shiny and sharp than i remember it, and colorful and improved in all kind of ways, and never have he or i noticed any palpable bugs in the way it does in PUBG. What i want to say with this is, it feels like sometimes we get brainwashed into accepting all the flaws in PUBG while it is actually 2019 and other games seem to be able to make progress so much faster and better... Still love the gameplay of PUBG and probably always will but i just got such a strong "aha experience" yesterday when i saw him playing and the lobby times....
  5. If we weren't prohibited to discuss cheating outside the pinned thread about just cheating i would have had a few opinions on how it feels to play vs cheaters, too often, in my humble opinion. And their lack of finding them before we report them, even if many accounts is highly suspicious... making them able to ruin the game so many times, for so many players... It is my strong conviction that this must have a negative effect on the numbers of players staying in this game
  6. Yeah i only reached lone survivor once... i think i passed 5k last season Well.. since i hardly ever put muself intoo bad spots i dont get killed off that easy very often in situations like that. Without checking i would say almost all the people i report is because of wallhack and when i have pretty solid proof of that, wich can be seen on my yt channel. But the reason i have a hard time in close combat could absolutely be me having a hard time to adapt to a new game, the game mechanics feel very clumpsy for me in this game and it feels i always have some kind of disadvantage, everyone van see me faster, shoot me easier through windows... know my position. Ofcourse i win theese situations too but i don't search for theese situation, because of that but also because what i love the most in general is the endings where you have to be 100% on your guard collecting info in the surroundings and adrenaline is pumping Gonna do some Sanhok right now actually
  7. But... if that's true it sounds more like either he was very lucky to get his aim on you fast and did it good or else cheating. Absolutely not everyone in the plane is that good... I guess it is different depending what day/time you play, what region and mode but... Personally i have never been able to get really good in close combat no matter how much i tried... then there is this lag/desync aspect So just to make my odds a lot better fast i simply avoid that to start with. I guess that is one advice, do what you are good at, avoid what you're bad at. Depending on what makes this game fun for you ofcourse, otherwise it's for me often about giving me a better position than the enemy, otherwise i avoid contact. Like having better cover, better position towards next circle etc etc... Simple put, i use tactics wich is a rather strong side in my own gameplay i think. That is one thing you could consider if you can do it better... But i can't really tell because if you're one of thoose who jump down as fast as possible straight under the plane, i'm not gonna be much help because that is not how i play, i even avoid that. I'm not good at it and it's like asking for problems early with unpredictable odds. Even if that is fun even for me a few times every now and then i always avoid it when i want to "play good" And yeah... good luck x) and good call coming back it is a wonderful game when it is played fair.
  8. You are correct sir, the only thing i don't understand is how everyone else is evolving so much faster than me, i must be semi-retarded... Or just too old for this... I mean, i just got killed by this hardcore guy, kind of 600% better than Shrouds, DrDisRespect and ChoCoTaco altogether... Gotta Google GIT GUD a bit more i guess... J/K... ofc i agree, we all get better... more or less, but i still see a lot of new people playing pretty bad too... Felt more often in Erangel... dunno why... The hardcore guy... 👇
  9. The waittimes now has been reliable? 😂😂 Why presume that parts of the playerbase are complete retards? I mean, even IF it was as low as 10% that wanted Vikendi or Miramar, it is still 30-40.000 players an ordinary evening... You are telling me every single one of them are stupid enough to just choose quickjoin? when all it would take to get their map, a few of them actually CHOOSED their "wanted" map? I think it is stupid people blame matchmaking or one map for this problem instead of understanding the problem will only get bigger as long as we keep loosing players... Haha... yeah good luck with that. Dude, i am playing PUBG and not CSGO or any other game i don't want to play anymore, that i used to play, just the same about maps, i play the map i want to play. It's like thiunking i would accept playing CSGO a whole day because i have to pick games randomly Im gonna play the game i like to play. Meaning, not playing Erangel with starving nerfed loot, as everyone also noticed since they even remade the loot to atleast try get players to play it. Same with Vikendi, they had to atleast try make players want it, too many choosed NOT to play it when it was 85% smg's in the beginning. I love playing Erangel, after grinding Sanhok a whole season... it is superfun and bring back memories from when i started playing, but even now that it has a better loot balance i still think it has issues. I tried a few Sanhok games and it hits me how fast and easy you can get geared and get ready to play. I KNOW we "shouldn't be geared when we land, or even in the first 3 houses" but when i am on Erangel right now i almost have to give up 5.56 weapons atleast 50% of the rounds only because finding 5.56 is too unreliable inho That is one thing that makes me feel uncomfortable in Erangel and makes me thinking i might not want to play it, also as i stated many times before, the new season comes soon. Like it or not, some people care for SP, like it or not, some people can not play PUBG for 10h every day. So if you care for SP and have limited time to play, Sanhok is the best weay to grind SP... I personally think that is one huge factor making many people choose Sanhok. I was trying to say it but let me be clear, i don't want Erangel or any map for that matter to be like Sanhok lootwise, i think it's all ok now except too little 5.56 in general compared to 7.62 But when they use loot to try force me play a special style, or with a special kind of setup depending on what is available (like Vikendi had insane many SMG in the launch) then forget it. If i happen to like playing with M416, im not gonna enjoy S12K and choose it only because it is everywhere... and if im gonna have a hard time finding what i like i probably won't like playing. What i, and probablöy many others too, like about Sanhok is you can play more. If i have 3h to spend on PUBG i can play 9 rounds in Sanhok and only 6 in Erangel (assuming we are winning the round) Again, i want Erangel to be Erangel... but... after playing a lot of Erangel lately and going back a few rounds on Sanhok, i can really feel what i think is the advantages for Sanhok. However, as i see this, the main problem is a shrinking playerbase. 40min ago, ~240.000 players was playing PUBG. Just for fun, lets just do a simple math example even if the % isn't at all even close to 50%/50% in all vartiables, but, just for fun. Split it in 2 because of FPP and TPP Then we have 120.000 players... Split that with 3 because of the Solo/Duo/Squad modes We now have 40.000 players Split that on 4 maps, we would have 10.000 players... I have no idea how many but a good chunk of theese would also choose Custom games, 4 modes available.... And Training map.... I don't know if people playing on Faceit show up on https://steamcharts.com/app/578080 but if so that wouyld have to be taken into consideration.... Fact is, we lost almost 50% of the players in 12 months.... ofcourse there will be problems filling servers for less wanted maps.... Especially in Regions where there are even less players than the average Region, and the Regions where certain mode or map is more popular.... As long as the playerbase go down, there will only be more problems offering all maps on all modes...
  10. Yeah it's "Fine" but why 300% more 7.62? Just one reason?
  11. Erangel need more 5.56 and it's weapons, atleast M416/SCAR-L and less Bandages and smokes... Maby im fussy, afterall it's a lot better then it was before they did the remake But very often i find a M416/SCAR-L/M16A4 with only 30 bullets, knowing i will often have a hard time finding more bullets Making me skip it and go for the AKM wich i don't like playing with only because it is a lot easier to find 7.62 ammo I strongly dislike when they do things like this to force us in a direction, especially when it is a direction you don't like... 5.56 and 7.62 ammo i think should be more equal spawnrate.
  12. People are saying they will "wait a little" to get enough players in their region to play with better ping... But choose quick-join all the time because they don't wan't to wait for the map they want to get enough people... uh..
  13. So it's ok if we can't choose TPP and FPP too? Solo/Duo/Squad too? But is it atleast ok if i choose to play PUBG? Or shall we throw another unwanted game into the mix too? The problem is, they are not fixing the problem. Too few people want to play certain maps, if enough people wanted it it would never be any problems, don't even try convince me that 400.000 players are playing, 25% want to play Vikendi, but only 4 queue it because... you know... it's no idea to queue when you see only 4 people in queue... haha.... How come Sanhok works with only 100.000 player who want it? 4 people out of 100.000 I know you didn't say this but this is a very common saying among the people who blame matchmaking. Illu... wha...? who are you talking to? But comeon man... are you really saying that? As example, before Vikendi Sanhok had 50% of all players, Miramar 25 and Erangel 25 ish So lets say NOW we have 300.000 players playing... Even IF Sanhok would be more popular, i would guess ATLEAST 20% would want to play Vikendi 20% of 300.000 players is like... 60.000 players... So in an ordinary day when Vikendi fail, i could see like 4-10 people in queue IF quickjoin matchmaking is fucked, how hard would it be for a few people to just pick the map they wanted? I think the problem is deeper than just blaming matchmaking i think several factors makes a lot of people rather play Sanhok and is satisfied with it and therefor don't use the option to choose Vikendi, or Erangel and Miramar A huge factor as i mentioned already is the SP One is how the loot has been on Vikendi and Erangel, even Miramar felt nerfed last time i played it (long ago now) The core problem though, as i see this, is we have too few people playing. We have lost too many too fast due to various reasons. Bugs, lag/desync etc Even though i have no idea if anyone stopped playiung because of cheaters, that is also a huge thing and the only thing i personally see as a problem. I have no issues with bugs or lag, atleast not too much... Maby they should try harder in research what players like or dislike and try satisfy more people I think shrinking playerbase is the biggest issue. Split 300.000 on Solo/Duo/squad, TPP and FPP, 4 maps, Trainingground and 5 different Custom modes, and on top of that, Faceit matches.... If they still have the same setup for SP next season, meaning a 20min win on Sanhok generate same amount of SP as 31min win on Erangel. Good luck trying to make me waste my valuable time on grinding 11 minutes extra for nothing... when i barely can reach 6000SP even if playing Sanhok only... This is a stupid idea and will not solve any problems, only create a different one from how i see this.
  14. To be fair, you wont see this VERY often? Question is, wth did you go to that random house in the dessert? It happend to be in the ending circles? I mean, i almost never see that but i assume it could be as you say, someone's strategy.. Or a neewbie, or someone being semi-afk for some reason.. I seriously doubt someone with a bit of experience will do that often though because the odds WIL be against you in the long run. You'll not have very variated gear and most of the time he can't sit in that house forever... And what will happen if he need to rotate with a lvl1vest and a shotgun... Sounds like you had supergear getting ready for the end and now you're mad as frrrk because you got blasted by a newbie There is no exact pattern to follow in this game, expect the unexpected...
  15. I've seen a lot of times 400.000ish players playing and 3-10ppl queue for Vikendi, that is not "marginally less popular" Last official stats i can see is back in the days when there was no mapselection, still Sanhok had 50% of all players. Erangel and Miramar had ~25% each You call that "marginally less popular" ? It's a different story now though, with a new map and Erangel loot remade. It's really too sad we can't have an up-to-date stats like the one from https://pubgmap.io/ I guess Bluehole knows but it would make it a lot easier for the common mass to understand the real problems too if we could have it. How many active players / Region How many players in each region choose TPP/FPP How many players in each region choose Solo/Duo/Squad And how many % each map have in each region. This would help a lot to get a complete picture. What we DO know is that ~50% of the whole playerbase is not playing anymore compared to 12 months ago.... That will have a huge effect too. That is why i want them to make more people play this game, and i thought they was on the right track saying they wanted to reward us for playing.....
  16. But wouldn't that give a lot longer waittimes, in those places where this is an issue...? Maby not always a lot longer but surely longer..
  17. So by this you will play with others having similar ping?
  18. Shrinking playerbase killed the matchmaking, it won't work "better" because people can't play the map they want... Before Erangel loot was remade lately i hated it because of utterly boring loot, yes, that is my opinion. But i can assure you, even if people liked the old starved loot, there was people who avoided Erangel because of it. Now, for me, as i said above, the main issue is it takes almost 50% more time to win Erangel compares to Sanhok. Meaning: for people who care for Season rank it will be a huge waste of time playing other maps than Sanhok. That is why i urge them to try make it so that you get points in some way by the time you survived in a round. Otherwise i can promise you a big chunk of the playerbase grind Sanhok only because it will generate more SP per time invested....
  19. So there we have it... a small part of the majority whine their ass off because they can't play whatever map and mode they want in every region at any times of day. Not accepting the main problem is we lost a kabillion players the last 12 months Now everyone will be forced to play a random map, or Erangel, to satisty a small part of the few still existing players. Even in regions and modes where matchmaking was never any problem.. I even want to claim the matchmaking was never any problem anywhere, the problem is to few players... hahaha... holy f*g shit they are really desperate to kill this game... The only longterm working solutions are: 1. Make more people want to play PUBG. 2. Make them want to play a certain map, The main reason i, and i think many with me, play Sanhok only is it takes only 60% time to play compared to Eranbgel, not exactly sure how long Miramar and Vikendi takes but pretty sure they are all longer than Sanhok. If you want to level up the current season sysyem it's a huge waste of time playing other than Sanhok. So for people who value climbing as far as possible in the Season rank Sanhok will generate most points per invested time.... I love Erangel how it is now and i would play all maps more especially Erangel if it generated the same amount of SP per time invested, as Sanhok do.
  20. I can't even play 3 straight rounds w/o seeing one or getting killed by one =(
  21. and you are playing what and where? I had my longest break since i started playing nov 2017... 6 days off... Got so bored i had to try a game... 3rd game a suspicious cheater, 4th game obvious wallhacker... It really blows my mind trying to understand when the responsible will wake up... 50% players lost in 12 months Almost 6% in June alone... Solo TPP EU is as close to unplayable as it gets.
  22. I'm not saying you are cheating but just because someone have low kdr doesn't automatically mean they don't use macro, macro doesn't make you instant ubergood, just saying.
  23. Only cheaters are saying there are no cheaters, or playing FPP NA 😂
  24. Well there is 2 questions as i see this. 1. CAN you "cheat" with this software? (make it autoclick or automatically pull the mouse in a direction when a button is pushed, etc) 2. If yes, did you do any such things Because it means nothing if its a "legal" software if it is used to do illegal actions... Im using a Steelseries Rival 500 with the software and i never dug into it very deep but i know there are macro otions in it and i can record macros, Sounds wierd if they banned you for having a certain software only, rather than what you did with it. Screenshot of banmsg?
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