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  1. I totally agree man, it's also discussed here Im missing like 400 and i counted with i need to play like 40-50 hours PLAYTIME if i get 3-5points/round.... Thats a lot of gaming if they shut down erly in June
  2. I care ;D It's like driving up to a party in a Lambo,
  3. Yeah Flashbangs is pretty useles in this game atm imho I never ever even consider picking them up But im just glad then i don't need to learn using them, Molo and Grenade is good enough for me ;D I think the game is rather ok right now, gamewise.
  4. Like @Gorf_Denroh said im doing it because for the first time i might have a chance reaching the parachute skin, 6000 SP
  5. I think thats "just" the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card Not same as the Season and Survival ranks But who knows....
  6. Would be nice to get a hunch atleast i mean it's a big diffference from beginning, middle or end of June for us who grind the Survival ranks in a legitimate way I mean... whats the problem making the decision now? Sometimes this game feels so improvised, we get a notice like 2-3 days prior when things happen... Are the responsible really that impulsive?
  7. Im not sure what you're trying to prove, from today and 30 days back we gained 6.500 players instead of loosing ~60.000 That is a big change, but that doesn't mean we know the reasons, and noone said that either. But that is a change.
  8. Ah that explains a bit NA seem to have issues with playerbase i assume..
  9. Missing this too That site owner said he had no time atm to update it and that they change it "too often"? how he pulls the data... Really miss that useful info..
  10. It's still a huge difference to gain 5.500 players rather than loosing (another) 60k Im not good at math though..
  11. Well, +5.500 maby isn't much, but compared to a -60.000 month it's a bigger difference is it not? I did not bring the claim the loot made this difference, i was even clear stating that. You however stated that, and i quote: "no, more people are not playing now than they were before, this change has not brought more people back to the game than have left, this is a clear demonstrable fact."
  12. Last 30 days is +5.500 players dude.... Before we lost 20.000-100.000 e v e r y month.....
  13. Do you have a source to back up that? FACT though is we lost almost 110.000 players in Feb. Mar. Apr. Last 30 days we gained 5.500 Players ( link ) I can't say Erangel loot is the reason but maby you have a source that not more players play Erangel? Vikendi getting boosted too! This sounds like awsome news to me, too bad they take away the fun in the Cave though. Maby that map will get a player boost too 🙂 --------->
  14. Nope def not default settings but i have no problems controling the bike... usually... i think i fucked up in this one mainly because i was still trying to find a good line through the obstacles while doing that lill-jump This happend some time ago, ok i hit the stone in like 100km/h but look at the bike health going down bit by bit... I think it's recorded in a bit slowmo but i remember it felt very odd when it happened it took like a seccond or two before it blew up
  15. So, drop and loot 5min, pull the plug, go eat some 15min, then play the top5 finals? Sounds nice to me.
  16. Another... 9 seasons mainly AS Now EU... ?? https://pubg.op.gg/user/Februry112
  17. Another one, Season 1-9 2018 AS only Now in EU ?!? https://pubg.op.gg/user/HuyaTV_Zico
  18. Daymn... where do you live man? Ireland?
  19. Again... Killed by this guy https://pubg.op.gg/user/drunken_xs Season 1-9 AS only Some light would be nice,
  20. Just now matched vs this guy https://pubg.op.gg/user/douyu-2210156-su Season 4-9 he played mainly only AS Currently 724,456 people playing, do EU TPP Really need to be filled from out of region people to get 100 people on Sanhok? 6s waittime, @Takarii is it possible Sweden and AS players are matched to the same server because of similar ping ??? edit, wow just checked the guy closer, ranked #3 play 6 seasons in AS almost only, then hes on EU servers.... ?? Would be nice to understand how the matchmaking actually works and even nicer if we could see the ping of the enemy players in replay or something
  21. huh how is that the answer, i mean... why?? There is no small playerbase in EU TPP Sanhok for sure... So it happen again, this guy killed me now in my last round https://pubg.op.gg/user/seven_xiaop Not at all cheating, but same there, all his seasons 1-9 in 2018 he played on AS server...
  22. Yeah i know where I am playing... but not why AS people is on EU at prime time...
  23. From what i remember there isn't actually anything in the matchmaking knowing what region you live i n right? It basically just match you to a server where you have ok ping, right? I don't understand why i am matched with AS people in EU during Prime time Playing Sanhok TPP.... I don't get it. Guy kille me just now with chineese name and season 1-9 2018 he played on AS only... so assuming he is Asian... Guess it's no big problem but it happen from time to time and i doubt we have similar ping to the server...
  24. Im so sick and tired of this, just got killed by a guy with less than 300 games played total, so New account 43% wins in over 200 games Solo, yeah... really!
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