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  1. Yeah... wow... a key... and when you use the key to unlock something, chances to get something even above the normal crap skins is like 0.000012% RIP i tell you... I would NOT have completed the Vikendi pass if i din't buy levels, i think i would have come to maby lvl 85, and i play unhealthy much for my life situation Both Vikendi Pass and this one Contains so many "Fillers" I mean... why the fuck even have a reward, that only give you XP, might aswell just have skipped that level... Or wait... maby add a LOT of nice fun cool rewards in all the levels... I know im a whiney bish and i can easy choose not to use this pass or buy it, But in my world i can't understand why they don't use this kind of things to really make people REALLY satisfied, when they have the chance Happier people = more people play... The playerbase is an issue for sure so i think they should really have used a chance like this to draw more players, and imho that's not done with over 30% useless filler levels =(
  2. There is zero logic in motivating this totally annoying sound because "the bag make sounds in real life" Because there is a ton of other sounds we would have made too if it was "real" Just reloading a gun would probably sound pretty far irl, while ingame, not so much lol... So there is no logic in motivating this stupid sound like that imo
  3. Well... if you came for logic i think you're looking in the wrong pace...
  4. My contribution wich involved proning was to meet another post wich defended it as if it's ok because we aren't silent irl either. Needed in a discussion to brief around the topic imo
  5. LOOL Cheating mayham haha... jesus christ.
  6. There are a lot for sure but don't forget people can buy a namechange ticket... wich btw cost as much as a new account online... lol But yeah, you get the point. Not many, but a FEW do this just to piss people of
  7. Maby he wish he wanted to play it? I just DON'T get it... they have a chance of really make things great, skins... rewards... Make the playerbase bigger... Is this the best they can do??? In 70 Rewards 25 !!!!! is pure crap/fillers Over 30% is crap... BP boost (what can we even use BP for that is useful??) or XP (meaning just climbing faster to.... the next level and "reward") As so often before, im just speechless
  8. So the purpose is to give campers a better environment?
  9. I think the idea was to try get a lot of old players back.... It's really stupid and unneccesary if you ask me. If you want realistic sounds i think you'd make shitloads of sounds when proning in the small circles too, etc.... Imagine IRL 4 people crawling and picking up different scopes, nades and healing within 15m, i THINK we could hear each other LOL This stupid new sound only makes it harder for me to spot others by sound..
  10. If it's that easy why are you so childish and don't care to share the link, where it says most cheaters in EU servers are Asian ? I don't giva a shit if we need to split it 25 times, game is fucked anyway if they don't take care of the cheaters.
  11. Macro could be useful for sure. ESP you already have "Attack without line of sight" (or something like that)
  12. Only had time to play 2 rounds sofar, both Erangel. Had even shittier loot than usual LOL... loot "re-balance" ??? looted a few houses in Polyana, got a car, drove and looted whole Prison alone, got like 2 red-dots a LOT of smg's, especially Bison and UMP or whatever it's called now... UMP45 maby... Still seem hard as hell to find 5.56 ammo and good scopes Seccond round i managed to find a 3x scope (lol) Guess i gotta give it more time to evaluate but not getting any exaggerated good feelings... will try it more after woork... The annoying sound while moving as already mentioned here. The Survivor-pass didn't look like a gamechanger, or something that will drastically draw new or old players back, was there like 2 keys in the entire pass? Can't say i was too exited by any reward to be honest. And yeah btw, ofcourse killed by a cheater in the first game lol.... what a surprise, checking his stats he has a new account, loads of rounds indicating botting, then all of a sudden, some rounds with 10-17 kills then afk again... Guy in seccond place indicated "good skills" too... lol Atleast 2nd round top3 didn't indicate any blatant cheating. Conclusion, was hoping for a lot more than a new annoying sound when you move around, something that made more people come play, bring back old players... Im sceptical but will try it more, your thoughts?
  13. PUBG DEATH RACE - Make this mod happen - Atleast a common event. I know it's probably impossible with the low playerbase, but this was something i didn't expect, it was kinda cool Just be able to choose how to play, Driver/Vehicle Killer/Killpoint Can choose any Vehicle, Killpoints should be stacked with gear, maby random.. Road should be closed with a invisible bluezone so if you try cheat or go too far from the road you get fast damage.. Damn this look so fun
  14. Maby they use them when the amount of reports indicate something is going on?
  15. Really? Based on what am i ridiculous? Did you even care to check my youtube channel and actually see what most of ther names i reported are? Most is not indicating anything with China/Asia. So im curious what YOU base your non ridiculous claims on.. care to share that information? Region lock Asia wont help the legit Asian players... They got the same right as us to play legit. There is no split, are you high? Most if not all the players would ofcourse qualify and get into the Prime servers.. Might be a problem for new players but so what, fix it, make players wanna play... Still don't see the problem. Every other solution is back to square one, cheaters spoiling 25min work over and over and over..
  16. Eh? It has everything to do with it, regionlock helps nobody, ive seen billions non asian cheaters, so it wont help us anyway banning China.. What help us is solving the problem. Not enough Legit players? huh? I know theres a lot cheaters but i still think most is legit so i don't see the problem, other buy lazy devs and maby more cost for Bluehole..
  17. I think the best advice i can give you is, learn your strong elements and your weak ones. Try put yourself in the situations where you can use your strong sides of the game. Might not instantly give you a lot of kills buit i think it's hard to just think you can do 10 kills in one round, i mean there is no secret button. It takes time, practice, fail... fail and fail again ;D Personally i suck pretty bad in close combat so therefor i usually try avoid them pretty much. I always fly pretty far from the plane, or go straight down for a vehicle and drive away a bit and loot alone and safe When i have good enough loot i actually usually try drive into the center of the circle. When i started playing i tried follow the advice of keeping the outside of the circle and also at the place with most thin change to the new circle if you understand. But that didn't work so good for me in general, sometimes sure, but often i also got stuck in fights and the circle moved away, and i got stuck in the bluezone. Also when you try make it into the later circles chances are someone already took that spot where you try to move in.... So yeah, lately i actually often go for the center instead and surprisingly often the center is rather empty mostly. And from there if you can find a good spot you can pop the people who try get into the circle later than you ;D On top of that there is a billkion ways to improve depending on how you prefer to play, close combat weapons only, or kill from a distance or both. Me for example i always keep one weapon to spray with and one for long shots, usually try have red-dot on the spray weapon and 4x or better on the other. And i ofcourse always keep them in the same slots so i always know how to switch fast to the one i need. A lot of binds can be used to get better ofcourse. A lot of tactics. I think thats a big part what makes the game fun, you can always improve Good luck.
  18. There is a lot of cheaters who isn't Chineese too so rather attac the cheaters no matter the nationality imho. Still believe in Prime serves 100%
  19. Nice to see you here, this is a good place to interact about a lot of things in the game so im glad to see new forum users here and hope you stay active and enjoy the game 🙂
  20. It will give them a reason for sure, another pass that will be spoiled by idiot cheaters? I hope not but i fear we will have same situation like EU TPP was when Vikendi pass came... =( I hope devs are on top of this for REAL so we can really enjoy the game and pass this time =(
  21. Pretty sure we might see a lot more camping/housecamping if they add this.. It's gonna be extremely dangerrous to be out of cover unless you wanna constantly move around like a dork...
  22. lol Best argument of the Year goes to....
  23. What irritate me is that from the beginning the system was you earn BP and can buy crates... Then some idiot saw what Fortnite weas doing i can only assume, the reason is irrelevant so don't even bother correcting me on that. Anyway, then came the locked crates... then came the restricted BP income We were forced into a direction instead of making it just plain easy and enjoyable. We could have had a lot bigger playerbase right now. Just like they play around with the loot and force us in certain directions too... God i hate that, if you're one of thoose who like it and enjoy the "real BR" well good for you. Good for you when we are constantly loosing players... pic.1 That was all i found after looting 3 Hangars and the Glashouse at Erangel/Primorsk pic.2 was all i had after looting the whole policehouse alon in Erangel/Polyana (What the hell is up With Erangel?? I find like 4-6 Stock's every round.... it was never like this before... also i tend to often find a lot more 7.62 weapons and ammo, and i often need to fight to find 5.56) I know it's off topic but it's the same feeling i hate, when they force us into their desired directions.
  24. I know you can empty your Weapons by pressing alt+shift and rightclick mouse, but didn't know you could empty your inventory like that, will need to try this... The inventory look like something i didn't know about..
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