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  1. Im ok if it's there to make it feel realistic, but it's way too loud.
  2. From what i remember it never hit the live servers?
  3. I assume Battlestat is linked to that speciffic weaponskin... And lets say AKM in Mastery screen sho ALL AKM kills..
  4. I bet that fence is not made in China...
  5. I disagree, i bought my 2 weekly crates for this week, that's what i think is affordable just for the fun. Got one locked and one open, and i got my 7th "Biege scrubbed" crossbow skin, i think it works great 🙂
  6. 62.000BP for a turquoise M16A4? 😂 A weapon i never play with, and a disgusting color... im sorry... but did you REALLY think anyone would find this one attractive... You even posted a Dev letter about how you wanted to reward us for the invested time... "We want your time spent in PUBG to be valuable and thus wanted BP to be able to purchase some cool new items on all platforms. " ???? "We appreciate every hour you spend in our game and we want to make sure you feel rewarded for that dedication." In my opinion you failed hard, i feel the opposite from rewarded, the skins that come CLOSE to look attractive i have to pay for.... Yet again you left me speechless.... I don't even think the 15$ skins look cool... i would hardly pay 15$ even if i found it cool... I even think 62.000BP for a skin i WANT is much compared to how much BP we get.... I think we deserve to be rewarded,.... The playerbase is going constantly downwards... hello?? Let me show you what a DECENT skin look like, THIS .... is decent skins.... TWO YEARS AGO in another game... The more i think about this the more disapointed i feel ESPECIALLY since you even wrote a DEV letter about this saying how importent we are... PFFFFF I know you also said there will be more skins, but when you charge us 15$ for a skin that isn't even cool... im not too hopeful about getting a nice skin for BP in the future... Guys please... PLEASE haha... the turquoise M16A4.... are you SERIOUSLY kidding? And why the G36C.... to try force us play Vikendi? Why not a M416 that is the most popular AR and available in all? of the maps instead of 25%? Im sorry if i complain but... huge disapointment.
  7. Yeah... i'd rather see a working ranking system but i guess 6 months isn't enough time to figure out what to do.... I think winning shouyld generate more SP, i think it's too close to coming top3 and top5 should be a little bit more difference than "just" a top10 I think top10 was a bit too close SP to eachother.
  8. Maby because AS players playing off primetime don't have enough to fill servers at home? I saw the top 2 solo guys a lot of times on EU servers and they were AS, but i only saw them when i think they were off primetime in AS, so i thought maby they were pushed to primetime servers... like EU at that time..
  9. I never did it because i wanted to just do it i only made 6000sp for the skins ;S So if the reward is good enough i will still want it next one too. But i mean, what's the problem, just make it more rewarding playing 30min than 20min... pretty simple.. And if you have like 3h freetime to play in an average day, i can play max 4 Erangel, or 6 Sanhok... Pretty obvious what it will be if you try reach high SP and if both rounds are rewarded equally I think that also is a huge factor why Sanhok has... had? much more players..
  10. If it only generated the same amount of SP for the time played it would be my favourite map too.
  11. What time is the maintenance planned??. "Rewards based on your highest Title achieved will be distributed starting June 25th after maintenance."
  12. I can't say i miss opening all thoose damn doors, ❤️
  13. That is some impressive stats if you ask me.
  14. O yeah i do, i seen a few but not THAT many... And voicechat is quite some time ago, much water has passed under the bridge since then.. Sure i bet it would help some but maby im not that certain it would "solve everything" 🙂
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