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  1. You stuffed my throat with shit once too much now.. NOTHING that improve my gaming experience came with #27 update, except from the Lobby lagging like 0.3s less, i guess you can still call it improvement... You only fuck things up forcing us to adapt to what? Something that is "better"? Horsechimes and change Vector bullets, WOW i wanna play NOW... And get humiliated by cheaters again... I haven't even considered trying the Vector anymore, wich was a weapon i liked to use from time to time... The UMP45 i tried a few times only because it is E V E R Y W H E R E (surprise surprise, so much for "random loot") It feels like a choked AKM shooting plastic bullets, shoots slower than a 90year-old lady, i could probably kill enmemies easier by throwing grass at them... I pray god can give me strength to stay away from this game. I totally respect everyone having their opinions and maby i don't erven represent most of the players, but i invested 2600h in this game and ~1500 posts here. (Yes spare me the smartass comments "uuuh if you played 2600h you got to have a lof of fun bruh", yeah sure, but it could have been so much better, and i probably spent 3000h editing proof of cheaters....) If people like me react like this, even you must realize something is fucked up here? All time low average playerbase in 18 months... *slooooowclap* Enough i had!
  2. sgt_gh0st

    Cheating Discussion

    Wit the logic the game is harder now, the enemies is better now, especially with the training map... but why the hell do i seem to be getting worse and worse? I haven't even come close to a chicken lately.. have to really struggle for top10.. A week ago i had like 3 chickens a week wich isn't even close to as good as a few seasons ago... Now nothing... everyone shoot at me wherever the hell i go, their gamesense is top notch and often winners have 15 kills plus, and chicken every 3rd or 4th round... So everyone else is evolving but me? Unfortunately i love playing this game but i hate the owners for how they go about things. Only by confirming how many cheaters there are so frequently you can easilly understand they are still just trying the same unsuccesful way to try prevent cheaters. Wich, obviously doesn't work. Not even Bluehole themselves can deny that... AGAIN, in the middle of an eventpass... So disapointed =(
  3. Another reason not to have it then..
  4. sgt_gh0st

    7 wins in the last 20 games

    Man hours is put wrong if so yes! We had maps updates patches shitloads of shitloads, and still in my eyes a lot too many rounds ruined by obvious cheaters =(
  5. sgt_gh0st

    7 wins in the last 20 games

    Atleast we got a new retarded chainsound and switched bullets on a few weapons... All time low AVG Players in 18 months (415,648) and this is their best shot.... They need to wake up =( Lost another 59.000 players in just one month.. Feb.
  6. Obviously only people who play mp3 while playing don't care... If you have headphones on full volume to gain as much information as possible about enemies this noice it just utterly anoying and disturbing and far from "realistic" Anyone even believe you're in a real BR game IRL and run around with a bad stuffed backpack making all kind of stupid sounds 20m around you... really? I bet i'd tuck my shit good and pull the straps hard to keep noice at minimal... And what goes for weapon... ok sure.,.. i didn't know we're aiming to be a realistic simulator all of a sudden, but ok if that's your goal with this game then add realistic consistent sound.. Not a clippericlack every thrird time you swing your weapon on your back... Again... if you had metal objects hitting each other i think you wouldn't run much IRL or make sure to have some cloth on the weapon to avoid noice... Maby, just maby metal would hit eachother if you have 2 weapons on your back, if you have a weapon in your hands it make zero sound... This is realism to me... And btw, add another clippericlack sound for every nade you wear too then, i mean as fast as we can access them it must mean they hang on our body, not tucked in deep in the backpack... I hate theese sounds
  7. lol i'm sorry man you lost me there..
  8. It's worse... and no way near realistic anyway.
  9. sgt_gh0st

    Sounds like a bell when moving?

    LOL if that's how they think a weapon sound on your back while running... then ill just lmao... It's not like it's gonna make a sound once every third time the weapon comes back and forward, it would sound every time... so to me it feels very irritating and unrealistic You can clearly see the left pic the weapon moves several times without ANY sound... makes PUBG sense though... More like a diffuse clonking sound every third movement of the weapon maby..
  10. sgt_gh0st

    *Sigh* Another dumb patch

    Just another irritating disturbing sound when i try spot people close by imho, just as irritating as ther flies, only this sound you have all the time... and for what reason... Sounds like you forgot to tension the straps on the bag and have some iron things dingeling... im pretty damn sure if it was a real BR i would have packed my bag to make less sounds than this... Almost sounds as if you're on a horse or something lol
  11. Does it REALLY need to be restricted? Or set that low? I think reactrions we have is a good nice thing to sho what we like or dislike, thinking about it i might have liked the option for dislike though, like maby a thumbs down. The current "RIP" is a bit hard to understand sometimes i think. And yeah, i hit the max amount of reactions per day almost every day... and i still want to react probably 10 more posts... and it's also even 8h left of the day for me... So i think the value is set too low if you even need a limit at all..
  12. sgt_gh0st


    Yeah... wow... a key... and when you use the key to unlock something, chances to get something even above the normal crap skins is like 0.000012% RIP i tell you... I would NOT have completed the Vikendi pass if i din't buy levels, i think i would have come to maby lvl 85, and i play unhealthy much for my life situation Both Vikendi Pass and this one Contains so many "Fillers" I mean... why the fuck even have a reward, that only give you XP, might aswell just have skipped that level... Or wait... maby add a LOT of nice fun cool rewards in all the levels... I know im a whiney bish and i can easy choose not to use this pass or buy it, But in my world i can't understand why they don't use this kind of things to really make people REALLY satisfied, when they have the chance Happier people = more people play... The playerbase is an issue for sure so i think they should really have used a chance like this to draw more players, and imho that's not done with over 30% useless filler levels =(
  13. There is zero logic in motivating this totally annoying sound because "the bag make sounds in real life" Because there is a ton of other sounds we would have made too if it was "real" Just reloading a gun would probably sound pretty far irl, while ingame, not so much lol... So there is no logic in motivating this stupid sound like that imo
  14. Well... if you came for logic i think you're looking in the wrong pace...
  15. My contribution wich involved proning was to meet another post wich defended it as if it's ok because we aren't silent irl either. Needed in a discussion to brief around the topic imo