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  1. sgt_gh0st


    Im affraid so, i felt the exact same thing when i gave up on CSGO
  2. sgt_gh0st

    Week 9 "survive" missions

    Uh, i think if you do it and prove me wrong i assume it would satisfy you more than me? Just upload to twich while you play? Doesn't take any extra time?? Problems problems problems (that i think is only excuses) Well it's still 100 people looting? If i loot 10-15 minutes every round i play and only find DMR/SR every 10th round, can that REALLY be explained by i'm a "bad" looter? I seriously hope you don't think i run around and loot only 2 house clusters...
  3. sgt_gh0st


    I am 100% sure they are already playing again, and most likely also already cheating again, why wouldn't they? A new account is 10usd its nothing.
  4. sgt_gh0st


    What do you mean?
  5. sgt_gh0st

    Week 9 "survive" missions

    Eh.. you make it sound so hard... Play solo then? 5 solo rounds at vikendi if you win them ALL is like... 2.5h? and thats a MAX (your average survival time is 12:23 so shouldn't take much more than 1.5h not even needed to do it all at the same time, if you have a hard time playing for a long time...) I can't really see the problem, feels more like you're not very interested in proving you're right.. You have played like 2 Vikendi maps the past week still you know its loads of DMRs/SRs? If you wanna go with agree to disagree thats on you, i just find it funny with all the loudmouths talking about the "loads of SR/DMR" people but when it comes to actually proving it there is 100 reasone why you dont want/cant etc... Looks like it ends up like that again then. I mean, if it's THAT easy to find them it shouldn't really take much more than 5-10 minutes to get one, drop the game and reatart , ? On a sidenote im not sure if the loot is the same on Solo/Duo and Squad, i remember from the past i felt it was a bit different sometimes but that could have just been fortuity (i play mainly only solo)
  6. Then i feel PUBG is more appealing to me 🙂
  7. Think ill buy more and just keep incase we can ever sell anything again... Trade for BP's is quite a joke if you ask me, first of all you get very little seccondly BP is pretty much worthless...
  8. sgt_gh0st

    What happens to banned accounts?

    And present is effective?
  9. sgt_gh0st

    Week 9 "survive" missions

    So already bending the "rules" Its gona be a compilation now? Not 5 games in a row, just some parts that fits or why? Just play Vikendi 5 times, can't be impossible?
  10. I bought all the yellow stuff and got 42 spare coupons o_0
  11. Uuuh you have special abillities... thats the main thing i hate with Overwatch, dont like that at all
  12. Is there any "camperfriendly" maps? From what i've seen sofar it looks like not so many spots to hide like vegetation?
  13. Probably just a higher droprate. How many you want to unlock is all up to you..
  14. sgt_gh0st


    Though it's time to realize bans doesn't help much, most obvious cheaters use new accounts if you check them a bit closer.
  15. sgt_gh0st

    Week 9 "survive" missions

    Solid proof! You got me, i fold!