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  1. It all depends if AWS is billing them per server or by connected user. If they were smart, it would be by connected user. The devs keep telling us that the sheer number of connected players creates problems. On smaller maps, this would alleviate the problems.
  2. It is pretty easy to identify that there is an enormous imbalance between the maps and player queues (particularly for Solo) to the point that players who do not wish to play Sanhok just do not have any options. Lot's of people have claimed that the solution is to increase the loot on other maps. This is terrible. Its terrible on the Test Servers right now. Why? It has created buildings everywhere. Cover is plentiful. Reading terrain and knowing the map count for little when you can identify 12 buildings in the final circles, and there are 15 players left. The odds are pretty good if you hunker down and camp. So, what should happen? 1. Reduce the loot on Sanhok. Sanhok is just a run and gun map now. Strategy is less important than tactics. Its pretty much a shit show unless you land away from major buildings, but there is no penalty if you just hit 12 buildings away from major villages. Plenty of loot there. Solution? Reduce the loot. There is too much. It doesn't have to be drastic, but if there was a 15% reduction in loot, would anyone really notice? Particularly when you get to point 3. 2. BH really screwed the pooch on Vikendi. Player count has fallen off a cliff. Reduce the amount of buildings, make a few more places harder to access (cliff tops, specifically), and tweak the loot to where DMR's and 8x scopes can be found more frequently. Not all the time, but I have gone days without finding either aside from on body crates. 3. Reduce the player count on Sanhok to 48 and make Vikendi 80. Fewer players, easier task for the servers... all sorts of benefits. Or make them 64 and 80. Or 60 and 72. Whatever. It will also make things a lot easier for the next point: 4. Skew Quickplay away from Sanhok. If folks want to get in quick, it will generally always go to Sanhok and if they want to play Sanhok, guess which map they will pick? It won't be QuickPlay. Then think of some poor bastard in Miramar alone, waiting for 30 minutes just to catch a game. Same for Vikendi, now. 5. Bring back #FixPUBG. It now just seems like a cruel, cruel joke. Like the entire reason for making this game was to get bought out by another, larger developer. Guess what? They made their own for free.But there are just too many issues right now with the choices that have been made. Moreover, by God, admit it when you have made a mistake. Honesty actually does work with a fan base. And at this point, you can't afford to keep alienating fans. I am currently 16 minutes into a 4 minutes wait for Solo, NA, FPP on Miramar. You make it very hard to be patient with you. 6. Fuck Twitter. Loser way to communicate to people. Let folks get to the PUBG forums from the welcome screen.
  3. Its pretty horrible. I just had a solo match with Dual Mk14's. Sounds great, right? Nope. Killed a guy with another Mk14. And another guy with a AWM. Then I got killed by someone with an Aug. Silly. If everyone has something special, no one is special. Good lord, Blueholes. Get it together.
  4. TheEmrys

    PUBG launching puts monitor to sleep

    I get No Signal from DP. And there is no Auto setting.
  5. TheEmrys

    PUBG launching puts monitor to sleep

    Irrelevant. Works on the other monitor and it works in windowed mode. It just doesn't work in full screen. Tried it just for fun... same problem.
  6. For folks that are in Quick Join, there should definitely be a bias towards Erangel and Miramar. I haven't been able to play Miramar solo fpp NA in a very long time.
  7. TheEmrys

    PUBG launching puts monitor to sleep

    It works in every game but PUBG for full screen, and PUBG works in Windowed. It isn't the cable.
  8. Ridiculous. No ETA on Miramar, ever. I have sat for 30 minutes twice today to play Erangel. I don't want to play the shitty small maps. All the stupid achievements I have left left to do are on the big maps, but I can never get in them unless I screw over a partner in DUOS or get silly and do a 1 man squad. Get your house in order, Bluehole.
  9. TheEmrys

    PUBG launching puts monitor to sleep

    Already done this.
  10. TheEmrys

    PUBG launching puts monitor to sleep

    Sure did. Its an Asus ROG Strix XG2480q. This one: ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q 23.8” Full HD 1080P 240Hz 1ms Eye Care G-Sync Compatible Adaptive Sync Esports Gaming Monitor with DP Dual HDMI
  11. TheEmrys

    PUBG launching puts monitor to sleep

    PSU is at full power. The issue is with the DP, not HDMI, but it is already set to Auto. Windows and Nvidia drivers are fully up to date. 1. Restart has been done. 2. There are no launch options - removed them all. 3. Verified game cache integrity 4. Deleted the folder - PITA as I say fuck WASD, I use the 10-key. Lefty power forever! 5. Always up to date - double checked. Done. 6. Ditto. 7. This is a simple monitor swap, should not cause an issue. Done anyway. 8. No 8? Counting is hard. Apparently. Just kidding. Sorta. 9. Yep. It runs every time. I can Alt-tab into any other program and monitor comes back. I alt-tab back to PUBG, and monitor goes to sleep again. No DP input detected. 10. Disabled them, just in case. No joy. 11. Not possible. Logistics of the house. No one cable is long enough as I game through a Modem ->router ->switch 12. Port forwarding? Not for a monitor issue. 13. Tethering? Not a connection issue. 14. I did re-download to check. Nothing. Also, once I was able to get into the game (it takes 10+ minutes to get in through a series of alt-tabs and changing of configs through Nvidia Experience), I checked it from full screen to windowed. Windowed works. But now I get notices all the freaking time. I just want my full screen goodness back.
  12. TheEmrys

    PUBG launching puts monitor to sleep

    Really? No one?
  13. Just picked up a new Asus ROG monitor. No other hardware changes. I enabled g-sync in the control panel and adjusted the resolution in PUBG. However, every time I launch the game, my monitor cannot detect a signal from the DisplayPort. I looked around and found a hidden file to edit the resolution in an .ini file, and did so. I am only gaming at 1920x1080 on a GTX1060. No issue at all with the old monitor, a Dell UltraSharp. PUBG is the only game where this happens.