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  1. The aimbots, instaheals and wall hacks were enough already but now they are just teleporting to your location on top of your head? Ridiculous. If you all don't mind I think I'm going to coin this exploit the "Rice Farmer Teabag Hack".
  2. Yeah brother, I just think posting it there with them will make more noise. I'm not accomplishing anything by placing it here. Also to the guy above me thanks for clarifying. I've played 1300 hours and today is the first time I ever saw it so I assumed it was new. According to you its not. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. I was victim to a New cheat today on the Enrangel map. I was in a two story building looting and a Asian player (surprise there am I right) warped in and landed on my head and attempted to kill me but I killed him first. 30 seconds later another Asian player warped in and killed me successfully by spawning on top if my head. I watched the replay video spectating the cheater. He was 2 kilometers away on his 16th kill at the school apartments. He jumped off the roof of the apartment and warped in on my head in my building kilometers away. I won't be posting the video here as I have elected to submit it to major gaming websites since this company will do nothing alone by me posting it here. I will however submit the video on request if you wish to pm me but I feel this making major gaming news will have more of an impact then posting it on this forum where zero will be done about it. Has this happened to any of you honest players yet?
  4. When using an XBox controller you are not able to report players or view the deathcam. The options simply do not appear.
  5. Using an Xbox controller you are unable to report players that have team killed you or otherwise after death. This has occurred to me on two separate occasions. Additionally when a teammate is Downs UI prompts you to press X to revive teammate but it does not work and you have to press F on the keyboard. The controller issues are a problem for me because I stream games from my PC to my TV that's the reason I use a controller. I am kindly requesting this issue be addressed as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and have a great day.
  6. I've also encountered this bug where vehicles emit no sound and also at times I have been a passenger in them and they were making engine sounds but then fall silent. Gunshots and all other sounds can be heard but not the vehicle.
  7. There is a bug in the game that has been present for several months now. When using a XBox controller sometimes when equipping weapons or using items the character will drop random items such as guns, melee weapons, throwables, etc which in some cases can get you killed due to having to pickup the item again and reload it. Also upon death you are unable to use the report player functions or spectate other teammates. It will simply tell you to press A to return to lobby or B to cancel. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope these issues are resolved soon.
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